• Published 28th Jun 2013
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The Return of Chaos - Pentrath

Dave is a normal guy, except for the fact that he's a close brony. But what happens when a plushy he ordered is not what was advertised?

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Chapter One: Chaos Returns

It was a day just like any other, the morning sun shone through the window, lighting the room. A seventeen year old boy lie sleeping in his bed, and as the sun hit his eyes, he slowly awoke to the bright light and peered to his clock next to him. The clock read nine a.m.

‘’Oh no, I’m going to be late for breakfast!’’ he said, quickly making his way out of bed and starting to get ready; he finished just as he heard his mom calling him.

‘’ Dave! It's time for breakfast, come downstairs.’’ she shouted.

‘’ Coming mom!’’ Dave cried before rushing out of his bedroom to greet his parents for breakfast, which consisted of scrambled eggs and bacon. Once he finished, he looked to the clock on the wall and noticed it was fifteen minutes until ten o’clock. ‘’Oh no, I’m going to be late for school!’’ he cried as he grabbed his bag. After saying his goodbyes, he headed out the door and toward the bus stop down the street.


School was rough today, Dave thought as he walked through the door of his house. Exhausted, he was about to walk up to his room, when he suddenly noticed a package laying on the table next to the stairs. He grabbed the box and read it's label; the label confirmed that the package was for him. Suddenly Dave’s frown became an excited grin, as he knew what was in the box, and he immediately ran up to his room. After positioning himself on his chair, he opened the package to find the very item he had been waiting weeks for. Inside the box was a stuffed Discord doll that Dave bought off of eBay. Discord was his favorite villain and character from the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and although he would never admit it, Dave was a huge brony and collected a lot of the merchandise. But the main items he looked for was Discord items; sadly though, there was no official merchandise, just items that other bronies made and sold. After giving the plushy a good look over, he noticed the doll was different from picture that was displayed online, but he was not complaining, for this one looked a lot better and more realistic. Dave put the toy on his shelf next to his other collectibles and then proceeded to examine the rest of the box. At the bottom a white sheet of paper caught Dave’s attention.

‘’What’s this?’’ he thought aloud as he reached for the paper. He quietly read to himself what was on the slip of paper.
It read;

‘’The one that possesses this doll is the new bearer of chaos’’

Dave was confused by this but just shrugged it off. ‘"Maybe it’s just a joke they put in to make him seem more authentic," Dave noted to himself.

He put the paper back in the box and walked downstairs for dinner. After dinner, Dave did his homework and then had a shower before heading off to bed. Dave was glad tomorrow was a weekend, as he just wanted to relax after the difficult week he’d been having. He quickly climbed into bed and fell into a deep, rewarding slumber.

After a while the eyes on the new plushy glowed a deep, mystic red before the plushy disappeared into a ball of smoke and reappeared towering over the sleeping human.

"You will do nicely" Discord chuckled to himself before raising his claw and snapping his fingers. A white light illuminated the room before everything went dark again and Discord was nowhere to be seen. The next morning Dave awoke to the morning sun only to realize that something felt a bit off. He felt taller for some reason. As he sat up he banged his head on the light fixture above his bed.

"Ow! What on earth?!" he cried in pain and shock.

His eyes went wide as he uttered those words. Now he knew something was off. As he looked down he was horrified to find that his hands were no longer that of a humans, but instead were replaced with a griffin's claw and a lion's paw. Immediately he felt his face only to find his head was now a pony's with a elongated snout. He clumsily rushed out of bed and stumbled to the ground, as he was not used to his new mix-matched legs. As he got to his feet, he carefully made his way to his bedroom door and opened it .

After opening the door he proceeded to exit, only to bang his head on the door frame. After rubbing his sore head he made his way to the nearby bathroom, making sure to watch his step so he wouldn't fall. As he entered the bathroom he looked to the sink's mirror to view his reflection. What he sees both horrifies and confuses him. Peering back is what appears to a grayish pony head with golden misshaped eyes with red pupils, and a long snout with a white goatee and a lone tooth sticking out of the side of his mouth. The top of his new head wore a pair of mismatched antlers, one of a deer and one of a goat. After getting over the initial shock, Dave let out a scream before quickly covering his mouth, not wanting his parents to find out about his new look. The scream, however, did catch the attention of his mother, who called to make sure he was alright.

"Dave? I heard you scream, are you okay? Do you need some help?" his mother asked worried.

Panicking, Dave immediately called out using the best impersonation of his original voice to try to calm his mother's worries.

"No mom, I'm fine. Just saw a spider fall in front of me," Dave lied.

"Oh, but are you sure you're okay? You sound sick," his mother said.

"Yes I'm fine" Dave lied again, still trying to impersonate his voice. "I'll be down in a bit."

''Okay" his mother yelled before going back to what she was doing.

Dave immediately ran back to his room and locked the door, as he frantically thought of how he would explain this to his parents. In a state of panic, a idea came to him. He wasn't sure if it would work, but at the moment it was the only option he had. If I look like Discord, then I must have his powers as well, he thought. Not taking a moment longer to think about it, Dave closed his eyes and imagined what he looked like before and then raise his lion paw and snapped his claws together.

After a moment he reopened his eyes to find nothing had changed- or so he thought. Standing right in front of him was his television standing on two feet hopping up and down on its stand. Before Dave could react, it jumped off it's stand, yanking the wire out of the wall and galloped out of his bedroom. Dave quickly gave chase to the weird new creature he created, trying to catch it before anyone saw. Unfortunately the TV was too fast for him, and it made it to the stairs before Dave could get to it.

In a last ditch effort to catch the running TV, Dave dove toward the staircase only to cause the TV to stumble and fall down the stairs. As it hit the ground, it shattered, making a loud thump! and crash! on the floor and causing Dave's mom to come rushing to see what happened. When she made it to the stairs and saw the broken TV, she angrily called Dave for an explanation, only to catch sight a tall mismatched creature getting up off the ground-up stairs. She dropped the dish she was washing and let out a horribly terrified scream before rushing toward the garage to get her husband. As she fled, Dave ran after her, trying to calm her and tell her it's him.

"Mom, wait! It's me Dave your son!" he cried, to ease her screaming, but it fell on deaf ears.

Dave made his way to the garage where his mother had fled and was about to open the door when his father walked through holding a shotgun in his hand, bearing a look of disgust toward the creature before him.

"Who are you and where is my son, you monster!" his father said between angrily clenched teeth.

"Dad, it's me Dave!'' he cried, only to have his father point the gun toward his head.

"Don't lie to me, you beast. Now tell me what you did to him before I blow your brains out! And he better be okay!" His father said chillingly cold, holding the gun more firmly.

Dave was about to rebuttal until his father let out an angry accusation. "You killed him, didn't you, monster!" his father cried out.

"No I swear I didn't..." was all he could say before his father cocked the gun, ready to pull the trigger.

"I'm going to make you pay, you hideous freak!" he shouted, heading for the trigger.

Dave was panicked out of all control; he was about to die by his own fathers hands. Thinking quickly, he thought of one way out of this, but was unsure if it would work. Well, what other choice do I have?... He quickly imagined his backyard, and then snapped his fingers. The very moment after he did, his body was engulfed in a bright white light before disappearing just as his father pulled the trigger, hitting the wall behind where Dave was standing. The strange creature had disappeared, leaving both his father and mother motionless, confused as to what they just saw.

End Of Chapter One

Author's Note:

This is my first story and I am not sure how well this will turn out but I hope you enjoy it. Heres Chapter one.
I made a quick edit, I hope it fixed some of the problems.

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