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The Return of Chaos - Pentrath

Dave is a normal guy, except for the fact that he's a close brony. But what happens when a plushy he ordered is not what was advertised?

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Chapter Eight: The Origin of Harmony

[ I would just like to give fare warning to those of you who have not seen the two part opener of Season 4.]
This story contains spoilers, so it is advised to watch the season 4 opener before you read.

Dave awoke to find himself in a small dark cave; with the only light emitting was a blue glow deep within the cave. Curiosity compelled Dave to approach the source of the light, as he got nearer the light became brighter. As the source of the light came into view; Dave was astonished at what he saw, standing before him was a glowing blue tree with each branch possessing a pod that once held one of the Elements of Harmony.
Dave found himself compelled to approach the wonderful tree and as he did the tree began to glisten as he reached out to touch the tree; still astonished by its beauty. As his talon touch the trees trunk his eyes began to glow white as he experience a flashback.

2000 years ago

Dave found himself standing in what looked like a medieval Equestria as everything looked old fashioned. The homes throughout the town were just small huts made with cloth and hay with sticks holding up them up. As Dave walked deeper into the small town he realised that the town was Ponyville or at least it would be eventually. Wondering why the tree would send him here, he decides to ask one of the nearby ponies for help. He approaches a red Pegasus with a mane and tail that consisted of 3 colors, red, blue, and green. The Pegasus also had a blue flame with a yellow lightning bolt going through it as a cutie mark. He also had a blue tint on the tip of his feathers.

‘’ Excuse me but do you know where I am’’ Dave asks but the Pegasus does not reply. So Dave spoke up a bit.

‘’ I am not sure you heard me… I am lost and was hoping…’’’ that was all Dave managed to say before a loud rumble from the center of the town caught both Dave’s and the Pegasus’s attention. There in the center of the small town was a crater where large black tendrils coming had burst out of the ground, these same tendrils then started to tear the town apart. Ponies were fleeing left and right as the tendrils continued to grow and envelop the town. Some tendrils managed to capture two earth ponies and dragged them to the center. Without thinking Dave snapped his claw but to no avail as nothing happened. He snapped them again but was met with the same result; whatever had brought him here must have disabled his powers. ‘’But why’’ Dave thought to himself as the ponies got closer to the crater. Suddenly the red Pegasus quickly flew toward the tendrils that held the two ponies captive. With one powerful kick the Pegasus was able to get the tendril to let go of the ponies. As soon as they landed they immediately fled. Now angered the tendrils began to swipe at the red Pegasus only he was too quick for and they missed. Out of nowhere a blue beam was fired at the tendrils causing them to dissolve. Surprised by this Dave glances over to where the beam originated and was stunned by what he saw. Standing before him was the most beautiful Alicorn he had ever seen, she stood tall and radiant with a cyan blue coat and a flowing silver mane and tail. Her cutie mark resembled that of Twilights only with a rainbow rapping around it. Her rainbow colored eyes glistened with intent as she approached the Pegasus.

‘’Princess Harmonous’’ the red Pegasus stallion said before bowing. Harmonous only smiled as she told the Pegasus to get the others as their presence was required. ‘’ Your bows are thoughtful, Lightning Blaze but I require you and your friends assistance.’’ The alicorn said. ‘’Yes your highness’’, Lightning Blaze said before retreating to get his friends.
‘’Who are they’’ Dave wondered to himself as he approached the alicorn. As Dave got nearer to the Alicorn he noticed her expression changed from that of happiness to sorrow, the Pegasus returned moments later with 4 other ponies with him; the other ponies consisted of two earth ponies, one unicorn and one Pegasus, each pony was also a different color. The 5 ponies gathered around the alicorn as she began to tell them what was wrong.

‘’My little ponies, I am glad you all came as I have urgent news, the Tree of Life is in jeopardy and I need you 5 to help me save it.’’ Harmonous said in a sad but subtle manner. The 5 ponies gasped at what they heard but quickly snapped themselves out of it., ‘’ You can count on us princess’’ a blue unicorn spoke up as he raised a hoof to his head, soon the others followed in the solute. ‘’I knew I could count on you’’ the princess said before turning to what appeared to be the Everfree Forest. ‘’I give fair warning, the Forbidden Forest is packed with danger you must be alert at all cost’’ the alicorn said with a firm voice. The other ponies became a bit nervous but shook it off before following the princess into the forest.

