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Kwik Witte is a new pony to ponyville. He is moved there from Manehattan to get away from his family after answering an ad in the Ponyville newspaper about renting a room in a house with two other people already living there. He plans to find work to pay for hi rent, but he also has no idea what he might do for money. He hopes for the best and sets out to start his life on his own.

A/N Hey guys I am going to be using this as practice for comedic writing in order to make sure I am practiced when Antisocial Industries releases our first big fiction, Absence of Logic. So this story is arbitrary. Critique welcomed, but don't expect anything serious or dedicated. Check out our page for information about us.

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Oh, gosh. Flanks? Mouth sex? Lesbians??? I didn't know you were one of THOSE Bronies, N :derpytongue2: Ha, it's really good, I'm intrigued. Very well done with getting the characters right. :pinkiehappy: I hope to read more!

Awesome. More chapters coming soon! I am slightly preoccupied with AoL, but I will be giving this one some time over the weekend! :moustache:

Not the best chapter, but still intrigued. :) So... why did Kwik come to Ponyville in the first place if he doesn't even have a job yet?

Reasons. How should I know?

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