• Published 11th Mar 2012
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Pinkamina After Cupcakes - SketchyGrl

Pinkie Pie has snapped. Now she must rediscover who she is.

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Having a Breakdown

The ponies gathered together behind the one-way glass, hoping Pinkie Pie would be all right. She sat inside the white room, staring at her hoof, long, straight mane falling over her eye. Rainbow Dash was watching helplessly. Fluttershy and Twilight, the only other ponies present, spoke in hushed tones to each other.

“How is she doing, Twilight?” The yellow Pegasus asked worriedly, one hoof over her heart.

“Not well….” The purple unicorn replied, glancing sideways at the glass. It was hard to look at. Pinkie Pie just sat there, staring at her hoof in confusion.

Frustrated by the situation and unable to think while the other ponies were talking, Rainbow Dash lashed out, slamming her hooves against the solid glass. “Dammit! I knew we shouldn’t have trusted those… those quacks!”

Pinkie Pie had heard Dash’s attack on the glass and looked up. “Doc?” she asked aloud. “I think I’m having a breakdown….”

Outside the room, Rainbow continued her rant, turning to her companions and gesturing deliberately behind her with one hoof. “Look at what they did to her! She doesn’t even know who she is!” The pegasus lowered her head, letting her mane cover her tearful eyes.

Fluttershy suggested somepony talk to her. Twilight galloped outside, returning a few moments later with something in her hand. Gingerly, the unicorn stepped toward Rainbow Dash. The Pegasus sniffed as a single tear rolled down her cheek. She was out of ideas and she couldn’t continue to watch her friend suffer.

“Here,” Twilight held out her hoof to Dash, “take this to her.” The Pegasus turned her gaze to the pastry Twilight was holding. Taking a deep breath, Dash took the cupcake and walked into the room.

A cold breeze washed over Pinkie Pie as the door behind her opened and shut. Her ears wiggled slightly at the soft footfalls of Rainbow Dash. The voices were coming back to her. It’s her. Remember how you killed her? How you made her into cupcakes? She deserved it. She deserved all of it. Rip her apart, like you did before. Pinkie’s eyes were dark, and her mouth twitched at the edges.

“Um, Pinkie?” Rainbow Dash finally spoke up, hesitant to approach the unstable Earth Pony. “I brought you something.”

That triggered memories. Memories… of Rainbow’s organs being removed from her body. Pinkie began to smile at the memories. She could see the Pegasus crying in pain as her wings were removed. “Did you come to make cupcakes, Dash?” She hadn’t turned around yet.

“Heh, um, funny story about that,” Rainbow giggled nervously and looked down at the frosted pastry in her hoof.

Pinkie whipped around to face the Pegasus, eyes small and grin wide. “You know what happens when you make cupcakes?!”

Outside the sound-proof room, Fluttershy and Twilight watched as Pinkie flashed that devious grin at Rainbow. “Look,” the yellow Pegasus said optimistically, “she’s smiling!”

“That doesn’t look like a good smile,” Twilight walked cautiously closer to the glass, worried for what would happen next.

Suddenly, the earth pony’s hooves came down on Rainbow Dash. The cupcake went flying. Dash tried desperately to get away, spreading her wings to try and wriggle free. Pinkie had her forelegs firmly holding the feathered appendages down. Her wicked grin was inches from the pegasus’ frightened face.

“Pinkie, stop!” Rainbow Dash’s gaze on her captor darted from one crazed eye to the other. “What are you-?”

“I killed you once,” The pink pony giggled, raising a hoof over Dash’s head, “I can do it again!”

“STOP!” The cry startled Pinkie just long enough for a yellow ball of fury to slam her away from Rainbow Dash. Pinkie Pie lie still, curled into a ball, her eyes tight in pain. The voice of the furious attacker spoke again, “You do not. Hurt. My. Friends!” Pinkie dared to open one blue eye to look at the sweet face of Fluttershy hovering above her; pink mane falling gracefully around her head like a halo. With a sniffle, she finished her tirade, “Y-you got that?” Her eyes began to well with tears. Pinkie Pie’s followed suit.

“Fluttershy?” Her voice wavered, breathless in disbelief and sudden recognition. “I…” she buried her face into her own forelegs, trying to hide from the truth. “I’m sorry!” She sniffed as the tears began to fall ceaselessly. “I’m so sorry….”