As soon as the ponies entered the forest Dave immediately followed after them. As they ascended deeper into the Everfree Forest, the vines and foliage became more gruesome and hideous each passing step making the plants in the Everfree Forest he knew look like roses growing in a flat meadow in comparison. As they ventured deeper they stumbled across an injured timberwolf or at-least Dave assumed it was one. Its figure was a similar build as a timberwolf except its body wasn’t made of timber and sticks but freshly cut wooden planks, perhaps it was some form of subspecies to the timberwolf. Dave watched closely as the alicorn walked closer to the creature, it whined in pain as it tried to flee but was unable, once the alicorn was within reach of the wolf, her horn began to glow as she lower her head toward the wound of the timberwolf. Instantly the wound began to glow and the split wood started to seal itself. Now healed the timberwolf stood up and looked at its leg before licking the princess and running off back into the forest. After the wolf fled the 6 ponies continued through the Everfree with Dave tagging along behind them. It seemed like hours had passed before they finally reached a small ravine near where the Castle of the Twin Sister were supposed to be only there was no castle. Nearby was a set of stairs leading to the bottom of the ravine, Dave followed as the 5 ponies and alicord ascended down the stairs and into a cave carved right into the cliff side. As the entered Dave began to recognise the cave as it was the one he was in before the tree brought him here. A faint glow came into view as the ponies turned the corner, sure enough stand right in front of them was the Tree of Life, and it was the same tree Dave saw in the cave before coming here only it was different, besides the vines that was squeezing the life out of it, he noticed that the element pods were not on the tree nor any of the cutiemarks. Then it dawned on Dave,

‘’ This must be the past’’ Dave said to himself. ‘’Maybe this tree is showing me something’’. Dave immediately snapped out of his thought when a flash of light appeared above the tree. After uncovering their eyes the ponies and Dave were shocked at who they saw hovering above the tree. Floating before them was Discord who had a large grin on his face as he looked down toward the 6 ponies. ‘’ Oh oh oh what have we here’’ Discord said with while chuckling to himself.

‘’A.a draconequus’’ the shock princess sputtered. ‘’ What are you doing here you foul creature; and what have you done to the Tree of Life?’’. Harmonous said with fury in her voice. ‘’Now now my dear I do have a name and that name is Discord, It would be ever so kind of you to address me as such’’ Discord said with a grin. ‘’ I don’t care what your name is monster, undo everything you have caused right now’’ the alicorn said now raging in anger.

‘’ Hahahahah. Oh you are sooo hilarious when you are angry’’ Discord said while coiling around her. ‘’ It’s all in good fun my dear’’ Discord said before vanishing back to his original position. '' See how much nicer the tree looks now'' Discord laughed as he pulled out a camera and took a picture.

‘’ Your playtime is over, fix this now’’ the alicorn demanded.

‘’Oh I doubt that’’ Discord said '' I am the master of chaos, I don't do orders. In a flash of light a small hammock appeared with one side tied the Tree of Life and another tied to one of his vines. In another flash Discord is seen laying down on the hammock with a soda in hand while he relaxed.
Infuriated and saddened the Alicorn princess turned to the frightened ponies with a saddened expression.

‘’ I know how to save the tree… but you ponies must promise that whatever happens, you won’t stop.’’ The princess said. Confused, the ponies reluctantly promised as the princess explained to them what to do.

