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A fellow Brony, Bluthy (Don Bluth Fan), Dinosaur lover, G-Fan, and an animation student. I worked on fan fiction in Deviantart, and would like to submit them, revised, to you.

Jongojiverse (New Timeline) 4 stories
  • Jongojiverse (New Timeline) 4 stories This Library covers the rebooted adventures that occur after Discord applied his chaos magic on a space-time tear caused by the Human Twilight Sparkle during the Friendship Games. Stories that are labeled to be included in the New Timeline will be reworked before being added to the library.
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  • Jongojiverse (Old Timeline) 8 stories This Library covers my works that follow in the Old Timeline. That is, they follow the original timline of the show, while also presenting OC's.

  • Jongojiverse (New Timeline) 4 stories This Library covers the rebooted adventures that occur after Discord applied his chaos magic on a space-time tear caused by the Human Twilight Sparkle during the Friendship Games. Stories that are labeled to be included in the New Timeline will be reworked before being added to the library.

  • Equestria Girls (Jongojiverse New Timeline) 4 stories With the Crystal Mirror moved to the Crystal Empire to begin with in the New Timeline, the Pony Sunset did not leave her world upon being expelled. This leaves quite a few changes to the Human World: 1) The presence of the Human Sunset Shimmer, 2) the events of the first Equestria Girls movie be somewhat modified, 3) Some OC's such as Dapplewood appear much more often.

  • Other Visits 6 stories Dear Princess Twilight, I know you haven't been receiving my messages lately, so I'll bring you into the loop of what has been going on. If fighting three demonized humans, playing a band battle against three Sirens, going to a world populated with dinosaurs, and almost picking up the pieces of the Friendship Games were trouble. Let me tell you: Those were localized events that we easily controlled. Now there are others out of state coming over, a business man from Boston, and another from San Diego... Giant Robots... My point is that it will be much tougher keeping your world a secret. But from these new enemies come allies. Your friend, Sunset Shimmer.


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This story is a sequel to The Advent of Godzilla

Tambelon, the most majestic city aside from Canterlot and the Crystal Empire. What stood out from either of the two is the perfect quality of the tubular bells they produced. The grandest of the bells is hung high in the castle towers. Legend speaks that should the Master Bell be rung, it’s sound can bring forth great joy. The Rams and the Ponies shared the city. But one Ram didn’t want to share his city with the Ponies. Studying dark magic, the Ram was able to drive the Ponies out of Tambelon, but those that stayed and fight were placed in a gladiator arena. Princess Celestia would not tolerate his actions. A war soon broke; many of both sides did not survive. As a last measure, the Ram leader placed his life energy into the Master Bell before being banished into the Netherworld. But somehow Tambelon would return every 500 years, and the bloodshed would begin anew.

Occurs in both the Old and New Timelines a while into Season 5 (After Appaloosa's Most Wanted).

Chapters (9)

As the land around them slowly succumbs to earthquakes, famine, flooding, and volcanoes, the majority of the dinosaur herds ventured forth to find a more hospitable place to call home. But it was a march of many dangers. Sharpteeth stalk the herds, waiting to seize any who strayed. Many would not survive the journey.

After being separated from their herds, several young dinosaurs, lead by a Three Horn by the name Apple Bloom must overcome their differences if they are to make the journey through vicious animals and dangerous lands to the lush valley of Canterlot Crater.


Written out of correlation with the 27th Anniversary of The Land Before Time, I present a crossover that combines the mythologies of My Little Pony and The Land Before Time. Also has references to other dinosaur films with a similar context

The Pony's are in dinosaur form, akin to what is described in It Came from the Mysterious Beyond (albeit with a few changes) while certain callings are replaced (e.g Celestia will be their calling of the Sun in place of The Bright Circle).

Rated Teen for events of violence and mild peril.

First Glance Review

A Spin Off of The New Timeline, recommend reading the prologue

Chapters (11)

In the year 2000 on Sol Earth, the JSDF managed to rid themselves of Godzilla by sucking him through an artificial black hole. Fifteen Years later in Equestria, an excavation team supervised by Daring Do uncovered a series of underground mountains. As the public gathered, the ground began to rumble and the so called mountains revealed their true nature. Not wanting to adopt this beast, the citizens must find a way to rid of Godzilla.

Occurs in both the Old (After Other Voices) and New Timelines during and a while after the Season 5 premiere.

Chapters (9)

Even though Sunset Shimmer managed to close the space-time rifts caused by the Human Twilight Sparkle, one tear still remains.

Two spirits of chaos and a certain pink pony make numerous changes, the largest of which is the portal remaining at the Crystal Empire under Sombra's guardianship before becoming evil. This forms a paradox merely known as the New Timeline.

Join me as we explore the stories in the New Timeline

You can still read the stories of the Old Timeline, but now those are considered non-canon.

Season Zero: Prologue to The Fall of Sunset Shimmer

Season One: Bitter Reunions to Snow Day

Season Two: Bring a Monster to School Day to A Canterlot Wedding Part 2

Season Three: The Crystal Empire to One Shall Rise

Stories set in Season 5: The Advent of Godzilla
The Return of Tambelon
Dawn of the Dinosaur

Season 6: Revelations onward

Equestria Girls (By Chronological Order): Rise of the Maximals, Equestria Girls (New Timeline Version), Camping is Just Dazzling, It Came from the Mysterious Beyond, MLP/LBT: The Stomping Grounds, The Perfect Dinosaur, From Beyond the Western Gate, Wrath of the Red Dragon, A Maximal Crusader, Heir of the Sands, Equestria Girls: The Rubicon.

Includes "Adventure" stories as well.

First Glance Review

Chapters (34)