• Published 26th Jan 2012
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The Wizzard and the Pony - Parchment_Scroll

While his apprentice deals with the leaders of Unicornia, Starswirl the Bearded explores...

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The Wizzard and the Pony

The Unicorn Kingdom...

"I don't understand it," Clover the Clever muttered to herself. "He said he'd be back today! The summit starts in just a few hours, and he was supposed to escort the princess there himself, and I'm not ready for this kind of--" The lavender unicorn grimaced, fighting what she knew to be a losing battle against oncoming panic.

The reason for this panic was her mentor, Star Swirl the Bearded, also referred to as Star Swirl the Kind, Star Swirl the Mischievous, and, when he wasn't around (as now), Star Swirl the Frustratingly Absent-Minded.

"Oh, Star Swirl," the musical voice of Princess Platinum drifted up the stairs to the court wizard's tower, where Clover pranced in place, desperate for a place to hide, "We are ready to leave, but We simply must have Our Royal Wizard to accompany us!"

"Ah," Clover stammered. "Ah, Princess... I shall accompany you to the summit in my mentor's stead."

The Princess entered the room with all of the grace and poise she could muster under the circumstances. Given that she was in her own castle, and had just finished receiving her pre-travel makeover, there was, in fact, a surplus of grace and poise for the situation. "And where has that fool got to now, I wonder?"

Clover was wondering that herself.

* * * * *


There are those who say that, in an Infinite Universe, not only are all things possible, if one looks long enough and far enough, one can find literally anything*. On one part of the far end of the probability curve, one might find a world that, odd as it seems, is spherical, and, far more sensibly, has such a vast preponderance of magic that it is populated by such things as colorful talking ponies, and other mythological creatures. On another, particularly skewed arc of the curve, there is Great A'Tuin.

He swims through the vast celestial ocean, towards Who-Knows-Where, and his mind, vast and glacial, is occupied with its own thoughts, slow and massive as only those of a member of Chelonia Galactica can be. Atop his tremendous shell, the four Great Elephants: Berilia, Tubul, Great T'Phon, and Jerakeen. Atop these nearly-as-tremendous-but-not-quite-so-tremendous-as-Great-A'Tuin pachyderms, spanning their shoulders, rests the great disc of the World. And atop that disc, some distance turnwise and rimwards of the Circle Sea, stands a quite befuddled blue unicorn pony.

* * * * *

"Oh, dear," Star Swirl the Bearded said to himself with a dejected sigh. "I knew that shortcut was a mistake."

One must give Star Swirl the benefit of acknowledging that he was in a tremendous hurry when he cast the teleportation spell. Somepony needed to warn everypony about the Windigoes, after all, before tensions between the three pony tribes rose too far for them to be stopped.

As Star Swirl examined the constellations in the sky above him, it occurred to him that he did not recognize a single one of them, and that he would evidently not be the one to get the word out after all. Not, that is, unless he managed to find someone to help figure out where he was, in any case.

* There are others who say that this is, of course, a load of rubbish, and, furthermore, that anyone who believes such a thing should have their heads scrubbed out with a good, stiff, wire-bristled brush.