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The Return of Chaos - Pentrath

Dave is a normal guy, except for the fact that he's a close brony. But what happens when a plushy he ordered is not what was advertised?

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Chapter Three: Misunderstandings

"What?!" Twilight's friends screamed in unison as they all sat around the inside of SugarCube Corner.

The rainbow maned pegasus was the first to speak out of the six mares. "You can’t be serious Twilight! That Dipcord has returned? I mean, we all saw him turn to stone." She stated with worry and confusion.

"Sahry Twi, but Rainbow’s right. We awl saw 'im turn to stone after we hit 'im with our elements." The orange earthpony responded honestly.

"Darling, are you sure you weren't just seeing things? I mean we all had a hard time defeating him the last time, I would simply hate to imagine what we would have to go through this time around. I don’t want to wind up falling for some filthy boulder again. I mean, do you know how long I had to spend fixing my mane? It was simply dreadful." The elegant unicorn explained, pouting.

‘’Will you knock it off girls? This is serious. Rainbow Dash, you were on weather patrol, surely you saw the clouds, right?’’ Twilight said to her rainbow maned friend.

"Actually Twi, I caught Rainbow here nappin' in one of ma’ apple trees agin, so I doubt she saw anything." Applejack said mockingly.

"Hey! I was practicing for the WonderBolts, thank you very much!" Rainbow Dash said in defense.

"Okay you two, knock it off. We really need to go find Discord and will be doing so as soon as the princess replies to the letter Spike sent."

Just as Twilight finished her sentence, the baby dragon burped a small green flame from his mouth, causing a scroll to appear out of nowhere and land in the dragons claws. Spike immediately opened the letter to read what it said.

Dearest Twilight:

I regret to inform you that your suspicions about Discords escape are misinformed.

I sent Shining Armour and his group to the maze where Discord is held and they informed me that Discord is still encased in stone and is upon his stand in the center of the maze. Also, the likely hood of Discord escaping is slim because the maze is surrounded by special powerful runes that drain the magic from the area. Had Discord escaped, his magic would have been severely drained from the runes. Shining and the rest had to have a special spell put on them to prevent them from being drained.

Sincerely; Princess Celestia.

As Spike finished the letter, Twilight just sat there in silence, thinking about what she had seen. While she was deep in thought, she was interrupted by her rainbow maned friend.

"Well it looks like this was a false alarm," Rainbow Dash said while yawning. "Since Dipcord is still imprisoned, I think I'm gonna go hit the hay" she said before heading toward the door. Before anypony could reply, Rainbow opened the door and stepped out only to bump into a tall obstacle in her way.

As she backed away to rub her snout, she glanced at what she bumped into only to freeze in place. There, standing right in front of her was the very enemy that she and her friends were just discussing only moments before.

"Dis..Dis..DISCORD!" She said in a loud whimper as she slowly backed up to her friends, who were also just as shocked.



It was a half hour before Dave felt that things had calmed down a bit and decided to head off to Canterlot. Not wanting to risk anything going wrong, Dave immersed himself deep in thought as he tried to imagine the location he wanted to warp to. When he was satisfied, he raised his claw and snapped his fingers, hoping nothing will go wrong. Unfortunately, as his luck has been lately, something did go wrong.

Dave disappeared in a flash of light like always, only to reappear in front of what he could recognize as SugarCube Corner, as the door was opening. Looking around he realized that he did not teleport to Canterlot, but was in Ponyville again.

"Darn it, not again!" Dave stated annoyingly to himself, only to feel something bump into him. As he looked down, he was surprised and excited from what he saw. Looking up at him was a shocked blue pegasus with a rainbow colored mane and tail. Dave was snapped out of his fanboy stare as he heard her loudly whimper: "Dis…Dis…DISCORD!" ,while backing up to her friends.

Mentally wanting to slap himself for forgetting he looked like their enemy, he quickly tried to explain the situation to them in the hopes that they will understand.

"No wait, you don’t understand, I’m not Discord!" as Dave utters these words he was cut off by the purple-maned unicorn, who was clearly unhappy with his presence.

"Don’t lie to us Discord, your mind games won’t work on us this time!" She said with venom in her words.

"I knew my hunch was correct," Twilight uttered, "and once I tell the princess, she'll gladly send the Elements of Harmony so we can put you back where you belong."

