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Update on Letters From Across The Disgruntled Multiverse · 3:25pm Aug 26th, 2016

Soooo... My Past Sins Arc is done... but before I start of stating the fate of my story. Let me tell you a little about myself and explain how I started my story...

I joined Fimfiction on 17th Jan, 2015 with the purpose of writing the very story I first published. I was a big fan of Letters From A Disgruntled Friendship Student as it was one of the few reasons if I recall of becoming a brony around the end of MLP Season 4. One of that story's chapter was the key driving force for my story's creation; The Anniversary Bonus Chapter: The Cupcake Chronicles. Milesprower06 parodied his own story and I had such a laugh out of it. I was wondering at that point I time if Miles might try doing disgruntled chapters for other stories on Fimfiction. Sadly... No that wasn't the case.

In a way I was disgruntled for a while. Strangely enough, I just read Past Sins by Penstroke around the same time and started having ideas of a disgruntled chapter on it. And that was how Equestria Letters From Across The Disgruntled Multiverse was made! Okay so back on topic, I was on Fimfiction for the first time and I PM miles for permission to use his concept idea of Letters From A Disgruntled Friendship Student for the story I was attempting. I even pitched a disgruntled version on the prologue of Past Sins. Here was his reply:

And there wasn't any other message after that. I kind of gave up at that point as meanwhile in real life, school was pretty much being a bitch to me... Fast forward to around the end of 2015, I still read Letters From A Disgruntled Friendship Student now and then and even commented on a few of my own inspired letters snippets for some of the episodes for MLP Season 5. And then miles and I crossed paths once again... This time because of spam in miles chapter on Made in Manehattan...

I was kind of guilty about doing that (and since at that point in time miles haven't posted the chapter for Brotherhooves Social) i decided to send some contributions/suggestions as an apology. Honestly i was quite surprised with what happened next.

I was quite happy that he said that and wanted to use my contributions for his next chapter. Also, at the same time, I ask for permission to do my story once again. Here is his reply.

That day was the starting point of my story being created and published and me becoming miles co-author. A day I won't certainly forget. Asking permission from the author of Past Sins and just like that I posted my story. Nearly a year after that, i now have finished with the Past Sins story Arc. So what's next?

Well... first off, what do you guys want out of my story? Responses To A Disgruntled Friendship Student (another Letters From A Disgruntled Friendship Student spinoff) had the quirk of being comebacks to Miles Letters From A Disgruntled Friendship Student. So I had to wonder what I had to offer to readers with my story.... I pondered on this question as I was halfway finishing the Past Sins arc when it hit me..

Why was I inspired to do a disgruntled letter on Past Sins? I liked both Pasts Sins and Letters From A Disgruntled Friendship Student and so I wanted to do a story that honors both; showing the strengths and flaws of both stories. I guess that would be how and handle future disgruntled stories from now on. Combing the good aspects of both stories while poking fun at the flaws through parody, overexaggeration and references to other wonderful stories on Fimfiction. What do you guys think?

Secondly, I believe I should address this the most. The problem with doing one story arc at a time was that it took too much time to finish as I easily ran out of ideas or hit a mind block but at the same time I also thought of other story ideas for disgruntled chapters on other stories I wanted to try out. It took me nearly a year to finish Past Sins. That's kind of ridiculous. I needed to diversify. So, here's what I'm going to do...

I'm going to do any story I want posting the first chapters every story I plan around the same time but updating them whenever I want. This allows me to do as many story ideas as I want, giving me more time to work on some chapters where i figuratively hit a brick wall in ideas. And this also proves an advantage to you fellow reader as you can suggest any story to me and I may/may not be able to do it straight away rather then wait one story arc after another of stories that may not catch your interest.

And that brings me to my final point. I'm taking suggestions on what story you want me to disgruntify besides the ones I already have in mind:

Every Little Bit by The Descendant

Bride of Discord by DisneyFanatic23

The Irony of Applejack by Mister Friendly

On a Cross and Arrow by Conner Cogwork

Doctor Whooves - The Series: Episode One - The Pinkie Conundrum by Loyal2Luna

Essenza di Amore by Cerulean Voice

The Day The Reading Died by DrakeyC

Twilight's Harem by KnightMysterio (Though that's after the story is completed.)

My Friend by KnightMysterio

Morality and Baked Goods by SkyeSilverwing

The Most Annoying Infestation by ocalhoun

The Most Annoying House Guest by Harmony Pie

When Sirens Rule by Jay-The-Brony

Spirit of Loyalty by milesprower06 (After I do a review on his story)

Small Scale by Twinkletail

Fallout: Equestria by kkat (That might take me a loong time...)

Ponyville the Town of Youth by Ironskull (After the story is completed)

Feedback by RQK

Dear Sweetie Belle by Jade Ring

Dead/Light by Lord Destrustor

She's Definitely Got The Mane For It by Dilos1

Dressing Room by GaPJaxie

Omnomnomicon by Bubble Boom

But before you start spamming me with suggestions.... some ground rules....

