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My name is Sketch. I am everywhere.... Please enjoy my stories.


Beginning in a psychiatric facility, the pink earth pony falls victim to faulty doctoring and her mental health deteriorates. This story is based on "Cupcakes," only in this universe, it never happened. It was all in Pinkie's mind. Now she's back in reality and her friends try desperately to help her recover. However, through this, her relationships with the rest of the mane six are altered for good. Now she must rediscover who she is and who her friends really are.

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It's Pinkamena. :pinkiecrazy: I'm about to read it now.

It's a bit too fast paced. This is simplistic insanity. It seems like it has potential. I shall track. Time for me to go to bed now, though.

Tracking. I find it rather interesting, my friend.

Good job.:twilightsmile:

311290 Yay, I'm your friend! :pinkiehappy: Thanks for tracking!

311285 Yeah, I tend to write things that way.... Thanks for the feedback, GuyFace. I'll work on it. :twilightsheepish:

Hmm, her reaction seems a tad off. Sure, she seems to not be dealing with the voices right now, due I'm guessing to her being snapped back into... well, one form of reality or another, but she should be a bit more worried about that, even if its in the back of her mind at this point. Unless I'm missing something, she should be fully aware, even in poofy and carefree mode, that something is horribly wrong with her mind, even if she thinks it was all just a dream.

313786 That, my dear reader, and other questions will at least be addressed in the next chapter! :ajsmug:

This chapter is a little sketchy (no pun intended, only kinda, yeah, actually). I literally didn't know what was going to happen until i wrote it. Let's hope this doesn't end badly for Rainbow Dash....

Oh snap. You managed to surprise me a bit actually, so major props for that. I assumed that the second everyone was alive and not particularly perturbed about the whole indecent, that she'd just snapped for a short period of fetal position and random babbling. That the events actually played out, but with props... :derpyderp2: Excellently done. The rest followed prediction. Just remember though, Rainbow dash is capable of breaking mach 1 with minimal effort. If she wants to escape, and she isn't surprised immediately, it won't be much of a problem. I only mention it because people sometimes forget that she's faster than lightning when she wants to be, and have her sitting around for a few seconds after things go horribly awry when she could have exploded out of there.

As a disclaimer: This story is completely raw. All I do is take what's in my head and type it up as fast as I can. I thought y'all should know. I may or may not edit or revise it. We'll see.

O_O I'm wonderfully and horrifyingly surprised.There are three ways I can see this going from here, but if you manage to best me yet again, I'll have to give up on trying to guess the future of this :D Excellent chapter :pinkiecrazy:

Excellent, excellent! Here, have a poem! It's about insanity.

I am trapped in a fantasy,
No escape to reality.
I am, undoubtedly,
loosing my sanity.
You cannot help me,
was it meant to be?
For insanity,
Is the only way
your mind can be free,
To exert every possibility.

319534 Why, thank you for the loverly poem, BloodPool! I'm glad you enjoy the insanity. :pinkiecrazy:

319511 Sweet! I'm so happy! You should check out my DA account in a few moments- I have a new Pinkamina picture I'm thinking of using for the cover, but it might be too revealing for new readers... You be the judge. :pinkiehappy:

This is taking a turn for the better. I was not sure of this story for the first two chapters... Then 3, 4, and 5 cam around and wow.... If you kill the duo, I will be sad. But if you don't induce drama, I will be mad. If both survive I might be glad. If one perishes... This story... Will be had. (As in, t'would be exicting.) :yay:

Hey sketchy it's me, nikoisbaws25. You told me to read your fic and truth be told I was a bit hesitant at first but it appears you know what types of fics I like :) so let's begin with chap 1. *turns on creepy music*

Hmmm can't see too much were you're going with this but we'll see. I give you props on your editing though at least it's readable

Oooooooh things are getting interesting :pinkiecrazy:

I have read only 1 chapter (The first, of course) and I can honestly say that I am in love with this story. It is really good, but in the first chapter, whenever pinkimena was walking down the hall and the doctors kept saying “Pinkamina….”
“All right, Dia-“
“Pinkamina. Pinkamina Diane Pie. Pinkamina.”, it was kind of hard to understand. But, nevertheless, this is a really good, well thought out story.


:pinkiegasp: I-ah-eh THAT WAS AWESHOME!!!!!111111111 you have a like from me. Very nice job sketchy. DIdnt know you were a writer, this is a very nice surprise I always LOVE a good cupcakes related story. Keep it up.