Upon hearing she was going to get the elements, Dave knew there was no convincing them. The only option he had was to run for it.

"Um, I would love to stay and chat but I've got some errands to run." Dave joked in a very Discord-y way before darting off in a random direction, in hopes that he could outrun them.

"Hey! Get back here! You're not getting away this time!" Dave heard the lavender unicorn shout, but he didn't care. He keep running, not wanting to get encased in stone for crimes he didn't commit. As he was running, he was suddenly tackled to the ground by an angry Rainbow Dash.

"Got you Dipcord! Now stay here until we get the elements." She taunted him as she called out to Twilight. "Twilight! I caught him, so have Spike send that letter."

As she said this, Dave began to panic. Thinking fast,(and knowing this had failed quite a bit) he snapped his fingers, and in a flash disappeared from under Rainbow Dash.

"Where did he go?!" she shouted in shock.

When Dave reappeared, at first he thought he had gotten away, Until he looked behind him and found that he was only a few feet behind the other ponies.

"Oh come on!" Dave said angrily before beginning to run again. As he fled toward the Everfree, he heared Twilight shouting to alert her friends.

"Guys! He’s this way! We need to get him before he gets to the Everfree Forest!" Twilight said eagerly, as she and the others ran after Dave.

Dave could hear them catching up to him. He knew that they were not going to stop following him, as he recalled how persistent Twilight could be. Dave knew his only hope of escaping them was to scare them off; he didn't like this idea, but knew he had no choice. Dave came to a halt and turned around with the most intimidating face he could make as the ponies came to a shocked halt. Dave raised his claw and as it it began to glow yellow, the ponies began to cower in fear at this new, darker side of Discord. Just as they all thought Discord was going to finish them, something unexpected happened.

All of a sudden, Dave’s head exploded, shooting confetti and streamers everywhere. Dave’s decapitated body started to panic, and his arm’s started to frantically fling around as they tried to find the missing head. Dave’s griffin claw eventually reached down and pulled a new head out of the stub of his neck. Dave quickly felt his new head to ensure everything was intact before putting his paw on his chest and sighing in relief.

After calming down, Dave looked down toward the 6 ponies that stood before him, frozen from shock, bearing looks of horror on their faces. They must have thought that they just witnessed Discord kill himself! Dave took advantage of their shock and disappeared in a flash before the ponies could snap out of their shock.

"Aw great, he got away!" Twilight said in disappointment as she came back to her senses. Her friends looked around, wondering what to do now that their rival had escaped.


Dave reappeared, sitting on what appeared to be the branch of a tall tree. Glancing upwards, he noticed a nest of surprised birds resting on his head.

"Darn it!" Dave said annoyed. Why won’t these power work?, He thought to himself. He was pretty sure Discord never had this much trouble controlling them in the show.

Not wasting any more time thinking about it, Dave put the nest back down on the branch and looked up to see, to his surprise, that he was just under Canterlot. Knowing he was so close to his destination, he quickly snapped his fingers, and in a flash, he was gone.


Rarity was the first to speak after a long silence.

"This is simply dreadful! What are we going to do with Discord roaming free?" She gasped. "What if he wants revenge on us for turning him to stone?!"

"THIS IS THE MOST AWFULLEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN EVER!!" The pink mare exclaimed. "What if he makes all the sweets taste really awful?! That would be the meanest meany mean thing anypony could ever do!" Pinkie frantically shook Twilight as if she could give her closure.

"Pinkie, calm down. The same goes for the rest of you." Twilight said in an encouraging manner. "Now that we know Discord is free, all we need to do is convince the princess to give us the elements and then we can go hunt him down."

"Sorry te rain on your parade sugar cube, but how are we gonna convince the princess that Discord has returned? She seemed sure as sugar that he was still trapped." Apple Jack asked.

As Twilight quickly looked around, she found exactly what she was looking for; a broken piece of a goat’s horn was laying near where Rainbow Dash had tackled him. Levitating it closer to her with her magic, she confirmed that the blue horn piece was definitely Discord’s.

"Here's the proof we need to get her attention." Twilight said, holding up the piece of the horn. "I'll go get Spike… We need to send a letter.''

End Of Chapter Three

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