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"You think you know me..."


Ah, Hearts and Hooves Day. A time of love between two ponies who love each other very much. A time of flowers, chocolates, kisses, and arrows. Love arrows specifically. Deciding to try a more action oriented approach this season, Cadance has donned her own superhero costume to bring love to the world with magical love powered arrows.

Will this lone cupid bring joy to the hearts of many? Or shall she only bring ruin and awkwardness?

Commissioned by Anonymous.

Edited by Jake The Army Guy and Magic Man. Thanks to Ariaannaa for letting me use the art

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 188 )

Princess Cadance is the Shipper we need, not the Shipper we deserve.

Pink Arrow? More like Horny Heat.

5532505 You think the love is your ally, but you merely adopted love. I was BORN from it. MOLDED by it!
But, in all seriousness, I love this story. Don't kill me for that pun.

Very funny story. I hope the next chapters come out soon. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Q: Shouldn't this story have the romance tag since you're talking about a holiday, couples, and love?

Does it look like any true romance is being done at the moment XP

Why can't ANYONE understand Twilight's love for Flash Sentry?

Well couples + love+ humor+ = Romance Comedy. Also Cadence said that she made love arrow that can make their hormones increase ten fold, for her and Shining later. :rainbowwild: :rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

This looks priceless. Something good to read tonight while at the End Zone

Careful Cadance. It's only a matter of time until somepony takes an arrow to the knee.

Besides, time to expand your hunting grounds. To Canterlot and your aunts! They could do with some love!

OHMYFUCKINGOD!!! :rainbowlaugh:
This is freakin HILARIOUS!

Is it Big Mac? Trenderhoof? Maybe it is Twilight and Flash has just assumed she's been Dusk Shine this whole time... go get em flash, whoever they are.

Dat ending though... :pinkiegasp:

5533570 He said they were in Canterlot. And there are only, like, four stallions in Canterlot that aren't guards. Fancy Pants, Donut Joe, Prince Blueblood, and Jet Set.

Freaking awesome. Great job. I love how Shinning changed his tune. Also the orgy was a funny idea. Good luck with the next 3 chapters.


In light of this Friendship Games business, I forsee a lot of archery pony fanworks in the future.

Except with Rarity. Being a proper lady, surely she'd carry a naginata.

5533290 The arrow in the knee is one of the oldest slang for getting married

FOr some reason, I thought the stallion Flash was talkin about was Shining.

If this contains tongue-in-cheek AppleDashery at some point, I'll love you forever. Scratchtavia or Lunashy would also be accepted. :heart:

Uhm. No. She'd carry an epee. Being a proper lady and not a weeaboo.


No, no, no, a Mameluke sword, the weapon of choice of officers and gentlemen for the last 200 years. The 1st Duke of Wellington carried one, and for that matter so did Napoleon. Foil's and Epee's are for chinless wonders and the sort of person who does not so much speak as bray.


Cadance. Cadance, stop. Cadance, this is a bad idea. CADANCE.

Eh. Sabers are a little too martial and brutish for one such as she.
I still say a rapier of some description.


Dammit Cadance.
So who does Flash like? Blueblood?

5535513 First I for some reason say a lightsabor works better if they had them anyway . Secondly I know hearing the term weeaboo shouldn't bother me but really its so overused anymore to me its cringe worthy but there are times when its correct to use the term

Lightsaber? Garish.
Not to mention the /mess/ that would result. Lasers don't cauterize flesh wounds. They cause the blood to boil in veins surrounding the wound, which expands and does further damage, turning the surrounding area into hamburger. There wouldn't be nice clean slices. Might as well give her a chainsaw.

