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During pregnancy, one goes through a wide range of emotions due to the hormones going crazy in the body. Sometimes, these emotions might linger on one longer than others, and for Pinkie this is depression. What is her husband to do with his party mare being unable to go through a day without crying? Throw her the best party ever of course!

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D'aww! Why isn't this ship more popular?! These two are adoracute together!

Awww, that was really sweet. :pinkiesmile: Really nice idea here, Cap. Don't see this ship around too often.

I think you would benefit from going back and having someone proofread this, though. Lots of little errors, but nothing wrong with the story itself. Have a fave!

5634260 Probably my fault. :twilightoops:

5634340 Because I'm the one with all the snack cakes.

That was so cute.

You know this fic sort of suggests AJ married her cousin?:rainbowlaugh:

Very cute and sweet.

5640838 How so? She is married to Soarin

5640847 In this fic, the guys you mention are Caramel, who you say is with Pinkie. Big Mac, who you say is with Dash. And Braeburn. Sine you mention AJ has a kid and don't mention the father, and the only guys you've stated are married to the respective females. That sort of leaves Brae as partnered with AJ. Since there's not other explanation of why he's back in Ponyville. In show canon (Which this seems somewhat close to) He's in Appleloosa.:rainbowlaugh:

5640980 Bwhahahaha! Oh god your right!

5640984 Mwahaha occam's razor confirms incest!:rainbowlaugh:

5641012 Now I feel like I have to go make that clear now. That there is no incest going on

5641096 lol, I think you're fine. I just think in odd ways. If you're really worried, just make a single sentence mentioning it.

How about we spread this idea!:pinkiesmile::heart::pinkiesmile::heart:

this was a pretty cute story here. why can't there be more stories of this ship.

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