• Published 11th Mar 2012
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Pinkamina After Cupcakes - SketchyGrl

Pinkie Pie has snapped. Now she must rediscover who she is.

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What's Wrong With Me?

The sky was beginning to darken by the time Pinkie Pie had galloped up the hill. She sat sadly, plopping her flank down on the green, itchy grass, overlooking all of Ponyville. Everything was the way she remembered- all her friends, properly characterized (besides their absurd obsession with trying to make Pinkie Pie happy). She was happy. It was in her hair! It was in her bouncy step! She was very obviously herself. Or… was she?

The earth pony gazed at the sky as small dots of light began to appear before her in the sky. Her eyes were filled with wonder at the sight of all the stars before her. How far away were they? Were they really up there, or were they just fireflies that were stuck up in that blue-black of the night sky? The sun was almost completely hidden, now. All that remained of the dying light was a pinkish glow beneath the darkening expanse of sky. “What happened to me?” she wondered aloud, looking down at her hooves. She assumed everything would just have gone back to normal, now that she was in Ponyville with her friends. What had happened to make her doubt her life? To doubt reality to begin with?

“A lot.” The voice came from just above her, in the tree she had been sitting under. It was Rainbow Dash. The Pegasus flew out of the leaves and landed beside Pinkie Pie, her crimson eyes glittering in the fading light.

“Dash? I don’t even remember what happened before Fluttershy hurled herself at me…. Am I crazy?”

“Heh,” the Pegasus shook her rainbow mane, unsure of how to answer the question in an appropriate manner. “Well, I mean, you’re normally crazy, which is good, but this time…. You got kinda… way bonkers. I mean, I should probably start at the beginning…. Do you remember the party you threw for Gummy? And then you wanted to have a party the next day, and all your friends rejected you?”

“Um… yeah, I think I do. I kidnapped Spike to try and get something out of him, but all he did was tell me what I wanted to hear, which was….” Your friends don’t like your parties. They don’t want to be your friends anymore. Pinkie’s eyes widened at the sound in her mind and she gasped aloud. That wasn’t Dash’s voice. It wasn’t even her own voice, or Spike’s.

Dash looked concerned, but decided it would be best to finish telling her friend what had occurred that day. “Pinkie, after that, I came in to get you. You were talking to inanimate objects, giving them names and other weird stuff. The point is, I tried to get you out of there, and you kinda sat on my head.”

Pinkie giggled. Dash growled briefly and continued her tale.

“Afterward, I finally got you out the door and plopped you down into the middle of a surprise party we threw for your birthday. Only… you didn’t cheer up. You just turned around and walked away. It was so bizarre….

“After that day, you kept yourself locked up in Sugarcube Corner for weeks! The Cakes were really worried. They said you were doing strange things down there, in the basement…. The one that disturbed us the most…. You had… things down there, food, mostly, that you thought were parts of ponies…. A carrot was a unicorn’s horn… And you….” Dash looked away, cautiously approaching the subject.

Pinkie was already looking anxious, hearing what she had done when she couldn’t remember it herself. “What did I do, Dash?” She asked with morbid curiosity, her heart pounding loudly in her chest, blood pulsing in her head. “Tell me what I did.” You know what you did. The pony tried to ignore the voice. Don’t you remember?

“You… strapped down a cake… a cake shaped like…. Pinkie, I don’t think I can tell you. It’s starting to make me feel sick inside. Only, I know it wasn’t you! I mean, it was, but you weren’t yourself.”

“It’ll be better if you just tell me, and tell me quickly.” Pinkie was bracing herself, shutting her eyes against the darkened world, letting her imagination take over as Rainbow Dash began to divulge the most gruesome part of the tale.

“It was a cake shaped like me. You had strapped it down on a table in the basement. You bragged to the cake about a coat you had made with skins of ponies and a necklace of unicorn horns. You said you needed me to help with a special ingredient in your cupcakes. Then… you started… cutting the cake. The Rainbow Dash cake.”

“Oh, Celestia….” Pinkie’s voice began to shake and her eyes were now open wide, pupils miniaturized with fear. She could see the dank basement in her mind’s eye. Rainbow Dash strapped to the table, all the knives and scalpels and other surgeon’s tools laid out on a bloody bench. She could imagine the skins of the ponies she had supposedly killed; the necklace of horns- a trophy of her defeat of those whose friendship had waned with her. Dash’s voice began to fade into the background as Pinkie’s memories returned- her twisted memory. All the cries from Dash as her cutie mark was peeled off of her flank like a fruit; as her wings were cleaved off, the Pegasus still alive. The scalpel in her hand as she sliced open her friend’s torso, removing each organ one by one, making sure Rainbow Dash would stay alive until the very last organ was removed- the heart.

The pink earth pony vomited all over the grass. Rainbow Dash finished her story and looked at Pinkie Pie with concern. “Pinkie? Pinkie Pie?”

Yes… Now we remember, don’t we? Pinkie Pie could barely hold herself up-right, her legs shaking under her. “Get away from me….” Was she talking to the voice? To Dash? Or maybe she was just talking to herself… Now we remember, and we don’t want to forget…. Do we, Pinkamina?

“Pinkie, your mane- ” Rainbow Dash was shocked to see that her friend’s bouncy mane had once again deflated.

“I’m not Pinkie….” The pony said, her face contorting into a gruesome smirk, eyes crazed once more. “My name is Pinkamina.”