Pinkamina After Cupcakes

by SketchyGrl

For Residential Evils

“My name is Pinkamina. Not Pinkie.” The pink earth pony looked with crazed fury at the cerulean Pegasus, her small, blue eyes glinting deviously in the starlight. Rainbow Dash leapt into the sky, looking down on her friend from only a few feet above her- a safe distance.
“Pinkie, you’re really scaring me, now.”
“Silly Rainbow Dash,” the pink mare smiled darkly up at her companion, “Didn’t I make it clear to you? I’m Pinkamina, not Pinkie. Pinkie isn’t here anymore.”
The pegasus’ heart beat rapidly, her breath becoming more staccato with her increasing anxiety. “What did you do to her?!”
The earth pony cocked her head to the side, confused by Dash’s question. “What did I do? You’re the one who killed her.”
She started walking nearer to Rainbow Dash, who was now backing away slowly in the sky, still wanting to help her friend but also watching out for her own safety. “I didn’t kill anypony! What are you talking about? You’re insane!” The Pegasus hadn’t been looking where she was going and bumped against the tree she had been perched in earlier. In the time it took for her to turn around and quickly check behind her, Pinkamina had found her way into the branches of the tree. When Rainbow Dash turned back to face the mare, she was greeted with two wild, derped blue eyes that seemed to stare deep into her soul.
“You brought me back,” they said.
With a terrified scream, the Pegasus zoomed out of the branches and headed back home, her wings fighting with all their might against the air, hoping the pony wouldn’t be following her. She knew how quickly the pink mare could catch up to one, no matter where that one was or how fast that one was fleeing.
The only thought that was constant in Rainbow’s mind was flight. However, this meant she wasn’t being too particular about where her final destination was. She glanced down with wide, frightened eyes at the dark town below her, trying to catch any glimpse of the pink pony. Nothing seemed to catch her attention. Then, she spotted her. A tiny purple speck on the ground. “Twilight!” Rainbow Dash snapped herself downward, aiming directly at the purple unicorn below her. With a whack!, Dash had pinned the unicorn and was breathing heavily atop her, eyes wild in anxiety.
Twilight looked up at Dash with fear and lifted her away with her magic, closing her dilated purple eyes in the hope of making Dash disappear. Of course, if she had really wanted to, she could have used her magic to cast Rainbow Dash far off, but something was wrong and she knew it. She was just startled by the sudden attack.
The Pegasus had no time to explain or apologize. As soon as she got herself back on her hooves, the blue mare dashed back to Twilight Sparkle’s side and began speaking rapidly, “Pinkie Pie’s gone cupcakes again and is trying to kill me and might just kill us all we have to get help! Call the Princess!”
Realizing the seriousness of the situation, the unicorn looked about helplessly, “If it’s as you say, Dash, then there’s no time to call in the Princess! Where’s Pinkie now? We need to find her and stop her as soon as possible.”
“I- I don’t know! I was flying for my life!” Rainbow Dash barked, still trying to regain her breath.
With great difficulty, the scholarly unicorn focused on keeping her cool so things wouldn’t get too out of hand. She tried to think beyond Dash’s foolishness of not keeping an eye on the crazed earth pony and instead focus her thoughts on where Pinkie Pie could be. Then it occurred to her. Her eyes widened in recognition as she looked back to Rainbow Dash, locking gazes with her. That glance registered with the Pegasus, and they were now thinking the same exact thing.
“Sugar Cube Corner,” they said in unison.


