Trent and Gerardo's Travels

by Violet Runner

Chapter 1: The Lake Victoria Battle

The Lake Victoria Base, in former Tanzania, is run by the famous Minotaur; Commander Montero, who managed to stop a small Solarist uprising in the south of France without fire a single shoot, and is situated at one of the many the borders between New Lunar Republic controlled Africa and Solar Empire controlled Africa. Though small in size the base has great strategic value as it controls the fresh water supply for most of Africa.

“You can talk a break now if you want.” A Gryphon soldier said getting the attention of a Human one. “I hear they're serving chilli in the cantina if you’re hungry.”

“Huh? Oh thanks.” He said turning to face him.

“Hey, are you alright?” The Gryphon asked a little worried.

“Y-yeah, just a little nervous is all. We got a report in this morning that some Solarists troops have started to mobilize in our direction.” The Human soldier said.

“Don’t worry this is a small base. There is little to no chance they’ll come out here. Cigarette?” The Gryphon soldier said offering him one and taking one for himself.

“Thanks,” The Human said taking the cigarette, sitting down and lighting it. “And I know that but I can’t help but fear for my family. They live in the next town over; I transferred here last month so I could be closer to them.” He explained as the Gryphon sat next to him and he took a photo out of his pocket and showed it to him. “This is my wife; Zuri,” He said pointing to a Zebra standing next to him in the photo. “We met at a cafe in Captown when I was studying abroad; we sat and talked for a while and real hit it off. We started dating and eventually got married and had a couple of kids. Our eldest; Yejide,” Pointing to a Zebra filly standing in front of him. “And our son; Ryan.” He said pointing to a human boy on Zuri’s back.

“Nice family.” The Gryphon said looking at the picture.

“Ya, they are." The Human solider said putting it away.

"I hope to have a family like that someday." The Gryphon solider said with a sigh.

"I’m Trent Clark by the way.” Trent said extending his hand.

“Gerardo Lanzo.” He said shaking Trent’s hand.

“Anyway,” Trent said standing up and putting out the butt of his cigarette. “I’m going to get some lunch. It was nice talking to you.”

“Same.” Gerardo said also standing up to take his post.

(Music Starts)

“This is Bomber 1 to base. We are nearing the drop zone, over.” The pilot of a stealth bomber said as it flew in formation with 3 other bombers.

“Roger that Bomber 1. F-16 and ground troops will move in once you make the drop.” The Base commander said to the pilot.

“Roger that, commencing radio silence.” The pilot said as he shut off the radio and sped up.

(Music Ends)

The sounds of something moving through the air started fill air around the base, as Trent came back from lunch.

“What the hell is that? WAH!” Trent screams as a bomb hit a fuel tank and exploded a few feet from him sending him flying and knocking him out.

(Music Starts)

“What hell was that?” The Base commander, Commander Montero, asked angrily as the room shook.

“Sir, we’re under attack!” A random Solider replied.

“Blast!” He shouted slamming his fist on a nearby desk cracking it. “You, get a message out to the other bases.” He said pointing to the, communications officer. “You there, round up as many troops we can spare and help evacuate the nearby towns.” He said to a Zebra soldier. “Everyone else, get to your battle stations. Defend the base at all costs.”

“Yes Sir!” Everyone in the room shouted before doing as instructed, as another bomb went off.

“Get up man. Come on get up.” Gerardo said shacking Trent’s shoulder in an attempt to get him to walk up. “Come on, you can’t die here, you have wife and kids, you have to stay alive for them.”

“Freeze!” A Human Solider in a gold and red Uniform said pointing a gun at him.

“Oh Hell No!” He said before shooting the Solarist solider in the head with his Beretta M9.

“Hugh, what happened, what’s going on?” Trent asked holding his head and sitting up.

“Good you’re alright. Come on we’re under attack!” The Gryphon explained.

“What!” He said standing up only to stumble.

“Hey easy now, you've sprained your ankle in that explosion” Gerardo said helping to support him.

“Look out!” Trent said firing his M16 that was strapped to his side and hitting a Solarist coming at them.

“Come, we got to get out of here.” He said as they began to walk through the battle field as another bomb went off a few feet from where they were standing.

“*Cough* Damn these Solarists bastards.” The Human solider said as smoke from the many fires filled the battle field. “Can’t you fly?”

“Wish I could. But My left wing got dislocated in the first explosion.” The Gryphon explained wincing as he tried to move it.

“GET DOWN!” Trent shouted well pulling Gerardo down as an F-16 tried to shout them from the air. “Just as well,” He said when the fighter jet passed. “With those F-16 it would be nearly imposable to take off.”

“If we could take them out, we might just be able to get out of here and help others.” Gerardo said shouting a couple of nearby enemy soldiers. “But how?”

“Their!” He said pointing to an anti-aircraft missile launcher that had managed to survive.

“Good eye.” The Gryphon said as they made their way over. “Damn it, it needs a clearance code.” He said turning it on and looking at the screen.

“Use mine; Clark Trent 261.” Trent said laying agents the side of the missile launcher as Gerardo punched it in.

“Got it! Locking on to enemy aircraft and…” Gerardo said typing in the commands. “Fire!”

Five anti-aircraft missiles shot out and flew after their individual targets and shouting all of the F-16s down except for one that was managing to avoid the missile.

“Yes!” The Human shouted watching the plains fall out of the sky.

The remaining F-16 fired a rocket at the anti-aircraft missile launcher before being blown up.

“Uh-oh, we got go.” The Gryphon said throwing Trent onto his back and ran away right before the rocket hit the missile launcher blowing it up.

“Sir!” The Communications officer called.

“What is it?" Commander Montero asked as the base shock again.

“Sir, I’ve gotten through to the other base in the area. They say they can’t provide help but they’ve sent a message to the princess and can help evacuate civilians and provide cover for our escape.” The Officer said.

“We will not-“ The Minotaur started but was interrupted when a huge explosion cased most of the lights and some electronics to die. “Give the evacuation order, the base is lost.”

(End Music)

Most of the base went up in flames as the remaining Lunar Solders evacuated to the southwest, except for two; one human solider and one Gryphon solider, who fled to the northeast.

“Where *Cough* where are we going? We have to meet up with the others.” Trent asked when he noticed they weren’t going the same way as the others.

“Don’t worry; we’ll regroup with them latter. Right now we have to get as far away from the base as we can. Trust me I know what I’m doing.” Gerardo said as he walked into the forest still carrying Trent on his back.