Pinkamina After Cupcakes

by SketchyGrl

To the Rescue!

“Pinkamina?” The voice came from the door. The nurse was back, with food.
“Diane,” she said, not bothering to turn around to face the woman. She could feel the nurse relax slightly. The tray of food softly fell onto the floor, where the nurse usually placed it.
“Your dinner is ready, Miss Diane.” She could hear the smile in her voice. They had done it. They had broken her. It had taken too long- over a month!- but she finally knew who she was and her “delusions” of ponies was far away from her mind, now.
“Thank you, Nurse Redheart.” The door closed with a clang. Suddenly, a new voice entered her head. It was a voice she hadn’t heard in what seemed like centuries. It wasn’t a voice that usually came to her when cupcakes danced in her mind. It was that of an old friend- an old, imaginary friend.
“Pinkiepie….” Her eyes widened at the voice of Twilight Sparkle. She ignored it and looked down at her crossed legs, thinking hard about the impossibility of this. She had it together. She knew who she was.
Twilight wasn’t real. Neither was…
“Pinkie Pie?” Rainbow Dash. The cupcake…. No, not a cupcake. This was the real- no, the original imaginary pony she had made dear friends with.
“My name is Diane,” she reminded herself. “You’re not real.” It was like the ponies were right there, behind her.
“Not real?” Rainbow Dash crossed her hooves as she hovered above the floor, looking to the purple unicorn that stood sadly behind the pink-haired girl. “What the hell is she talking about?”
“Oh, Pinkie….” Twilight Sparkle wasn’t very concerned with the blue Pegasus at the moment. “What have they done to you?”
“Ponies don’t talk, unicorns and pegasi don’t exist. If you talk and you’re not human, you’re not real.”
Rainbow Dash was extremely perturbed. “Why doesn’t she think we exist?! Listen, Pink-“
“Dash, don’t,” Twilight’s purple gaze was still on her. She didn’t turn to face the Pegasus, “I think I know what’s going on. I have a plan, just go and watch for the doctor, please?” Rainbow grumbled, but flew over to the metal door, peering with crimson eyes through the small slot on the door into the hallway.
“Diane….” Her eyes began to shine, as though the dimness of reality was leaving her. She turned for the first time to face the unicorn. However, she was facing another woman, about her own age, with purple eyes and hair sculpted perfectly around her face- bangs and layered, straight locks. She was familiar. “Hey. Remember me?” she smiled at her, speaking softly and placing one five-fingered hand onto her shoulder, which was still covered by the atrocious hospital gown they had placed her in the first day of her commitment.
“Twilight?” she asked, confused at her appearance and hesitant to believe in her existence.
“Yeah. Listen, Pin- Diane. We’re going to take you home now, OK?” Twilight tried to look as sympathetic as possible. She hoped Rainbow’s Pegasus form wouldn’t deter the pink-haired girl from trusting Twilight. However, that wasn’t an issue as her attention was solely focused on Twilight’s human eyes. It was lucky- no, not luck. It was a blessing that Twilight’s magic had worked so perfectly to fool the poor girl into thinking she was human.
She was pleasantly surprised by this news. She would be leaving this dank place? It must mean something good. “Am I cured?”
Twilight bit her lip and looked a little less confident. “That’s hard to explain. You see-“
Just then, the rainbow-maned Pegasus gasped and turned with a flutter of wings toward the two humans. “They’re coming!”
Twilight swore, grabbed her firmly by the arms and turned swiftly toward Rainbow Dash. “There’s no time! Hold onto me; we’re winking out!” She stared in disbelief and shock at the horn that had appeared atop the human Twilight’s head. It began to glow. What was more, a blue Pegasus with rainbow mane and tail was zooming toward them.
“Aye, aye, Cap’n!” it said. And with that, the world disappeared in a blink- or wink, rather, as Twilight magicked them out of the cell. When she opened her eyes again, there were ponies everywhere.