• Published 8th Nov 2015
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My Little Pony: The Land Before Time - Jongoji245

With The Great Earthquake separating their families, Apple Bloom must lead her friends to their new home, all the while avoiding being prey to Tirek.

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A few days after, the children were walking with their families to an unknown destination.

"C'mon, Applejack" - Apple Bloom begged - "can't you tell us what the big surprise is?"

"Eenope." Answered Applejack, much to Big Mac's musing.

"Grandma?" - Cosgrove looked at his grandparents - "Grandpa?"

The two Duckbills kept their beaks closed as they continued their walk through the forest.

In time, the herd walked out of the forest and to a sparse clearing. The children's eyes widened at their new discovery. It was Saurus Rock, a little weathered after a few million years, but otherwise still standing almost as tall as it was when it was first formed. Cosgrove stepped forward, amazed at seeing the formation for the first time in his life. And being up close, they saw the circle of "teeth" around its neck. Featherweight's keen eye did notice an empty space between two of the teeth.

"Lion Tamer."

"Yes, Featherweight?" The Male Edmontosaurus turned his attention to him.

"What did you say what would happen if anything happened to Saurus Rock?"

"Well, like the legend says, bad luck would descend upon the world." - Lion Tamer heard his wife cleared her throat before going any further - "But in truth, it's just a bedtime story my grandfather told me when I was a youngster."

"Besides," - Granny Smith added - "There isn't such as thing as bad luck."

Still holding the tooth, Pipsqueak hopped off Button Mash and gave placed it in front of Featherweight.

"No harm in making sure?" asked the young Ankle Biter.

Holding the tooth in his beak, Featherweight carried the tooth to the gap, snuggling it in. Upon landing back to the herd, he joins in the splendor as an actual tooth now lined up with the stone teeth. The families turned around and began to walk home, leaving only Cosgrove's family standing there. Cosgrove curved a smile as his grandparents comforted him.

"We really miss her too, Cosgrove." Loopty Hoop soft spoke.

Cosgrove, remembering what Sunset Shimmer told him a long while ago, replied, "But we'll never be apart as long as you remember the things you taught her."

The two Duckbills teared up before Lion Tamer rose to his hind feet and bellowed to the sky, followed by his wife and grandson. Hearing the bellow in the distance, the family herds joined in the chorus before other kinds of dinosaurs joined in.

Over the years, the land outside Canterlot Crater became greener, and lands that were barren and bone-dry now flowed with as much green food and water as their beloved home. The children have now grown up, from the still tiny Pipsqueak to the large herd of grown up Apple Saplings to the thirty-ton Cosgrove, ready to leave the home that they were raised in safety.

And they all grew up together in Canterlot Crater. But one thing is for certain that their journey is not over, for they did not know what changes big or small lie ahead. In some small way, it was told generation upon generation, each passing onto the next, the tale of their ancestor's journey to the valley long ago.

The mixed-species herd continued to travel west across grassy plains and snowless mountains until they reached one of the pinnacles of their journey: The Pacific Ocean.

Author's Note:

And so concludes the mythos crossover between My Little Pony and The Land Before Time. I hoped you enjoyed reading this.

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That was definitely good. I would love to read more like that.


Cera. In some ways, Diamond Tiara reminds me of Cera, so it would make sense that she would play that role.:ajsmug:

I love where you went with this story.

I love this! :pinkiehappy:

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