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Glenda is Stygian's biggest fan in Griffonstone. (Not that there was much competition.)

Set a year or two after Twilight's Coronation and many years before the finale episode. Contains no S9 spoilers.

Note: M-rated sequel, "Beaks and Talons," available here.

Glenda is from the wonderful comic "The Convocation of the Creatures."

Winner of "Most well-written story" in the May Pairings Contest 2021.

Every single sentence this author wrote made the story come to life in a BIG way! I didn't once feel like I was reading a story. I felt like I was experiencing it, like I was right there, in the characters' shoes, feeling what they were feeling, seeing what they were seeing. It also helped me to get a better understanding of each character and love them on a deeper level. For example, let's take one paragraph from the story:
This kind of vivid imagery is found throughout the entire story, and the characters' voices help bring out their personality in meaningful ways that help you bond with them, to learn to love them beyond what the comics or cartoon give you. This was a no-brainer as the most well-written story in the contest.

Big thanks to Aragón for help with story structure, Wolfjack for trout en papillote, and  Steel Quill, Krack-Fic Kai, Sledge115, and Nitro Indigo for prereading.

Cover art via commission with Harwick. I love it and it is far better than I ever envisioned or deserved. 

Chapters (1)

Rarity agrees to go on a date with Trixie. It goes better and worse than you think.

Tagged with 'sex' for some rather raunchy comedy, but nothing explicit.

Story includes: A vending machine date, unconventional romance, polyamory, gremlin trans Trixie, and Flash Sentry mention. Enjoy!

Proofread and edited by Fidd and Jay!
Cover by the lovely Opossum_stuff!

Chapters (2)

An earth pony healer is given responsibility over an injured unicorn. All eyes are on them. Maybe even those of Windigos.

Written for the contest A Thousand Words.

Chapters (1)

In an alternate universe where Discord is ruler of Equestria as the only one powerful enough to raise the sun and moon, Big Mac, the Element of Kindness, and Daybreaker, an ex-tyrannical fiery overlady, have been friends for quite some time.

Big Mac knows how to read certain details about her. It keeps him in tune with her. That’s what friends do, right? And that’s what they are. Friends.


Created for the 2022 Crackships Contest.

If you’re interested in this old AU of mine, you can check out more details about it here, but doing or not doing so won’t affect much of the story.

The title kind of came from the AU’s ‘parody’ of Keep Calm and Flutter On called Be The Bigger Mac Pony.

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After a gruesome accident, Spitfire is left alone and blind. The severe nature of her injury lands her in the hospital, despite her wishes. All she wants is to leave the institution and go back to do her part in the war, but a new roommate with a grave injury of her own forces her to learn that, despite her recovering eyesight, there’s more to a pony than what she can see.

Written for Bicyclette’s Crackship Contest, started as an entry for the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Crackship Contest as well (and then like decupled in length into the current story.

Cover art: Yet another screenshot edit made by yours truly :P

Death and violence tags mostly for the very beginning of the story and some themes discussed throughout.

Chapters (8)

Sugar Moonlight isn't just a pretty muzzle. She was the lead designer for the Canterlogic Impermeable Psychobarricade Skullcap™ (or "anti-mind-reading helmet" to everypony but the marketing team.)

You would think that Sunny Starscout would want nothing to do with her after restoring magic and reuniting the tribes, especially for some important mission out in the middle of nowhere. But even Sugar's never been able to figure out Sunny, and she's been trying for most of her life.

An entry in Shrink Laureate's G5 Bingo Contest and Bicyclette's Sci-Fi Contest. Tied for third place in the former and winner of the Ivory Cedar Committee Award for G5 Is Cool I Guess in the latter. Bingo prompt deliberately omitted from this description to avoid spoilers.

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This story is a sequel to Lies We Tell Ourselves

A month after Applejack came out as transgender, she confides in her best friend and her family about her troubles. She finds it’s not good to keep it all inside, even if she doesn’t mean to. At least they’ve got her back.

Another entry to my Transverse AU. Recommend you start at the beginning.
This fic contains dysphoria, boob jokes, characters experiencing feelings of uncomfiness and supportive family!
Thanks to my wonderful friend RainbowDashSonicFast for pre-reading <3

Consider donating to Point of Pride (A charity for Trans People!)

Chapters (1)

King Sombra has been brought back to life once again—only this time, he doesn’t have his horn. Weak without it and withering away day by day, Sombra sets out for the Crystal Empire to find his missing piece, chaperoned by the downtrodden and endlessly kind Troubleshoes Clyde.

They’d better hurry. Twilight Sparkle has caught wind of Sombra’s return, and she’s getting awfully tired of destroying him.

Winner of the M/M Shipping Contest.
Cover Art by aquoquoo.

Chapters (6)

Twilight and Applejack are engaged! For two mares who care so much for family and friendship, though, their families are hardly integrated. As their wedding approaches, they set out to change that-- by gently coaxing their older brothers into an unlikely friendship.

This story was written for the 2021 Pride and Positivity Event! I promised a friend a while back that I'd do some more mlm content, since this site is a little short on it, so here it is ;) In the spirit of the event, this story is all about warmth and love. Also in the spirit of this event, please considering donating to the following charities:

This fic was initially written as part of a Quills and Sofas pride speedwrite, where it placed second! The prompts were "G is for Gay" and "pining". Thanks to Atom Smash, Aurora Dawn, Bicyclette, themoontonite, Undome Tinwe, The Red Parade, Vis-a-Viscera, and wishcometrue for their feedback during the contest! Extra special double thanks to Red, who helped get this ready for publication with his excellent editing skills. U da man, man

Not quite sure when this will update next - I wanted to be sure to get it out before the event closed, so I haven't quite finished the next chapter yet. There's a projected four chapters total :)

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The relationship between Celestia and Hydia, the Queen of the Lamias, goes back quite a ways: Hydia was the first of Equestria's enemies that Celestia consigned to Tartarus instead of killing, after all.

But as the centuries roll on, their relationship changes somewhat.

This was going to be my entry in the 193rd Writeoff competition, "How the Mighty Have Fallen," but I didn't get it finished before the deadline. Then along came the My Little Pony Renaissance Contest with its theme of "Change," and, well, here we are!

Chapters (1)