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In the years of AU (After Unity); the world is finally united in peace as Princess Celestia and Luna rule over Earth after helping to defeat Discord, who turned out to be behind all of Earths wars throughout the centuries. However unrest starts to brew as Luna and Celestia argue over how earth should be ruled. The year is AU 190. Due to the fighting between the two celestial princesses, the world has been split into two factions; The New Lunar Republic and The Solar Empire. The threat of war rises once again

A little more information:

This is a sequel to an imaginary fanfic that I may write later and technically a Gundam Wing Crossover.

This has nothing to do with the fic Solar Empire Vs. New Lunar Republic

Luna is still Luna and has not reverted back to Nightmare Moon.

The New Lunar Republic has control over the Moons’ mining and manufacturing facilities as well as North America, and half of Europe, Africa, The Middle East and Asia.

The Solar Empire has control over orbiting satellites that transfer solar energy to the earth as well as former Russia, South America, Australia, and the other half of Europe, Africa, The Middle East and Asia.

There are Human Colonies in Equestria and Euquestrian Colonies on Earth in enchanted parts of Antarctica.

Cover Art by; LuckyBreak

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 37 )

Do to the fighting between the two celestial princesses; the world has been split into two factions; The New Lunar Republic and The Solar Empire and the thret of war rizes once again.

Due to the fighting between the two celestial princesses, the world has been split into two factions; The New Lunar Republic and The Solar Empire and the threat of war rises once again.

Now that my grammar nazi bit is over, I'd like to say this does seem nice. Just... I'm a VERY grammar addicted person.

New Mobile War Chronicle Gundam Wing.
Does that name ring a bell?

2362333 Ya that's were i got some of the names and ideas for the story what about it?

2366366 not really, I have a totaly different story line, I might pull some stuff from it if im stumped for ideas but it's not a rip off. besides it's a MLP Fanfic so it's already a rip off of My Little Pony.

The name of your timeline and your characters are exactly the same and you are saying it's not a rip-off. MLP rip-off? THERE'S A FUCKING DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A FANFIC AND A FUCKING RIP-OFF! Fuck you!:flutterrage:


Yay a gundam wing story love to see more.:yay::twilightsmile::ajsmug::raritystarry::pinkiehappy:

Hi, I'm Violet Runner, I would just like to take this moment to pull away from the story for five seconds to remind everyone that this is just a Fanfic and that in no way do I promote smoking. Smoking is bad for you and shortens your life expectancy, it also cause both lung cancer and heart disease.

Remember kids, don’t smoke.

We now return to The Years Of After Unity.

Just as a rule of thumb, Author's Notes in the middle of any serious piece of literature is a big no-no. It breaks the flow and immersion of the story to deliver a rather assenine message, and is just poor form. Save AN's for the beginning of a story, the end of a story, or the designated Author's Notes section that fimfiction.net provides. (Unless of course this is a self-referential comedic story... which would explain the next quote)

“I hear their serving chilly in the cantina if you’re hungry.”
“Blast!” He shouted slamming his fist on a nearby desk. “You, get a massage out to the other bases.”

Typos and homophone confusion leads to unintentional hilarity. I can imagine the cantina serving buckets of ice for the soldiers to eat, and a military commander ordering vigorous back-rubs for the nearby bases. I believe the words you're looking for are, "chilli" and, "message", respectively. You may want to proofread a little harder next time, especially since this chapter was rife with punctuation and capitalization errors as well. (Again, unless this is a self-referential comedic story, which I highly doubt)

You should really say what this crossovers with in the summary.

I get the impression this isn't a cross-over in the traditionally-accepted sense.
Unless the author's about to reveal that the NLR teams up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to defeat the SE and their army of Daleks, this isn't an actual cross-over.

Even though this story states that the pony universe crosses over into the real world, the fimfiction.net definition of crossover involves the intertwining of two different, fictional series or universes together. I guess because we real-people aren't worthy enough to be considered crossover material, this story shouldn't have its fimfiction-defined "Crossover" tag.
I'd also argue about the Slice of Life tag needs to go too, considering that the events detailed thus far have been rather extraordinary and far from average Slice of Life material.

Space, alone shuttle moved towards the earth with the moon behind it.

“This is the shuttle Titus, on final approach to earth.” The Captain said into a radio.

First two sentances of the fic and already there are issues. In this context 'alone' should be written as 'a lone' while both say the same thing, they both say it differently. In this case using 'alone' gives the wrong impression.

Earth should be capitolized.

How many radios does the Captain have? In this case you should use 'the radio' as passenger shuttles usually only have the one.

Generally this will need alot of revision and proofreading to be considered to be of any real quality.

Fight scenes are overly rushed. You have someone spontaniously shoot someone else in the head with no in between actions.