‘’ Ok I need the 5 of you to touch the tree’’ she said. '' But once you touch it , you mustn't let go'' she said firmly. Without hesitation the 5 ponies approached the tree and placed their hooves on the bark of the trunk. Immediately the 5 ponies began to glow and 5 pods grew on the branches of the tree, each pod began to form a chrystal that were the same colors as the 5 ponies. As soon as these chrystals appeared, Harmonous’s horn began to glow extremely bright, and she touched the tree bark with her horn. As she held her horn to the trunk of the tree, she cried out in pain before collapsing to the ground, the 5 other ponies noticed this but knew they could not let go of the tree as they had promised and continued to hold on to the trunk, within moments a large silver 6 faced star appeared on the trunk of the tree. I opened revealing a small purple chrystal that also looked like a 6 faced star and then clamped itself in the center of the larger star. Once all the chrystals had formed the tree began to glow a brilliant light as the tree began to shake. Discord who was asleep at the time was awoken by the trees shaking and was stunned by what he saw. Before he was able to snap out of his confusion, the tree began to emitted a vibrant colourful wave that flew out toward Discord. The wave destroyed the vines as it flew outward through the Everfree Forest leading back toward the town. Discord shielded his eyes form the light before the wave hit him, instantly turning him to stone before starting to fade. Discord's statue fell to the ground, still bearing the position of him shielding his eyes. The 5 ponies gathered around the fallen alicorn, trying very hard to awaken her. But unfortunately she would not wake up. The ponies just sat there crying over their fallen princess who had given her life to save the tree. Even Dave was in tears, suddenly the elements began to react and a small rainbow shot out toward the alicorn, a small tornado formed around her body as the other ponies stepped back. As soon as the tornado faded the ponies bore a look of shock as they realised the princesses body was no longer there but in its place was a small blue chest with rubies around it. Inside the chest were two tiaras one golden with 2 little triangular spikes on either side of the rim and a larger one in the middle of the two triangles. In the center of the largest triangle was a small red ruby shaped like a diamond. The second tiara was black with the same spikes but was smaller and had no ruby in the center. The ponies found a note under the tiaras that read:

{‘’ I know it must have been difficult for what you had to do, but do not morn my death as you ponies have done a wonderful deed. You have made the Tree of Life better. You have turned it into the Tree of Harmony, the elements this tree has forged will keep this land and forest safe from those who wish to cause grief and disharmony for eons to come. In this chest you will find two tiaras; they are to be given to the ponies that can command the sun and the moon, they are the true heirs to the thrown.’’}

As the 5 ponies finished reading the letter, they looked up toward the tree that was now glowing, below the star on the trunk two symbols appeared, one was that of the sun the other the moon. The red Pegasus stood forward with a stern look as he spoke firmly.

‘’ Our princess might be gone, but her spirit lives on in the Tree of Harmony. Let us never forget the sacrifice she made today as she not only saved the tree but all of Equestria from these horrible vines that were formed by the draconeqqus Discord as well as turning him to stone. Shall her spirit live on through these 6 elements; the Elements of Harmony.''

As soon as his speech was over a white flash enveloped everything, as the flash subsides, we see Dave standing there with his paw still on the trunk of the tree as his eyes began to revert back to normal. As Dave’s eyes returned to normal, Dave heard a silent whisper in his ear. ‘’YOU ARE NOT CHAOS’’ was all Dave heard as he backed away from the tree. As he looked around, he noticed he was back in the cave, not the one from the flashback, the real one as he looked at the tree he noticed the elements were missing, confirming this is after they were taken from the tree. As Dave was about to leave, he noticed that the tree was not glowing like it was in the flashback, suddenly a rumbling noise erupted and started to shake the entire cave as large black vines burst out of the ground and started to rap around the tree. Dave immediately ran toward the tree to try to save it but one of the vines rapped around him and held him in place as it continue to grow around him. As the vines rapped around the last part of him, the last thing Dave heard was maniacal laughter from the distance as the vine enveloped the rest of him. The laughter was one he recognised all too well.

‘’Ahhhh’’ Dave screamed as he opened his eyes and sat up in a cold sweat, as he regained his bearings he noticed that it was still the middle of the night and that he was no longer in that cave with the Tree of Harmony but instead he was in AppleJacks barn. As he looked around he noticed the Mane 6 peacefully sleeping on the hay bed he had fallen asleep on. As he looked around he noticed the glasses of punch and half eaten cake that were sitting on a nearby table as well as the cupcake rappers and frosting that covered Pinkie as she slept. ‘’ Was everything I just saw just a dream’’ Dave thought to himself before dosing off again. As he slept, a small black weed began to grow outside of SweetApple Acres as a silent laugh was heard from a distance away.

End of Chapter Eight

Author's Note:

And hear is chapter 8

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