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Amateur fanfic writer and reader. Sometimes I get dreams, dreams of ponies, and wish that someone would write a story based off them. So why not me?


Spike always thought the hardest part was getting Rarity to say yes. Well it turns out that that was just the beginning. With dates to schedule, invitations to send out, venue reservations to make, dress preparations to complete, and new in-laws to deal with on top of his usual responsibilities, the princess’s number one advisor would’ve had enough on his plate without the fear of the legendary “Bridezilla” rearing it’s ugly head and leaving everything in ruins.

The only way to keep the mighty ender of marriages at bay is to make sure Rarity’s stress levels stays low, and if that means Spike will need to plan the whole thing by himself, then so be it.

This day is going to be perfect. No matter what.

Written for Pia-Chan’s Sparity Contest.

Cover Image source: https://dribbble.com/shots/4309812-Bridezilla

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Creative. Patient. Fair. Empathetic. All are traits of a good game master, but perhaps above all is to be adaptive, for one never knows how the dice will fall or what foolishness one’s players will come up with. Misfortune or stupidity, it takes but a little of either to leave a band of adventuring heroes in need of rescue rather than doing the rescuing.

Now the fate of Spiketopia falls on the shoulders of its sovereign, Princess Shmarity, and if newcomer Rarity wants to save her friends from the clutches of the evil Squid Wizard or even survive in the world of Ogres and Oubliettes, she’s going to have to figure out the mechanics of the game and fast.

Not exactly her idea of a fun Saturday night, but sometimes that’s just how the dice roll.

NOTE: This story is complete and will be updated twice a week.

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Ever the law bidding citizen, Twilight Sparkle never thought she’d be in a court trial, but when the mayor of Ponyville asked her to co-preside over the town’s latest case, who was she to refuse? Besides, passing judgment onto ponies is just the practice Twilight needs if she‘s going to rule Equestria.

However, Twilight’s inexperience might just lead to her downfall, and the consequences of her mistakes might be too much of a punishment for her to bare.

Regardless of what happens next, Twilight will learn one important thing —

The legal system is a joke.

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It starts with a strange package in the mail. Many adventures do.

Soon, Twilight Sparkle and Spike will find themselves on their craziest adventure yet. An adventure of mysterious stallions and odd outhouses, of intergalactic odysseys and temporal travel, of a world vastly different from their own.

Caught in the middle of a bloody conflict, Twilight and Spike must work together with the natives, make new allies and defeat new enemies, and teach this strange new world the magic of friendship all while learning the values of freedom and liberty.

Or maybe they’ll just hide under a bed and wait for the whole thing to blow over.

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Spike could not be happier. Rarity had just accepted his invitation to be more than just friends, and all he has to do is make sure their special night goes smoothly.

But when fate itself threatens the very start of their relationship with a series of apparently unrelated events, from jealous defenders of Guys Nights to dubious gambling rings to the disappearance of Starswirl the Bearded’s magic and a mysterious summoning from Tartarus, Spike and Rarity must find a way to balance their budding love life with their many responsibilities.

And did we mention that the prom is tomorrow?

Written for Rubyfire377's Sparity Contest.

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Years pass. Children grow. Fashion trends rise and die.

Even as the world changes around them, things between Rarity and Spike have remained frustratingly stagnant. Either by her selective and willful ignorance or his cowardice, the two remain friends, precious friends yes, but little more.

All it will take to change everything is a night of poor judgment, leaving Rarity and Spike to rebuild their relationship with the remaining pieces.

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Rainbow Dash never got that Sonic Rainboom to work. She never met five other ponies destined for the same great purpose she had. She never even heard of the Elements of Harmony.

All she remembers these days are the sudden appearance of the Crystal Empire and the constant war that rages between it and Equestria.

As King Sombra grows in power, twisting the Crystal Empire's innate magic for his own dark purposes, the Equestrian forces find themselves in a war quickly shifting in the enemy's favor. Against the encroaching tide of oppressive tyranny and darkness, even the stoutest of Equestria's heroes have begun to tire.

Second Lt. Rainbow Dash, Wonderbolt division of the EUP guard, has been sent to Canterlot, where a special weapon is said to be developed, a weapon that could save Equestria and put an end to the war.

Instead of a mystical sword or a massive cannon, Rainbow Dash returns to the battle front with a small baby dragon in her care.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Limited gore (i.e. blood, violent death) in later chapters

Written for the Fifth SpikeDash Competition: Alternate Universes.

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This story is a sequel to Ruined for Pun

The lowest tier of literature meets the lowest form of wit, for the second time.

Five simple but delightful stories based in the universe by kilala97, independent and separate from one another but connected by one similarity: a punch line.

Feels will be felt, tears will be shed, groans will be heard.

Blind Mare's Bluff: When Turquoise Blitz's overprotectiveness becomes too much to handle, can he and Anthea salvage their relationship?

Releasing Regrets: With nopony else to turn to, Starburst finds herself working along side her clueless rival.

Baseball Bat: For the sake of her best friends, Nidra must face her greatest challenge yet: babysitting.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: A sickly Fluttershy teaches her son-in-law a little lesson about how precious memories can be.

Our Little Escape: Api, Pixel, and Echo meet together one final time before their little world comes to an end.

Cover art by kilala97

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It's amazing how much can change in a month. One day the baby dragon in the crystal castle next door is small enough to be carried on your back, thirty days later and he's larger than you, learning to use the new pair of wings he just grew.

Or at least trying to learn to fly. Still, everyone has to start somewhere, and even the greats sometimes come from the humblest beginnings. Just look at Rainbow Crash.

Actually, don't. Look Rainbow in the eye, and she might just take that as a challenge. Poor Spike never stood a chance.

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Celestia's week has not been fun. First, her younger sister decides she's in no condition to rule and steals her job, then Discord disappears on her when she needs him most, and now she's stained her favorite bed sheets. Could this week get any worse?

But hey, at least that means the pregnancy's almost over. Soon, she'll be cradling her newborn baby, covering him or her with kisses and nuzzles as Luna, Twilight, and Discord watch beside her, waiting for their turn to hold. Everything'll go smoothly, her personal doctors will make sure of it. Childbirth's a breeze when you're a princess.


Written for the kilala97 Fun Fact contest.

Cover art by kilala97.

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