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The rich bicker, and the poor suffer.
Celestia, a filly of twelve, is forced to take care of her sister Luna as the world dies around them, as the winter grows colder and the food grows scarce.
And when offered a deal -when tempted with salvation- can she really say no? Or will the cost be too great?
Sanctioned and heavily ispired by Rune Soldier Dan's To Try For the Sun
No, not just inspired, this is a direct spinoff (a rip-off, some might call it) of Dan's, so I have deliberately written this so that you have to read that first to fully experience this. 

Without further ado. 

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The spell was lifted, her friends had been sent home, and her student had learned her lesson. 

In theory, everything should be fine. At least, that’s what Twilight kept telling herself. The Fiducia Compelus episode was nothing more than a mistake, and once apologies were handed out tomorrow, everypony would be able to put it behind them. Everything was absolutely fine

Why, then, were there sobs coming from Starlight’s room?

Featured: 04/26/2024 - 04/29/2024
Behind-the-page: Relapse
Proofread and edited by: JinxJTL

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Rarity has a problem, one that she doesn't want to talk about with anyone else. However, since she still needs to talk about it with someone before she goes crazy, Sunset comes up with an... unusual solution.

Part of the Oversaturated World and heavily inspired by Norm De Plume's As Horns and Halos Surround You.

Cover source is WhiteDiamonds, will remove if needed.

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This story is a sequel to Multifaceted

Falling in love with someone is a package deal. Yes, you get your significant other, but for good and for ill, you also get their family. Normally, that's all upside for Applejack. For all her aunts, uncles, and cousins, she still doesn't have as much family as she wishes.

But Rarity is extraordinary in so many ways, and so are her relatives. Especially her father. And now AJ has to worry about setting off a truly extraordinary family feud.

After all, "It's just a game" doesn't work on a man with an Ultra Bowl ring.

Part of the Oversaturated World, with little to no familiarity required for this story. Rated T for stronger language and substances than the pastel humanoids could get away with on camera.

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When the Pie family visits Maud for the holidays, their holiday plans are interrupted by a panicking Starlight Glimmer who finds her friends meant to put on the yearly Heart's Carol performance for the School of Friendship.

With only Pinkie spared, Starlight needs five new actors. Pinkie happens to have five family members visiting. It's perfect!...hopefully.

Written for TCC56 for Jinglemas 2021

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Between magical abilities, battling evil, high school studies, and band practice, the Rainbooms rarely have time for simple fun. Pinkie proposes an idea: each girl hosts a sleepover every Friday night, this week being Sunset’s turn.

Then, they realize something. None of the girls have actually seen Sunset’s home before, and Sunset herself has never hosted a party.

She can only hope this goes well.

Reviews: Light Heart101, SwordTune and Ninjadeadbeard
Audio Reading: LonelyFanboy48

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This story is a sequel to Promises Frozen in Time

Celestia wakes up in the dark.

The first poem previously appeared as a chapter of Missing Pages & Scrawled Footnotes. This story is a stand-alone connection and the prequel is not required reading. Contribute to the TVTropes page!

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"What do you want, Discord?"

The question is so simple.

So why can't he answer it?

another ennui story to sit forgotten in the servers somewhere

Proofread by alafoel

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In her short life, Diamond Tiara has accomplished so much. And today, she has achieved her goal of becoming mayor. Sheʼs elated, of course, but what does that mean for her future?

In her long life, Mayor Mare has accomplished so much. It is time to step aside and spend her days in peaceful retirement. Sheʼs elated, of course, but how does one leave behind the past when itʼs defined you for so long?

The past and the future meet in the middle and together, come to an understanding about the present.

Featured: 05/31/2023 - 06/01/2023
Written for: The May 2023 Pairings Contest
Chinese translation by: Beholder123

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A shared connection saw them brought together. By accident, by no intention of their own, but lives crossed paths all the same.

It took so long for them to even say hello. Continuous conversation grew slowly, and a real relationship required sorrow as soil. Growth came as time went by.
But now it's good- perhaps even better than good; a little sweetness within each word.
Maybe, if given a little nudge, it could be something new.

My 2024 Valentine's Day special. Enjoy!

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