Generally the whole thing feels rushed with little to no care given to ensuring quality. Add the fact the incorrect labelling (this is in no way a Slice of Life fic) and I can't say I have very high hopes for this story.

2413778>>2414532 I put the Crossover Tag so M-Tails-P would shut up. I've been meaning to get rid of the Slice of Life Tag I've just been lazzy.

2414669 I would get an editer but every editer I've talked to is either buisy or don't get back to me. So unless your offering could you pull back a little.

2414776 No on both counts. Firstly, I myself make mistakes and don't really have the manner for editting. Secondly, most of the mistakes you made are the sort of thing I catch an fix without relying on someone else to do the editting, so you should be able to fix those issues without asking someone else to do it.

If I was to guess that may be why people aren't helping you. They don't see you making the effort so aren't sure if you are serious. An editor isn't supposed to write half the story for you.

2416269 Ya well this is just a jumping off point fic for a couple different fics that will focus on center things going on in the war. There will be one for the colonies, one for Trent and Gerardo, one for Luna and the Lunar Senate and one that focuses on Celestia and Solar Empire. They will then converge into a conclusion fic that will show the end of the war. Some of the shoot off fics will be more of a crossover. So as of right now the crossover tag is just to keep M-Tails-P happy.

Unless NLR and Preventers team up and fight Mariemaia Army, this is NOT a Gundam Wing crossover.
Common sense, people, common sense...:facehoof:

Comment posted by M-Tails-P deleted May 26th, 2013
Comment posted by M-Tails-P deleted May 26th, 2013

Lol, I'll be honest, when I read the extra information, it said,

This has nothing to do with the Solar Empire vs The New Lunar Republic

This made me laugh...in the inside, and smile on the outside. Other than that, this was awesome...have a like bro. I would fav...but the story is already over. :facehoof:

Have a like though! :moustache:

These is my review and thought for the story The Years Of After Unityby Violet Runner

Read the story first before reading this review. Also sorry for a short review this was a short story.
So the first thing that I really liked is that Luna is the protagonist in this story. The story seems original to me since I haven’t read a story similar to this story. By the most part the dialogue is tolerable even thou some parts rather didn’t make since to me or made the mood quite fall. The political talks kept my attention but after the talks not so much(Mainly chapter 2). I will say there is potential on this story and I am looking forward for this story to continue. For a shot story it did kept my attention for about 85% percent of the time. The story was well paced(for the most part) and well planned out. There were a few minor setbacks. From time to time it seem fast paced but I think it was like once and there were a few miss spelled or used words like when two characters were talking. Instead of using take it spelled talk. I liked how the first battle began. One thing that kind of bothered me is how the US just gave in and let the princesses take over which in reality we wouldn’t. We are the current world power or one of the most powerful nations in the world. But this is his story and if that choice wasn’t made then this story would have not gone anywhere.

So over all this story was pretty damn good and I am looking forward to read the sequel. Minor errors but nothing serious. I would recommend this story to someone when they ask. Good job Violet Runner. I give this story.
Eight Appleblooms burping out of 10. Keep up the good work.

Every nation just giving up all of their power and destroying every nuclear material with magic?
No, just... no :facehoof:

3337969 Like the description says this is a sequel to an imaginary fic that I'm still hammering out the details of. But basicly (SPOILER ALERT!) this takes place in a world were Lauren Faust is Celestia and Luna's mother who decided to make the events going on in Equestria a TV show here on earth, Bronies have entrenched themselves into the worlds government, and after Discords control over the world leaders was released they asked themselves "WTF are we doing?" and slowly over time, with the help of the Bronies working for the government Celestia and Luna took control, then had a falling out and then this story happened.

3365669 And some Griffins, Minotaurs and Ponies living on earth. Also it's better than the morons we have running the joint right now.

3365702 No, basicly in an imaginary prequel after Discord was turned to stone by Celestia and Luna a part of him escaped to earth, took control of the world leaders and was responsible for every war for the past 3000 years (1 year in Equestria = 3 years on Earth). Celestia and Luna found out and helped humanity get rid of him, then the world leaders saw them selves unfit to rule and gave control over to Celestia and Luna. Twilight became the sole ruler of Equestria, some the residence from Equestria emigrated to earth and vis-versa.

3365749 Fucking world leaders...still want to kill Celestia. And Luna.

3365820 because they have no right to rule humanity and they mess up the natural order. Prepare for Armageddon!

Humanity willingly let them rule besides it's not just Humanity living earth and Luna has the Lunar Legion made up of mostly human governors who do most of the work and acts like a parliament. Celestia and Luna can't control the moon and sun like in Equestria but Luna dose have control over the moon in a real estate sense and Celestia has control over orbiting solar energy satellites.


That's all I have to say.

*Kicks story in bottomless pit before walking away*

*mumbles* "Ugh some people have dumb idea's!"

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