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Big Mac doesn’t say much. That’s just his way. However, when a routine medical exam reveals he’s going to lose his voice, he decides he’d better get his last round of speaking in while he still can. Saying a few last words to his friends (and asking out a certain schoolteacher) is all he planned on doing. If only he understood the full repercussions of opening his big mouth.

Featured on Equestria Daily!
Reading by DRWolf: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

The original version of the story took 12th place in The Writeoff Association's July contest, "A Matter of Perspective"

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Mac and Dash end up having drinks with a couple they meet in Manehattan. The couple makes some assumptions they shouldn't have about Dash, and she gets her feathers ruffled.

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"...The test ends when you open that door."

Princess Luna has begun searching for her own personal student, and her test has hit a small snag: Not a single unicorn, out of the dozens of applicants, has passed. In fact, every last candidate has failed the test in seconds.

But just what is the purpose of this test? And how can somepony pass it?

A young earth pony named Morning Glory is going to find out.

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Sequel to Let the Silence Sing!
Big Macintosh is dating Princess Celestia, and now all of Equestria knows thanks to a certain foal photographer. Dating a Princess is hard, thanks to her demanding schedule and his work at Sweet Apple Acres. The two rarely speak to one another during their get-togethers, but the silence sings between them.

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During pregnancy, one goes through a wide range of emotions due to the hormones going crazy in the body. Sometimes, these emotions might linger on one longer than others, and for Pinkie this is depression. What is her husband to do with his party mare being unable to go through a day without crying? Throw her the best party ever of course!

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Hearts and Hooves Day is a time to appreciate that special somepony that makes your life complete, or in the case of Rainbow Dash completely forget. Can she find a gift in time for Mac who had already surprised her with gifts or did he ruin it all? Join in Dash's race to find the perfect gift for her coltfriend, or has the damage already been done?

Thank you to Jake the Army Guy,jszellmer, and Crowquill Symphony for the edits.

Credit for picture goes to horsefan999

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This story is a sequel to Nyctophobia

Sequel to 'Nyctophobia'. You asked, I delivered.

Skeleton Grin's finally found the love she's wanted in her foalhood crush and longtime desire Soarin. It's been quite some time since they first met that fateful night in the gardens of Canterlot in light of the Grand Galloping Gala and the pair have not only been married, but have had three fillies.

In a tale of sorrow, abandonment and heart wrenching loss, Skeleton Grin tells her side of the story from start to finish, from where she grew up to how she got her impressive collection of scars that litter her body surprising not only her children, but her love Soarin as well. Will her daughters ever see their patient, ever gentle mother the same again? And will Soarin's perceptions of this mare that he loves so much change for the better or for worse?

Here begins the tale of the ghosts of Skeleton's Past.

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When Maud Pie officially endorses the latest party game to hit Equestria, Pinkie can't wait to share it with her friends.

For all the wrong reasons, it's a game they won't soon forget.

The trendsetter so controversial, 60% of FimFic's mods ruthlessly crushed the subsequent bandwagon!

Stuff said about CAE:
"I never knew I wanted this until now!" - Xomniac
"Despite your vileness, I can't stop laughing at this fic!" - Professor Tactitus
"Illuminati confirmed." - AlesFlamas
"So weird, I reviewed it twice!" - John Perry

Rated Teen, but brace yourselves for some rather 'near-the-knuckle' humour and strong-ish sexual references. Oh my.

Edited by Kolth

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The war has gone on for far too long. To end it, Celestia just has to sign the treaty.

Go read the comments. They're way more interesting than the story itself.

Now with an audio version
Now translated into Russian and with an audio version.

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Fuzzy, blurry patches of color. That's all I can see. I wouldn't even call it "seeing". It's quite sad to be honest. Being pretty much blind makes me feel so helpless sometimes. My parents must've thought I was pretty helpless too for them to leave me. I think everyone thinks I'm helpless to some extent. I was so sheltered during my life at the orphanage. I admit, it was nice being taken care of and knowing that I was safe. But I wanted to be more than that filly who would just stay in her room all day, waiting for something interesting to happen in her life. I wanted to take action and prove I was anything but helpless. That lead me to do something no one saw coming...

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