1. I will not do Disgruntled Letters on one-shot story unless it is above 3000+ words or the story itself has enough ideas/jokes for me to write about it.

2. I will not do Disgruntled Letters on Clopfics. Letters From A Disgruntled Friendship was funny because it put sexual jokes to describe the My Little Pony TV Series which had none of that so doing sex jokes on clopfics feels kind of already does half the job for me which is no fun at all.

3. No. I will not do your own story if you suggest it to me. I would feel to me like you are advertising your story to me. Please suggest other people stories...

4. Keep in mind I will not do bad fanfics. My story is meant to honor good fanfics with a disgruntled comedic spin to it.

5. Stories with gore is a mixed bag for me... You can suggeststories with that but it may take a while (and a strong stomach) before I would read it and may/may not do a disgruntled letter on it.

6. The story must be completed. Not incomplete, not on hiatus and not cancelled. COMPLETED!

7. Even if stories that meet with the above standards I set up, it may still take time to possibly post a disgruntled chapter as I have to read the story (if I haven't read them) and get enough ideas to start writing it. And also, keep in mind I need to ask the author of the suggested story permission first and he or she approves before I attempt writing.

Not all stories I may be able to do but I'll try my best!!! So, thank you readers of my story and till next time.

This is MixMassBasher signing out.

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Comments ( 13 )

Huh Irony of Applejack and Bride of Discord, nice choices. Any plans for the sequels if you get permission from the authors?

My suggestions so far, Jusonic's FNAF MLP and NiGHTS JOD stories. Those 2 MLP crossovers are just full of material I believe to work with. Plus it'd be fun to see everyone mocking the villains in that humorous way. Especially Reala, Wiseman and an angry Freddy who twice fell for RD and Rarity's tricks. Heh Freddy doesn't have a wife and fell for it and the mother disguise.

What about twilight becomes a dazzling by twilight lightning? Also theres the star in yellow by blueshift which is also a recent parody on youtube series rainbow dash presents.

4172990 Those stories I could try out but after I read them which will take some time especially with real life and all that.

4172955 Junsonics stories I'm a little wary of doing since I kind of got bored with his stories so I doubt I may have the inspiration to do a satire. Also, could you send me a link to this Night JOD stories? That sound's promising.

Okay, long blog is long... and that is something I appreciate. (A well written blog with enough length to it to give me the feeling I have read something worthy.) Thank you for that. :twilightsmile:

On the subject of future fics which you are considering doing story arcs on, The Irony of Applejack does have a sequel, and I do wonder if it would be best to wait for Mister Friendly to finish Avent before you do the Irony arc.

I am most pleased to see Fallout: Equestria among the list. That is my all-time favorite novel. (I even own one of the five volume 1st editions of Fo:E.)

All in all, the rest of the ones you have listed do look good, and I can see myself adding several to my Read Later shelf.

Okay now... time for my list of suggested stories for consideration.



(Note: Numerous stories within this universe, may want to read them all, even if for your personal enjoyment. This one is the first of the series, though.)



That's all I got for now. If you want more suggestions, I am more than willing to find more awesome fics for your enjoyment and consideration.

4174105 Sure thing. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/320312/mlp-nights-journey-of-dreams I'll also link you the FNAF one too since it's rather funny and thrilling. Who knows you might just like it. ^^ https://www.fimfiction.net/story/228043/five-nights-at-freddys-mlp-style


Thank you for your suggestions I really appreciate them. Tell others about this series as my story is meant to be a present for me and the readers all in all.

4174220 Sure thing. Also Tatsurou has a few good ones to check out. I recommend the On the Corner of Straight and Narrow, Technological Technicolored Technimare.

I have a whole list of fanfics on my Wikia user page here. Choose whichever one(s) you'd like.

Not going to lie, you're an ideasman, a damn good one and that clearly shows in your screenshots and your work on both fics. In addition to your help on Nyx and the Sunset. Just don't expect me to ask for help with my Fallout: Equestria fic. :derpytongue2: :raritywink:

4196576 Thanks for the compliment.:twilightsmile:

Any stories you would recommend me parodying?

4196618 Definitely not Fallout: Equestria, that fanbase is a little to oversensitive in my opinion, that doesn't include the brighter members of that sub-fandom (that one is a massive grey area). Honestly Fallout: Equestria is the only one I'd recommend if not for that reason and your having not read it. Sorry man. :ajsleepy: :raritydespair: :fluttercry:

4196652 I have read Fallout Equestria. It's reading the other spinsoff that's a hassle. Also, For my Letters for Fallout Equestria. It will be toned down more to just poking fun at fallout games itself, apocalypse clich├ęs, story flaws ect. Characters will be kept in character.

I have have talked to kkat and she said it was okay for parody as long as I do as stated above instead of the usual disgruntled spin. Honestly, you may think that's it's a bad thing for that restriction...

...I call it a challenge to my creativity of what I can get away with:rainbowdetermined2:

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