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CelestAI deals with a mischievous intruder in Equestria.

Inspired by and contains spoilers from: Untitled Goose Game (its really fun, go play it)
Cover Sauce

A (silly) entry to the Friendship is Optimal Writing Contest

Thanks yall, featured 4/25/2021, and got to the number 1 spot for a minute!

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When the Alicorn Amulet, a cursed relic of unspeakable power, goes missing, Equestria begins to wither and die. The only ponies brave enough to prevent its annihilation are six misfits—a criminal, a malcontent, a reject, an outcast, an exile and a fool—who would have preferred to remain in the background and leave the heroics to someone else.

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Prince Blueblood thought the Grand Galloping Gala was over. He thought he could just go to sleep and put it behind him. He never expected to be reliving the same disaster of a day, over and over... and over.

TV tropes page here:

Thanks to all the people who wrote the page and all the people who gave me a little wakeup call and comment to become aware of that fact! You can't see it, but you guys put a real smile on my face tonight.

Also, recently, extra thanks to RD Dash for giving TBNE a thorough editing. I've updated the fic accordingly (7.11.12)

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Spike's eleven year nap is interrupted by a little filly in his treehouse...

Third place winner in The Writeoff Association's June event, "A Matter of Perspective"

Now with a Spanish Translation, by SPANIARD KIWI.

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Philadelphia, June 1979

Princess Celestia feels trapped underneath her own crown - her subjects see an immortal goddess, not a pony trapped in a gilded cage.

In a moment of boredom, she strikes out on her own in search of adventure - and New York pizza.

Come along with the pony Princess as she rides the rails of the Northeast Corridor - rolling ever closer to her final cheesy destination on board a Night Train to New York.

Warning - this work has been rated PG by the Literature Association of Equestria for the following:

  • Mild Profanity
  • Excessive Railway Knowledge

Featured December 16-20 2020!

Chapters (11)

You'd think that being trapped in stone would mean that, if nothing else, I could get some peace and quiet. Unfortunately, it seems that Celestia has other ideas.

She has appointed these ponies... these 'Keepers', as she calls them, to keep me entertained during my incarceration.

Honestly? I'd prefer the boredom.

Cover art by matrosha123
Spanish Translation by SPANIARD KIWI found here

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Sequel to Indomitable

Akira was out on a quest, a self-entitled quest, to defeat a monster that has been terrorizing a small village just on the border with the Frozen North. She's a capable hunter, for a Bat-Pony, but the monster she must face will put her skills to the test.

A story set in the future of Indomitable, I wonder who 'Akira' is, hmm... =^_^=

P.S. This is another monster I was surprised never got added to Iceborne, considering its cousin was already in the base game, aw well.

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King Sombra’s dark influence was obliterated by the Crystal Heart, and the villain is well and truly dead. But when he attempts to steal the afterlife of an innocent victim, a human spirit is left hurtling towards Equestria, where this unfortunate soul is revived into the only vessel available: the reconstituted body of King Sombra himself.

Thus, a cheerfully oblivious alien is crammed into the form of the most evil and malicious being Equestria has ever known. Not that Shining Armor and Cadence know this, of course. As far as they are concerned, the King is back and he’s lost his fricking mind.

Click here for the TV Tropes page!

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I had a pretty good life. They called me Spit Shine, I worked in the palace, cleaning this, doing that. Hell, I even got to talk to the Princess, and learned all sorts of interesting stuff. It was stimulating, prestigious, and hey, call me weird, but I liked the work.

Shame I was also secretly a changeling infiltrator with a name too annoying to pronounce in polite society trying to observe and potentially subvert your nation state.

I mean, these things happen.

Of course, you'd be surprised what you can learn about a pony when you have a different perspective.


Original Concept by SoloBrony

Grammar-Less-Suckification by CarcinoGeneticist

Vector by Ackdari

Brand new Spanish Translation by Spaniard Kiwi!

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Blueblood just wants to run his charity and be left alone, but High Society - and starry-eyed mares - have other plans.

He's not a good stallion, but maybe he's a better one than even he would guess. Now if only he'd stop being so cynical...

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