5535739 Well on the topic of lasers it depends on if we go by real life or what fictional version of a laser we are basing the laser off of for examples lets start with most of the wounds in the star wars movies made from lightsabers you don't tend to see blood or major damage its more like the wound is cauterize while its cut in a clean manner . Of course one could argue about that aspect given the varying books and such based on the series has altered the status of how a lightsaber does damage

Then we got the basic cliche''Strap you to a slab of metal or stone and let a laser cut you''strategy which in what shows and movies I've seen it in where it reaches the person to the point of cutting them most of the time it seems to at least seal the wound and a clean cut as it happens of course other times its shown to make blood gush out aswell

I'd name other examples in fiction that would support your statement and others that don't but I can't think of any of the books,movies,series and games that be proof I'm not bullshitting you

But for the most part real life lasers can do what you mentioned given enough power

Uhm. No. I was speaking of real lasers, hence why I said outright what lasers would actually do to flesh. I don't care what they do in fiction, what they do in fiction is sorely incorrect. Any laser worth mentioning (i.e. can do damage to flesh / metal) will do this.

5535794 As I admitted in my last remark that you are correct when properly powered real life lasers are brought into the mix ,still when someone says lightsabers in the manner I had in my first comment I thought people wouldn't jump to thinking of a real laser

N'yes. Quite.
Well I am not most people, dear boy.

...Cadance, you're channeling Oliver Queen's Arrow skills! Don't blame me for the Arrow reference, the author released this the night Arrow came back from hiatus.

5535820 This is going to make me sound stupid or rather stupider then I truly am but I gotta ask; What do you mean by N'yes? Is that like a typo or slang ?

Read it out loud.
It helps if you read the rest in the sort of Atlantic / Rhode Island accent that usually accompanies smarmy "Indubitably"s.

Princess Cadence! You had one job. And that was to.




INCEST! :flutterrage:

This is like watching a train wreck happen in slow motion, and in a good way. You can't help but munch on popcorn and wait to see what other bout of chaos is about to happen.

Side note: You know, I often wonder why they need Discord around. It seems the ponies are very capable of causing chaos on their own without his help. :rainbowlaugh:

Remorseless use of enchantment on nonconsenting targets? Firing recklessly into a crowded area? Triggering a mass orgy from which no hope of innocence will emerge unscathed? Outstanding! Black Mage gives Cadance Two Thumbs Up for upping the ante on her usual manipulation of ponies' deepest emotions and attachments. Truly, these are the achievements of a totally unfettered magician. Move over, Sombra!

What would happen if Cadence on a shipping spree encounters an Aromantic Asexual? Would the arrows bounce off? Would she then become obsessed with shipping an un-shippable individual?

For those that do not know what an Aromantic Asexual is, it refers to individuals who have little-to-no romantic or sexual interest in others. They would rather do anything else other than romantic or sexual activity. They can have friends and family, but not special someponies.

Brother X Sister - Failure
Painter X Painting - Interesting Failure
Dog X Cat - Failure
Public Orgy - Success?

5536132 Sounds like my younger brother. He views humans as "hideous creatures" because he says he's been spoiled by the perfect image of anime characters. He even finds himself ugly. This is coming from a guy I know for a fact believes himself to be superior to all human beings.

5536132 Well it looks like Cadence would have some problems trying to ship me :rainbowdetermined2:

5536663 I am a aromantic asexual myself. It may or may not have something to do with my anosmia (lacking a sense of smell). I am also an asocial individual. The prefix a- is really relevant to me.

With me, I just simply have no interest in anyone. A girl once asked me out. I had to put her down. I tried to put her down gently. She kept coming onto me. Years later, I learned that my method of gently putting down any potential suitors ended up making me sound like an extraordinarily sensitive and attractive guy. I could not win.

5536734 You are an aromantic asexual as well? Welcome, friend, into AAASG (Aromantic Asexuals Anonymous Support Group (Okay, I made that up. The real group is called AVEN. I do not run it.)).


PS.exe has crashed from the overload of wait what programs being dowloaded please listen to this music ALL THE WAY for PS.exe to recover


Deciding to try a more action oriented approach this season, Cadance as donned her own superhero costume to bring love to the world with magical love powered arrows.

Pay attention.

5536893 Did I do something wrong? AVEN (Asexuality Visibility and Education Network) is supposed to be a safe site.


Because falling for a bland guy you have barely met (specially when he belongs to a different, alien specie) doesn´t make any sense?

Why does Cadence have an Instant Orgy Nuke?

Just.. why?

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