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The world spins, years pass, and everything comes to an end. Except Celestia. She sits on the shore of the last ocean, watching and waiting for her own chance at death. Because everything comes to an end if you wait long enough, and Celestia is patient indeed.

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Twilight is a princess, and traveling the land to meet ponies far and wide; an excellent opportunity to make more friends. So why is she so unhappy?

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This story is a sequel to Princess Celestia: The Changeling Queen

This story is a direct sequel to Princess Celestia: The Changeling Queen. Reading that first is necessary to understand any part of this story.

Co-authored by vren55 and Zervziel

Alternia, sister to Chrysalis, ruled Equestria for a thousand years, disguised as Princess Celestia, while the alicorn slumbered in a healing sleep. Now revealed, Alternia prepares to become Equestria’s first changeling princess, and prove herself to the ponies she loves at the side of her co-rulers Luna and the newly-returned Celestia.

But even as the crown descends onto Alternia’s head, something is stirring in the depths of the Eastern Sea, something that will turn the surface world onto its head. Some power that could destroy Alternia, and all that she loves, before she can even regain the approval of her own ponies.

Will Alternia restore the trust her ponies once placed with her? Will she found a hive? Will she find love?

All that is certain is that Equestria, and the world, will never be the same again.

Now with a TV Tropes page.

Empress Tethys and the Kelpies Created by Zervziel

That Fantastic Cover art is by Plainoasis

Pre-read and edited by:
Courage Fire
Cosmic Cowboy

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(Clean family-friendly comedy with adorable Celestia being adorable, absolutely nothing explicit) Now with youtube readings! The Gentlemanly Reading by The Magpie, the Scientific-Plushie-Method reading by HanaYoriUta, And the Manly Reading by CaptainBron3y!

Should you find yourself a visitor to Equestria, it would benefit you to be able to tell a pony's rubby-tubby from his or her boop-button and fuzzy-wuzzy. Herein is your definitive guide, written by an expert upon the science. Published with the royal approval of Her Royal Majesty Princess Luna and the silent tolerance of Her Royal Majesty Princess Celestia.

Published by the Royal Canterlot Publishing House for the Royal Equestrian Diplomatic Mission to Earth. For human audiences only. No alicorns (or humans) were harmed in the making of this guide.

Inspired by this thread by Nuke

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Queen Chrysalis comes to Princess Celestia and claims to be dying. She has one last request. Her request will shock Princess Celestia and make her rethink everything she thought she knew about changelings since the Cadence's wedding.

But will she grant the request?

Source for picture.

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Celestia has a dangerous creature held in the deepest of Canterlot's high-security dungeons. It can create ponies (with full backgrounds and histories) with it's strange and often-times prophetic powers. The Princess does her best to keep it under wraps, but its only a matter of time before it's "creativity" will get out of control.

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Things are changing in Equestria, the ponies have decided they no longer need Princess Celestia to guide them. Celestia willingly stood down however and vanished. Unknown to Equestria she remains in disguise watching and wondering if her ponies are really ready... Oh, she's also experiencing what its like to care for a foal for the first time as well. Which will fail first Celestia's sanity or Equestrian Democracy?
*Part of Mother's Universe*

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Through unknown means, Sombra amassed an army and launched an attack against the Crystal Empire and a changeling sub-hive. This forces Celestia and Chrysalis to meet, and agree to a temporary alliance between their kinds. Neither is happy about the situation, but for the lives of the ponies and changelings they lead, they are willing to do what is necessary.

Yet, as weeks and months pass, the pair find working together is not as horrible as they originally believed. Is a lasting peace, and perhaps more, possible between ponies and changelings, between a princess and a queen?

Written for Equestria Daily's Super Happy Hearts and Hooves Lovefest Fanfic Event

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Tirek. Discord. The Changelings.

The ponies have faced all these threats, and triumphed, but things could have been handled better. Princess Celestia knows this better than most. She knows that to face threats even greater than Tirek, greater than Discord, the ponies need allies. They need friends to turn to when the chips are down and the mad gods and cruel tyrants are on the horizon

She and Princess Twilight Sparkle travel to the Griffon Kingdom to meet the Griffon King. They seek to negotiate a formal treaty, something more than a rudimentary "You stay in your yard, we'll stay in ours." If the Changelings invade, or Tirek is once more a threat, it will not only be the ponies standing against them, but the griffons as well. It's only logical, after all. The griffons and the ponies share a border. They share ideas. They share refugees and concepts and cultures. And there haven’t been any major hostilities since the Pony-Griffon War. That was almost a thousand years ago.

It is logical to enter an alliance, but politics aren’t always about logic. Sometimes they are about past crimes, mistakes, and tragedies. Sometimes, past grudges simply can't be let go.

(Rated Dark and Teen for some disturbing content, though nothing too heavy or overt)

Coverart from Pie on furAffinity

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After a discussion in class, Twilight has a very important question to ask her mentor Princess Celestia.

Pre read by ZOMG, Jumbled Thought, Cerulean Voice and Zodiac.
Edited by Dont Look At My Name Bro

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