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Vinyl Scratch loves Octavia.

Vinyl Scratch doesn't care who knows.

But Vinyl Scratch should have cared more about who knew her secrets...

Now with a reading by FanOfMostEverything!

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Not even twice.

Author Interviewer

Twice times a dozen for never, anon.

100/10 would romance again. - NGI.

So much better than any University Days out there, man.

∞/∞ instant favorite would read again

If I ever do a reading, it will have to be this story.

Gotta love it when this has a better story than post of these ficships.

I'm glad my theory of the terrible grammar was because pony is hard to speak for Changlings?

I don't think a single story has moved me to tears quite like this one. 5/7 it's perfect.

Author Interviewer

I want to see you try :3


Came for the lolrandom speak; got something better.


Yago grift du advise, Vinyl:

Wen yu fre fal, fynd iff heven waitz, natooraltissimississippimentay.

Help. I can't even but I guess it just did.

"jus wan b frii 2 lov"
:fluttercry: turned out way more serious than expected, oh my...

That was hard, not being too familiar with the pronunciation seems to be a great handicap here. But it is a great story, well worth the time investment.:pinkiehappy:

Expected April Fools randomness, had heart twisted around.

pls no.

Not sure if I should be proud or disturbed that I didn't have any difficulty reading this. It could just be experience trying to decipher my own typos.

I expected nothing less than a strangely decent story, though for a moment, I wondered if this was going to be a direct jab at how sum pepl rite poni wrdz.

This was painful to read.

Such powerful, forbidden love was too much for my heart.

Halp, I'm habbing a stroke.

Obvious troll is Obvious

Came for April fools, stayed for feels.

Ow... :fluttercry: I wasn't prepared for this.

When I first started reading this, I thought it was a troll story.

But then I kept reading.

I have to say, I was really impressed when I got to Vinyl's secret. It puts a very interesting twist to why Vynil never speaks in the show or the movies. The ending was also strong.

Something still bugged me, though. Why l33tsp34k? That is something I didn't get. How is Vynil telling the story? Through what medium? And to whom? (And that seems to change from the beginning to the end)

The choice of using numbers in words doesn't make sense and annoyed me. If this was written, then I would have no problem with the misspellings (and that they are different every other time). The twist reveal hints that Vinyl is illiterate, and I really like that. L33tsp34k isn't something ponies have (cuz, you know, no cell phones or Internet), so why would Vynil use/know it?

And you mentioned the story getting away from you, and it shows. The story starts off with Vinyl happily sharing news, but in the latter half, the story changes tone, and with it the person Vinyl is communicating with. The tone change was fine, but the sudden change of to whom and why Vinyl is telling her story isn't.

With a bit more polish, planning, and focus, this could have been a great one-shot. But as it is, it's good.

Have a thumb up. :raritywink:

Its not really 1337speak. Its more like she's spelling words how she says them. So "telephone" would become "telyfown", perhaps.

I get that the misspellings are intentional, but it's the usage of numbers within words that bugged me.

What have you done? :derpyderp2:

Such writing.

Much sentences.


Disliked for the spelling errors. I know they're on purpose, but I really don't like looking at them. They'd be fine if they're just captioning an image or something like that, but I can't stand it as a whole story.

I always knew you were secretly Tara Gilesbie.

Yeah, no. Not reading something that looks like that. I can see what you were trying to do, but I can't believe this got approved.

Actually pretty interesting, as well as funny. The mispellings, while intentional and fully justified, were sometimes still difficult to figure out.
Good job...
(sori, wuz thikn ov flangk)

(I dunno. I thought Vinyl's fixation on the booty was pretty funny. cud get lotst in buttt 4 weks XD)

At first I was wondering how the hell this got past moderation, then I remembered the new auto-approval system. For shame, Mr Perfect, for shame! :rainbowlaugh:

Author Interviewer

Once I started cleaning the text up, I actually tried to steer away from numbers in words (numbers as words being just fine), but I find it easy to believed I missed some. Or lots. :B

Author Interviewer

Thank goodness I was able to run this through Google translate!

As absurd as the writing (intentionally) is, this is actually a nice story. I really like how the godawful spelling is justified, and the twist at the end. Maybe this was just a throwaway April Fool's fic, but it manages to have heart despite that. Nice to see a story like this not moderated into oblivion.

wow she so pruty
graet hare
ton flankk
azz iz 2 muhc 4 mi handles
cud get lotst in buttt 4 weks
aslo gud peronsality
(das impprutant)

Ah, how far you've grown.

*sees story*

*takes migraine pills pre-emptively*

*gets massive headache anyways*

Despite the format making this such an eyesore that my eyes are literally sore, it's actually a good story. I never expected you to write Octascratch, and competent Octastratch at that!

Very original plot for it, too. At least, I don't believe I've yet come across an Octascratch story about Vinyl being a changeling.

she sai "hay Vinml wat u tink of mai moozik"
nd i nodd hed liek dis

an dem she unnerstamb menning

. . . :rainbowlaugh:

Well played, sir. Well played.

Let me know if you give up on this idea. If nobody else does, I might have to do it myself.


Author Interviewer

I have. :B It's apparently the only way I can tolerate the ship!

I all but wrote this around that joke, it's my favorite part. :V


At first I was a bit daunted by the intentional misspellings of literally everything and it forced me to slow down on reading. I was hooked, though, so I pushed through it.

I started to sound out the words in an effort to decipher them, adopting a Russian accent in the process. It made the reading of it slower, but holy crap was it fun. I was smiling all the way through :D Something about the format and the lightness of it was very endearing to me. Well, "lightness", because it did take a sad turn, but I smiled anyway just from the reading of it so I might be a sociopath >.>

So, despite being a complete butchering of everything English, this story was a very enjoyable experience :3

Author Interviewer

I want to hear this read with a Russian accent now. <.<

dafuq did i just read

healo im am Vinbyl Scrutch & dis muh storee bout hwow muhc loev Optavia :D

Best short description ever.

Author Interviewer

I have another story, The JaAm Cycles, which is, in some places, even less readable. Make of that what you will.

Why do you torment me so?

So Vinyl is secretly Temmie?


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