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This story is a sequel to The Wizzard and the Pony

The fate of the Disc, and, in fact, an entire swath of the Universe containing it, depends on the actions of Star Swirl the Bearded. Unfortunately, he left the Disc some weeks ago, and now the repercussions of that departure are being felt.

Rincewind, reluctant as ever, at the behest of the Disc's only known female wizard, must find a way to follow Star Swirl the Bearded and get him back, before the Disc is not only destroyed, but is made to have never existed in the first place.

No pressure, then.

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One day, Princess Twilight and Spike woke up to find Ponyville plagued with a plethora of puzzles. What could be causing all of the ponies' puzzling problems? Why is everyone speaking in riddles and brain-teasers?

"A true princess always puts the needs of others first, Spike!"

Professor Layton-style puzzling in the land of ponies. Interactive!

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Every day on Twitter, I throw out story idea after story idea (#PonyStoryIdea). Some are ideas I think have merit, but I am unwilling or unable to invest time in. Others are just plain silly. Every once in a while, though, I will take one and run with it... on Twitter.

This is a series of extremely short stories, unrelated except for that origin.

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Deft Hoof isn't the strongest earth pony around. He's definitely not the biggest. What he is is one of the greatest thieves in Equestria. Possibly the whole world. Now, his employer has decided he needs a vacation, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

How's a thief supposed to get by in a town like Ponyville, anyway?

Multiple Image Sources:
Applejack - Shocked Applejack by MyLittlePinkieDash
Sweet Apple Acres - Sweet Apple Acres by GameGuy001
Orange Meringue and Final Image - by SUBJECT-241

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Star Swirl the Bearded is lost. Very, very lost. He was certain the world was round -- or at least a hemisphere -- and not, as it now appears to be, flat and riding on the backs of four elephants, themselves riding on the back of a massive turtle, swimming through the vast expanses of space.

He's going to need a lot of magical help to get home, and the Disc is going to need help to deal with the strange creatures that followed him through from his home world - creatures whose icy nature threatens to bring about the Apocralypse.

Fortunately, the first person he meets is a wizard. He even has "Wizzard" written on his hat...

Now has a sequel!

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A purple lightning bolt strikes in the middle of Whitetail Woods out of a cloudless sky. For Twilight Sparkle and friends, this isn't the first time such an event heralded a new pony visiting Ponyville.

For Warehouse agents Pete Lattimer and Claudia Donovan, however, this is an entirely new experience.

Note: Retitle stolen from CharginChuck's suggestion in the comments of Chapter 1. It's punnier.
Note: On hiatus until such time as it becomes feasible to rework the existing chapters and continue.

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When the Equestrian Roving Rodeo comes to Ponyville, Applejack's excited to strut her stuff in the annual event until an unfortunate accident leaves her unable to participate. With Applejack laid up and Big Macintosh handling a large delivery to Appleloosa, it's up to the unlikeliest of ponies to represent Sweet Apple Acres in competition.

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Another Human in Equestria story.

Inspired by the "You Are Now Rainbow Dash" post over at Equestria Daily.

The last thing Mike remembers is a friend of his trying to introduce him to some girly kids show. Now, inexplicably, he's a flying blue pony in a world full of technicolor ponies. Can he figure out what's happened? Can he get home? Can this all happen without any shipping?

Edit: Image by HAchaosagent on deviantArt: Rainbow Dash loves the attention

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