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Hearth's Warming Eve is a time to spend with family and friends, making special memories. Octavia enjoys the pomp and tradition of the holiday in Canterlot. But when an unfortunate circumstance has her spending the holiday in Ponyville with Vinyl, she will learn more than she knew about her friend and the true meaning of the season.

Written as part of the Jinglemas Secret Santa as a gift to Mavinator5.

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Two weeks before the 1000th Summer Sun Celebration, Moondancer discovers a forgotten spell scrawled across the pages of an ancient book. Casting it threatens to turns her world upside down: faced with glimpses of an Equestria contradicted by historians, she must use all of her intellect to piece together the mystery surrounding Mage Meadowbrook, Princess Celestia, and the mare with the mane of stars—before the project destroys everything she's worked for.

It's a good thing she can rely on Twilight Sparkle for help.

Written under the influence of the London Ensemble's rendition of "Requiem for a Dream – Lux Aeterna." Not a crossover.

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Following his tumultuous defeat, King Sombra is flung across space and time to exit out a human's malfunctioning toaster. For weeks, Sombra monologues his revenge to destroy those that hurt him. But seven months later, when a route back to Equestria is found, does he not seem all that interested in returning.

Edited by spigo.

Prequel: The Roommate From Tartarus
Side Sequel: (Not My) Home Sweet Home

Update: labelled as complete. The last three chapters will remain as bonus chapters.

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Everybody agrees that Sunset Shimmer is the best Smirker in Canterlot High. Well, almost everybody. There are some people who think they smirk better, and are willing to challenge her during the Smirking Contest. They are definitely not prepared to handle Sunset and her smirk.

*Contains*: A lot of smirks

Many thanks to Monokeras and Foehn for proofreading and editing.

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Even for a princess, growing up can be scary. Luckily for Princess Luna, she doesn't have to do it alone.

Huge thanks to ShadowGentleman, Norris, Props, and Front for being spectacular people and editors!

Now with a reading and review by Flammenwerfer!

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After her little magic trick at the Fall Formal, Sunset Shimmer is not having the best night, and it's about to get worse: Principal Celestia just found out that Sunset has been living in the school clock tower. Now she has nowhere to live, and who's going to take in a teenager with personal issues that include recent demonic possession? No one normal, obviously.

But... maybe someone with a mohawk, a house full of creepy masks, and blue eyes that seem to see more than words -- or rhymes-- can say.

Winner of the Writeoff Association's February WriteOff, "Look, I Can Explain."

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Ladies do not avoid their problems. If a lady finds herself facing down a lonely Hearts & Hooves Day, she should smile and gracefully accept her lot in life, patiently trusting that more enjoyable times are on the way.

A lady certainly doesn't chase a stranger down the dreary streets of Canterlot, even if that stranger does turn out to be the Madam Inspector of the Equestrian Games. Loneliness and creative distress are no excuse for wild behavior. A lady should know better.

But Rarity has never been just a lady.

Originally an entry in the "End of an Era" Writeoff.

Silver medalist in the July 2016 Writeoff!
Gold place winner says nice things about it!
Gosh I love exclamation points!

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On the last day of school before summer vacation, Cheerilee informs her students that she's going to pursue her doctorate in Fillydelphia, and won't be returning as their teacher in the fall. Her friends and students alike spend her last night in Ponyville bidding farewell and showing their appreciation for her, each in their own unique way.

But one student, in particular, has a hard time coping.

Originally written for the Writeoff Association's July 2016 prompt* and published under the title Bonitatem Doce Me, this story has been revised, rewritten, and expanded from its previous version. Featured on EqD on 8/9/16. Also featured in the Royale Canteloupe Liberty.

*which it won!

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Vinyl Scratch loves Octavia.

Vinyl Scratch doesn't care who knows.

But Vinyl Scratch should have cared more about who knew her secrets...

Now with a reading by FanOfMostEverything!

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