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Trent and Gerardo's Travels - Violet Runner

Book Two in The Years of After Unity series

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Chapter 2: Making Camp

Lieutenant General Soris Septem is one of the highest ranking officers in the Imperial Military and Princess Celestia’s second in command. Known for her ruthlessness and low tolerance for failure on the battle field she is the head of the Solar Empire’s African and Middle Eastern Forces.

“What have you fond?” Lieutenant General Soris Septem asked as she moved through some of the ruble from their earlier attack.

“Well,” A dark red earth pony with a bullet Cutie Mark began, shifting through some papers. “It doesn't look like a whole lot survived the fires and what little did is highly eligible.” He said handing her the papers.

“These are obviously written in code you idiot.” She said throwing the papers back at him. “Send them back to base to have them analyzed. What else?”

“Well, despite being banged up, the computers seem to still be in working order.” A human solder said clearing some debris off of one.

“Good, start them up and hack in. If those plans are anywhere they’ll be here.” Septem said looking around. “Everyone else get to work. Celestia wants this place refortified and ready for use yesterday.”

“YES MAM!” Everyone in the room said before caring out their orders.

“General Septem? We have a problem.” The human soldier at the computer said.

“What is it?” she asked walking over to him.

“I hacked into the base’s database and there appears to be no trace of the plans anywhere.”

“What! They have to be here!” The Lieutenant General said angrily.

“Well there’s no trace of them. It seems they were whipped from the database prior to the battle.” He said.

“General Septem?” A voice on a radio asked.

“What is it?” She asked pulling it out and answering it.

“We have reports that though most of the enemy troops fled to the south east, two enemy soldiers where spotted fleeing to the North during the attack.” The voice on the other side explained.

“To the North?” Soris asked.

“Yes mam.”

“They must have entrusted the plans to them.” She said to herself. “Send a team after them and bring them back for questioning.” She said into the radio.

“We’ll make camp here.” Gerardo said stopping by a river and helping Trent off his back before making sure the flashdrive he was caring was alright.

“That’s good.” Trent said yawning. “But we should really do something with that wing of yours and my ankle.”

“Your right. We’d both be useless if we’re attacked.” The Gryphon said looking at his busted wing. “Let’s start with your ankle it will be easier.” He said ripping off a piece of his uniform to use as bandage and breaking a stick in half to use as a brace.

“Alright.” The human said pulling up his pant leg.

Using the makeshift bandage they supported Trent’s sprained ankle giving him a long stick to use as a crutch. They then moved on to fixing Gerardo’s wing.

“Ok, bite down on this and hold sill.” Trent said putting a small stick in the Gryphon’s mouth. “Ready?”

“Ready.” The Gryphon said biting down on the stick.

There was a sickly popping sound as Gerardo’s wing popped back into place.

“Ah,” Gerardo winced as he stretched his sore wing. “Ok now that we have that taken care of, it looks like it’s going to rain so we should find some shelter and get a fire going.” He said looking at the clouds forming and seeing that it would be dark soon.

“I saw a small cave back there that we can use and my lighter still has some fluid in it for a fire.” Trent said leaning on his makeshift crutch.

“Alright lets go.” He said as he and Trent started to walk in the direction of the cave.

“Ok so what do we have for food?” Trent asked laying his C-Rations on the cave floor once they got a fire going, Gerardo doing the same.

“Let’s see… a can of beans that expired 8 months ago, a can of spam that expires today, two tins of bisects, lighter fluid better not eat that, two flasks of water and a can opener.” Gerardo said reading the labels on the cans. “Oh,” He said throwing his knife at something moving. “And one snake.” He said cutting the snakes head off.

“Great.” The human said. “So who gets what?”

“Well the beans are out but they should be good as bait for catching small animals.” The Gryphon said looking at the expired food. “We should be able to split the spam, as for the snake it looks like it only has enough meat for one person or gryphon.”

“Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock for the snake?” Trent suggested.

“Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-What?” Gerardo asked confused.