“Mrs. Cake? Hello? Are you here?” the pink mare opened the door to the darkened shop slowly and deliberately. A street light from outside was lit behind her, casting a long, eerie shadow on the floor of the shop as the door creaked open ever so gently. She took very carefully placed steps, first peering inside with her head, then one-by-one placing each hoof inside the shop as she eased her way inside, letting the door hinges squeak as the door gradually swung back into place behind her. “It’s me,” she smiled wide in a fearful grin, eyes scanning the shop for any sign of the mare. “I was hoping we could make some cupcakes together….”
“Pinkie Pie?” The voice came from upstairs. It definitely belonged to Mrs. Cake, but she sounded a bit concerned. A shadow was cast on the wall as the married mare eased her way down the steps, appearing before her own form was visible, like a ghost announcing her presence. “Pinkie,” Mrs. Cake started as she came into view, still descending the steps with care, “what are you doing here? It’s nearly 10 o’clock! Shouldn’t you be asleep?” She knew where Pinkie should really be. After all, it was Mrs. Cake who had made the call the first time; to come take the pink pony away for medical treatment.
The streetlamp flickered some outside, altering the world inside the shop from shadowy to pitch black in moments. Pinkamina looked over lovingly at some knives laid out on the kitchen counter. She dreamily trotted over to the counter, passing very near Mrs. Cake so their pelts slid past each other. The contact sent shivers up the older mare’s spine. “I was asleep all day,” the pink pony answered as she approached the glistening knives, “letting Pinkie play a little. Now I’m awake again.” She found one knife particularly appealing- it was more of a cleaver. Mrs. Cake walked cautiously behind Pinkamina, giving herself space and, hopefully, time to contemplate how to call for help without startling the unstable mare. Meanwhile, Pinkamina grasped her chosen weapon with one hoof, holding it up to let the streetlight from the window glint off the metal. She smiled at the reflection of Mrs. Cake that was present when the pink pony held the cleaver just right. She giggled, “We should celebrate! After all, I owe you for getting me the help I needed. Now I think it’s time to pay you back.”


The door was closed when the unicorn and Pegasus had made their way to the darkened pastry shop. It was eerily silent as the two ponies cautiously opened the door, making the sound of creaking hinges seem exaggerated. The street lamp had been dimmed for a while. Somepony really ought to look into that, Twilight thought to herself. Aloud, she whispered to Dash, “Do you think she’s here?”
“Where else would she go?” Rainbow Dash whispered harshly, looking around the room anxiously for any sign of the pink pony. A noise abruptly erupted above them. The two magical ponies glanced at each other. It was like two infants howling in fear.
She’s here, Twilight mouthed to Dash, realizing the need to be as quiet as possible if they were to find her and stop her surreptitiously. Dash was about to respond snidely when something on the wall behind the purple unicorn’s horn caught her attention.
The sight was utterly unbearable. The pegasus’ crimson eyes were wide with a terror unbeknownst to any pony who ever lived to tell about it. She was frozen in absolute horror at what hung on the wall. Only then did she realize that the ground was slicker than normal- that it was wet and sticky. Twilight took a step toward her friend, concerned. One hoof landed with a slight splash. The unicorn looked down slowly, afraid of what she would see. The liquid under their hooves was hard to see in the dim light, but the consistency was enough to give the substance away. Twilight knew that they needed to stay focused to save the babes who were still howling upstairs, but morbid curiosity got the better of her, and the unicorn followed Dash’s gaze. The streetlight flickered on once again and the visage before them was clear and real as a nightmare during sleep.
On the wall hung the bright blue body of Mrs. Cake, a cleaver embedded in her skull, nailing her to the wall. Blood was running in streaks down her face and body, pouring out onto the floor like a hellish waterfall.
Twilight Sparkle let out a deafening shriek of terror. The shriek snapped Rainbow Dash back to reality, and the Pegasus slapped a hoof over Twilight’s mouth, looking into her terrified eyes as if to tell her to be quiet or Pinkie would hear them.
It was too late. The babies’ cries from upstairs had died down and once again there was an eerie silence. It was, as they say, too quiet. Rainbow Dash and Twilight turned to the staircase, waiting to see the psychotic earth pony descend to investigate the mysterious shrieking. They knew the best thing to do at this point would be to run for their lives. But they were paralyzed. The world stood still for what seemed like a torturous eternity; the only sound audible was the laborious breathing of the two ponies in the foyer of Sugar Cube Corner as they awaited the arrival of what would surely be their demise.