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Kwik Witte is a new pony to ponyville. He is moved there from Manehattan to get away from his family after answering an ad in the Ponyville newspaper about renting a room in a house with two other people already living there. He plans to find work to pay for hi rent, but he also has no idea what he might do for money. He hopes for the best and sets out to start his life on his own.

A/N Hey guys I am going to be using this as practice for comedic writing in order to make sure I am practiced when Antisocial Industries releases our first big fiction, Absence of Logic. So this story is arbitrary. Critique welcomed, but don't expect anything serious or dedicated. Check out our page for information about us.

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When the sun rises...does the nightmare end?

"I still have the book."
It has been one month since the death of Pinkamina, yet her presence is still felt everywhere. The elements are all but gone, Applejack is all that remains. The element of honesty is haunted by that day...only thinking of the one she left behind. When the sun rises, it covers all. Those who get close will burn. But what happens when somepony challenges the light? Dominion over death is a powerful thing...

(The sequel to "The End of a Nightmare (A Grimdark Finale). Prior reading is encouraged, but not required)

(Cover art by Sketchygrl)

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It has been rougly one year since the 'Cupcakes' incident, everyone has suffered as a result. Nothing can ever be the same, ponies live in fear, wondering when it will all be over. But in the darkness, there is a spark, desperately trying to stay lit, a glimmer of hope. Amongst the darkness can there be light again? Can the fallen be redeemed? Sometimes the will of a single pony can bring a spark that ignites a fire, burning in the hearts of others. But is the fire strong enough to overcome the darkness that rests in the heart of Twilight's once close friend?

(inspired by Ask Pinkamina, Ask Paranoid Twilight, and Ask Lil Miss Rarity Blogs of Tumblr, As well as the Fanfiction "Cupcakes" by Seargant Sprinkles.)

*Cover art by Stalin The Stallion on Deviantart*

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Ever noticed how almost nopony knows how to properly discern between tracks and favorites?

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Holy shit this is meta.....so very meta....


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This tale chronicles the thoughts of a single brony trying to face reality as he attempts to write his own story, only to realize the story he's writing is about himself.

Warning: Not for the faint of heart.

Note: An extended series featuring Tyro and his new life splits off after Chapter 4. Check out Tyro's Tail for the continued story of Tyro in Equestria.

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In a freak accident from the Cloudsdale weather control team, Twilight is struck down by an errant lightning bolt. But the veil of death is relatively thin...

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how far would you go for love or recognition? How much perseverance would you have after becoming an orphan? would life really be worth living? It's been only 4 months since scootaloo went into foster care. She has suffered alot emotionally but she doesn't pay any mind to at as she just wants her idol, rainbow dash, to notice her and be proud of her. Well her chance comes during the summer when she asks rainbow dash if she could become her flying apprentice. What scootaloo doesnt know, is her training methods. She is forced by rainbow dash to give 110% everyday all day. On top of that she has an abusive foster mother to deal with when she gets home. Can scootaloo survive the torment? Or will she collapse and give up and risk losing recognition from the one she admires most and continue living her life in a sad, lonely, depressive and pitiful state?

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Beginning in a psychiatric facility, the pink earth pony falls victim to faulty doctoring and her mental health deteriorates. This story is based on "Cupcakes," only in this universe, it never happened. It was all in Pinkie's mind. Now she's back in reality and her friends try desperately to help her recover. However, through this, her relationships with the rest of the mane six are altered for good. Now she must rediscover who she is and who her friends really are.

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