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*Collab with Bad_Seed_72*
Twilight Sparkle, a mare of notorious street cred, doesn't want to spend the rest of her days gang-banging. Deep down, she doesn't care about the hoes or the money. She just wants peace of mind. Unfortunately, bringing yourself up through the slums is easier said than done. Twilight will need the help of her friends if she ever wants to make it out of the ghetto.

Twilight didn't choose the thug life. The thug life chose her.

And she wants to be un-chosen.

Chapters (2)
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This story contains more gangsta than I can handle. :moustache:

Great work you two, and good luck on the later chapters.

As someone who lives in the ghetto, I can confirm this is all accurate. :rainbowlaugh:

This shit banging, make more.:moustache:

This is so n***er that is very funny. This earns my favorite.
Peace, The Monstre.
P.S. He's a follow.

This is dope, yo. will 2pac make a cameo?

But I still think 2Trot would've been a better choice than 2Pie. 2pac=2Trot, feel me? still, dope story.

4334400 2trot... the fuck didn't i think of that? Thank you Gordo

I beg of mercy.... please... have a longer hiatus, my sides will be killing me for weeks now... :rainbowlaugh:

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