Today was the day. Gravel Patch took a deep breath in and then let it out. Today he was going to do it, the heist he's been planning for for months. A quick double check later just to confirm he had everything he will ever need, then grinned. Today was going to be his!

This story came to be because of a Quills and Sofas Speedwriting contest.

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Equestria and the Crystal Empire have fallen to the Changeling Hegemony, led by the brutal Queen Chrysalis at the head of a mechanized horde of guns and tanks. Princess Cadance stayed in the Crystal Empire; Princess Twilight stayed in Equestria. Chrysalis rules the continent, only defied by Nova Griffonia, the poor Griffon colony in the north.

Across the ocean, the Griffonian Reich pledges to reclaim its lost territory, sundered by revolution a generation ago. While the Alicorn Sisters retreat to New Mareland, Princess Flurry Heart and Shining Armor turn to Aquileia, the Republic born out of the ashes of the Griffonian Reich. The Kaiser of the Reich is only a child, subject to a regent bent on war and conquest.

Flurry knows the Reich and Chrysalis have worked together.

She knows that war is coming to Aquileia.

She knows that Celestia and Luna abandoned her mother and Twilight Sparkle.

She knows that the world is on fire, and she is the last true Princess of Ponies.

She knows she will go home.

Cover Art by Opal Radiance, commissioned by Sunstreaker.

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Sunset Shimmer wants to become an alicorn more than anything - it's the entire reason why she's Princess Celestia's student. But she's run out of ways to research it and Princess Celestia has blocked her at every turn.

Fortunately for her, there's a new Princess on the block - Cadance. One who's already ascended. One who knows personally and intimately how she did it.

To get her to talk, Sunset will do anything. Even if it means pretending to like - really like - the Pink Pony Of Passion.

Cover art by daOtterGuy.

Featured 8/28/2021-08/30/2021!

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Custom Tag: [First Person Zecora]

When Zecora is asked to show cosmetics from her herbal collection,
She finds herself in the middle of an elaborate misdirection.
Caught in the struggle to thwart a changeling plot,
She must find a way to help guard Canterlot.

Judge Prize winner in Bicyclette's Crackship Contest hosted by the Original Pairings group
Edited by: TheAncientPolitzanian
Cover Found Here: Guard Fleur de Lis

Featured from 3/2/2022 to 3/5/2022 (JST). Thank you very much for your readership!

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Twilight and Pinkie decide to go on a date down at the beach, needless to say sand gets everywhere.

a colab between TheCrimsonDM and CAPTAIN YOSHI HD

art also done by CAPTAIN YOSHI HD

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Sunset is a one-girl wrecking ball when it comes to romance. She's already been through three of her friends, and she'll not to let her pony needs get ahead of her again. But her eye's already roaming, and Applejack has invited her to spend a day on the farm. Alone. For some secret purpose.

It's okay. All Sunset has to do is keep reminding herself that it's not what she wants. Everything's fine.

She won't make the same mistake again.

Set between Equestria Girls and Rainbow Rocks.

When I react poorly to shipfics, it's often because I forget there are two ways to approach romance; this is a story that uses the adult approach without forgetting what makes young love so exciting in the first place. Really excellent stuff. — PresentPerfect

Honorable Mention in Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Contest: Changing Seasons!

Cover art belongs to MagneticSkye. Tried to get permission, but it appears the artist disappeared around a year ago. If she complains, I'll change it.

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Licorice Root, as she settles into her new living space in Trottingham, recalls the night she spent with Xathan, her college classmate.

A one-shot based on my story, Diary of an Apothecary, it's something that I wanted to do in detail for fun.

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This story is a sequel to Someone You Like

Life for Capper had never been better after leaving Klugetown. And after a chance meeting with Princess Luna, he finds a shot at something beyond his wildest dreams. They had a successful date and things seem to be promising between the two.

However, just as things were starting to get better, his past started catching up to him. Will his past come and ruin it all? Or will Capper be his own undoing?

(Optional readings: The Nightmare Knights Part 1-5)

Edited by: Wingdingaling

Proofread by: ShadowStarEX

Cover by: CrimsonRose97

Noted: it is highly recommended to read the first one to fully understand this one.

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This story is a sequel to Equestria Ninja Girls Going Digital

The Ninja Turtles, Rainbooms, and Team Shine go to Anaheim for a vacation. But when Dragonaus, the last of the Saurian overlords, is discovered hunting after a sacred relic called the Eye of Sarnoth, they must team up with the hockey playing crime fighters The Mighty Ducks! Will their teamwork be able to take down Dragonaus? Will the fire breathing tyrant conquer all with the Eye of Sarnoth? And will Leo find a working catchphrase? This is one hockey game you don't want to miss!

Also, be on the lookout for some Jawsome special guest stars!

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Marble Pie doesn’t drink that often. When a party for her sister causes her to drink too much she finds her self in a scary predicament. She’s sleeping next to a stranger!

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