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This story is a sequel to The Years Of After Unity

Book Two in Years Of After Unity series.
Trent and Gerardo have just escaped the sege of the Lake Victoria Bace. However instead of fleeing with the rest of their regiment they flee in almost the exact opposite direction. Makeing their way north through enemy territory they encounter may dangers and hardships in their journy to deliver importaint information in to the right hands that could determen the out come of the war.

Chapters (2)
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I'll be honest...I'm a really fast reader...but...I'm...TOTALLY CYPT 'BOUT TIS!!

Have my like and fav.

will there be a sequel

4018999 this is the sequel. I just haven't been motivated to continue writing.

As much as I love mechs, I think the Code Geass R1 designs and some R2 designs are more practical and possible than Gundam.

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