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If will is a driving force, what happens to will when you have lost everything?


When the sun rises...does the nightmare end?

"I still have the book."
It has been one month since the death of Pinkamina, yet her presence is still felt everywhere. The elements are all but gone, Applejack is all that remains. The element of honesty is haunted by that day...only thinking of the one she left behind. When the sun rises, it covers all. Those who get close will burn. But what happens when somepony challenges the light? Dominion over death is a powerful thing...

(The sequel to "The End of a Nightmare (A Grimdark Finale). Prior reading is encouraged, but not required)

(Cover art by Sketchygrl)

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Whoa.. from what I can tell Grimdark I think this will be quite interesting

this fandom confuses me sometimes i keep forgetting pinkamena and pinkie are two different ponies:facehoof: sorry i am a pinkie fanboy i hate seeing her getting this kind of treatment i hope you understand:scootangel:

1274446 Everyone's got their opinion, I won't judge :pinkiesmile:
Just try to seperate the two and you should be alright :raritywink:

OOOOH! DUDE! I forgot how good a writer you were! Amazing! I know what's going on! I remember! Oh, man, this is so cool! ^_^ Thanks for using my picture. :) No wonder it's getting more views on dA, now :P Oh my gosh, I must read more!!!!

Author Interviewer

I listened to JamesIsTheBrony read this on YouTube and so help me, I liked it. Maybe it's just because you're teasing my nostalgia for Ask PDP, but I really got into this. The implications of Scoot's actions are tantalizingly horrifying already. I definitely want to know what happens next.

Cliffhangers are excellent for holding our attention, however this one is rather short.

Sexy serial killing time is over shame maybe AJ will turn into a sexy serial killer or maybe just a drunk just like in ask CRapplejack. Speaking of CRapplejack that blog hasn't been updated in a long time much like this fanfic.

hope you finish this, It kept me glued to my screen.

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