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  • My One-shots 5 stories These are my one-shots, little things I get inspired to write randomly.
    Created by CptBrony
    - November, 2014
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Staff Sergeant Boulder was an effective soldier of the Royal Guard. He had defeated every enemy in front of him, proven his prowess, ability, and leadership countless times.
But everyone falls eventually.

Chapters (3)

They were the only ones who would help, with no training, tools, or methods. But they had the heart, the will, and the courage to do what needed to be done.
In his final hour, one man of many thinks about what his choices have led to and why he walked the path he did.

First attempt at a one-shot.

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In times of old and new and now, we seek stories of greatness and wow. But what of the lessons we gained from tales of old? Will they withstand the test of time, be worth as much as gold?
An old dragon, wise and long-lived, sits in his cave, way up high; with a treasure reaching as far as the open sky.
Who shall claim it, and when, and where? And will it prove to be a prize most fair?
Time waits not for the champion to come by, so the dragon wonders, will his hoard with him die?

Chapters (1)