“It’s a variation on Rock-Paper-Scissors that my grandpa taught me. It`s quite simple; Scissors cuts paper, Paper covers Rock, rock crushes lizard, Lizard poisons Spock, Spock smashes scissors, Scissors decapitates lizard, Lizard eats paper, Paper disproves spock, Spock vaporizes rock and as it always has Rock crushes scissors.” He said making the hand gestures for it.

“*Sigh* Ok.” The Gryphon said tuning to face him. “Best two out of three, Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock!”

“Stupid talons and their inability to do the Vulcan salute.” Gerardo grumbled as he ate his spam.

“Don’t wine, I through lizard, I would have won anyway.” Trent said as he cooked the snake meat over the fire.

“Whatever, ah here comes the rain.” He said as the rain started to pour.

“Here.” Trent said handing him half of the snake meat.

“You don’t want it?” Gerardo asked.

“I’m still a little full from lunch.” He said taking a bite of his dinner.

“Thanks.” The Gryphon said mixing it with the spam.

After dinner they put a little more wood on the fire and got ready for bed.

“Too bad we don’t have something softer then limestone to lie on.” Gerardo complained.

“Hey compared to the beds back at the base this is a cloud.” Trent said using his military jacket as a pillow.

“Hey, don’t joke about that. Those things are awesome.” He said doing the same.

“Ha, ha, whatever man, see you in the morning.” Trent said before rolling over and falling asleep.

“Yeah, the morning.” Gerardo said clutching the flashdrive.

“You wanted to see me sir?” Gerardo asked walking into Commander Montero’s office.

“Yes, take a seat.” The Minotaur said offering him a seat.

“Ok.” The Gryphon said sitting down.

“You hear the news?” He asked pouring himself a glass of scotch.

“You mean about the Solarists troops?” Gerardo asked.

“Ya.” Montero said taking a drink.

“What about it, they’re not actually going to attack are they?” He asked worriedly

“*Sigh* what do you know about Mobile Suits?” The Minotaur asked standing up.

“Not much, just that their giant robotic suits used for military peruses in the Gundam anime series.” The Gryphon said wondering what all this had to do with why he was in the commander’s office.

“What I’m about to tell you must not leave this room, understand?” The Commander asked.

“Yes sir.” Gerardo said nodding.

“For the past ten years the best scientists in the Republic have been secretly developing plains for real Mobile Suits like the ones in the anime. They recently managed to develop plans for a working one that can be used for battle if, Princess Luna were to ever authorize it, and have been storing the data here at this base.” Commander Montero explained.

“Wow!” The Gryphon Solider said in amazement. “But what does that have to do with me?”

“I've read your file son,” The Minotaur said putting a file folder on top of the desk. “Top of your classes at the academy, did some training in the Gryphon Homeland that must have been fun, top notch survival skills and everything else needed for this mission.” He said pulling a metal box onto the desk.

“What mission?” Gerardo asked still confused.

“I’m not going to lie to you son. The likelihood of a Solarists attack on this base is pretty high. In the event that the base is captured, I’ve already whipped all data related to the Mobile Suit from the database and stored it in this flashdrive.” Montero said unlocking the box and pulling out the flashdrive. “So if this base is taken it is your job to travel north and safely deliver the planes to our manufacturing plant in Turkey.”

“North? But that would take me directly through-“ The Gryphon started but was cut off when the commander raised his hand.

“Enemy territory, I know but it is the fastest root. That’s also why I’m not ordering you to take this mission, you don’t have to take it if you don't want to or if you don’t think you can do it.”

“I’ll do it.” Gerardo said after a minute.

“Alright, here’s the flashdrive, remember to keep it safe.” The commander said handing it to him.

“I won’t let you down sir.” He said standing up and saluting.

“Good luck, Dismissed.” Montero said dismissing him from the office.

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I'll be honest...I'm a really fast reader...but...I'm...TOTALLY CYPT 'BOUT TIS!!

Have my like and fav.

will there be a sequel

4018999 this is the sequel. I just haven't been motivated to continue writing.

As much as I love mechs, I think the Code Geass R1 designs and some R2 designs are more practical and possible than Gundam.

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