Your friend

Rainbow warrior, nikoisbaws25, james lopez :P

320397 Haha! Really?! Most people don't like the first chapter. :twilightblush: Well, at the part you're talking about, Pinkie's trying to convince the nurse her name is Pinkamina, not Diane, and the nurse is refusing to call her by anything other than "Diane."

320387 Yippee! I like confusing and exciting people! ^_^ :pinkiehappy:

hey btw. Im in the process of (maybe and this is a BIG maybe) of making a dramatic reading of my fic. Alot of people liked and they are wanting more. But the thing is Idk what to give them. Im working on a sequel but I want to put together a cast for a dramatic reading. And it just so happens that scootaloo is the main character, anyway I would be honored if you played the voice of scootaloo. If you could look at it, tell me what you think, and if you want to. I know a few more people who would gladly play the other characters. But the main thing is this is heavily revolved around scootaloo. If you do choose to. I'll post it after I finish stalkerloo.

320565 I will definitely look over the story. And if I deem it worthy, I would happily read for Scootaloo. :) What's it called? Or is it your only story on here?

321390 It's called "when heroes arent there to save you" it should be on my page

Shits bout to get real. What would be cool if suddenly PLOT TWIST Pinkie's fighting some demon in her mind....

OMFG THIS IS AMAZING!!!! When is the next chapter expected?!

323945 Naaaaaw, I don't think that's a great idea.... *shifty eyes* :derpytongue2: mwahahaha..... :pinkiecrazy: Next chapter? Well, well, we'll have to see, now, won't we? :ajsmug:

I know now what it truly means to suffer. THERE IS NOT AN ENDING YET!

I find listening to metal fits this scene, at least in my mind. Anyway, MOAR!

335366 Haha, hold your horses! I'm working on it! Do you want it to be good? Yes? Then patience, please. :ajsmug:

I know these things take time. I am just giving my support my showing my insatiable need for a good blood fic.:pinkiecrazy:

Be sure to read the epilogue after this, please!!!:pinkiehappy:

Wow. Tragic. I... think it could've been done better but... okay.

370301 Really? You wanna write it? Go ahead.

Actually, no, don't. But seriously. It was a burst of raw inspiration, it's just a fanfic, and I'm not revising/editing it. What do YOU think I should have done?

You've got a few spacing issues in the epilogue.
I saw where you were going with it, but it was a good ending :)
You really captured the crazy conversation perfectly, though I'm sad we didn't get to see a "Diane" personality during it arguing.

370647 Yeah, I wanted people to forget about Diane, because Pinkie and Pinkamina were so overpowering until the stabbing. Ha, yeah, I fixed the spacing issue. And thank you for elaborating. Glad you enjoyed it. :pinkiecrazy:

Maybe make the line she says about stopping it from happening again be more obviously not pinkie or pikamina? "Her hair deflated and eyes focused sharply at the knife"
Oh, read Silent Ponyville the other day. I highly recommend it for more cupcakes pinkie fun :D

370691 Thanks. Also, in that line, I think I could change it from Pinkie Pie to "she" since that's how I refer to Diane all the time. The hair is unimportant by this point. Pinkamina and Diane both have deflated hair, and her hair never changes throughout her exchange with herself. That would be too ridiculous. :P But thanks for the suggestion.

370610 Hey, hey... calm down. I said that the ENDING was spontaneous. Everything else was fine. I would've just smoothed things out more. Give more detail 'er something. :scootangel:

Hmm, you're right about the hair, that would be ridiculous. Then again, it is Pinkie we're talking about... mostly :P
"She" would be a good move, yes. Just needs something to bring that one out. If I weren't reading carefully, I would have missed that line, and a big part of the point of the story along with it. In terms of fridge brilliance, it works perfectly as is, but not everyone picks up on fridge brilliance.

370727 Heh, yeah....

Um... what's "fridge brilliance?"

370726 ... Sorry, I'm not in a great mood.... Yeah, the ending was really hard because everything I wanted to happen happened, but I couldn't really make it smooth, like you said. I need to work on my beginnings and endings.

I've now doomed you to a day of tvtropes. I take this burden upon myself :pinkiecrazy:

(Replace dislike with it not making full sense)

For the reason it's called Fridge :)

370749 You okay? You can tell me. Uncle Guy will fix everything. :pinkiehappy:

370762 Thanks, but it's just personal stuff.

I actually found this very good. The only thing it was lacking was a bit in the detail department, but I liked it all the same.

370933 Okay, well that's fine. Just some advice, what's done is done. Whether good or bad, you can't change it. Just accept it as part of the great journey that we all call "Life". :pinkiesmile:

371518 The epilogue lacks detail, but Chapter 7, I feel, had sufficient detail.


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