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Tf even *IS* a devious lick? (Formally Shawn St0rm)


Garcello was dead.
And then he wasn't.
It's complicated....

He woke up in an alleyway, much like the one he died in.
But something about this felt... different.
It felt... otherworldly almost.

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Televisions were a very new form of technology, but a quickly adapting one.

They were usually used for family viewings, and when they weren't, they were used by the foals all over, mean't to keep them out of trouble.

But then, something strange started happening... children started going missing without a trace, always in the same room as a television.

The ponies of Equestria grew suspicious of the boxes of supposed entertainment of course, but they thought to look elsewhere for clues.

Enter Nougat, a young colt who's just trying to get by in school. When his best friend, Button Mash, goes missing, with nothing but a Television playing static as evidence, he's determined to figure out why and how.

Crossover with Little Nightmares.
I'm bad at Descriptions.

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Spike asks a rather unexpected question.

Things happen.

(Cover image has nothing to do with the story.)
(Added sex tag just to be safe)

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Meet Sam.

He's the only human in Equestria, and it's amazing here!
Everyone is so nice, and they know how to sing!
Sam knows how to sing too, but he isn't the best at it, but he has fun!
He goes ahead and tries it with his friends then they burst into song...

...this proves to be a mistake.
His Final mistake.

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Hi, I'm Shawn. If you couldn't tell, I'm a shameless self-insert, but that's not important. What's important is that my opinion differs from the weird green creature's opinion, and he's not happy.

Don't ask.
Just don't.

Warning! Contains - Self-inserts, Anon, ocs, bad writing, an offensive word, and weird headcannons.

Just something to add to the fire, I was listening to Shawn Mendes while writing this, so, yeah.

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(Takes place in an alternate version of EQG)
Sunset has had enough. She has to get the Element of Magic. But, she can't risk getting recognized. So, she puts together a ritual to summon a certain demon to help her...

A certain deer demon...

Inspired by A Displaced Radio Demon by R-E-X

Now, onto the Content Warnings....

Profanity: Because I can't write anything without saying "fuck" or "shit."
Violence: Pretty self-explanatory, tbh
Comedy: Because my writing is so bad, it might as well be considered a comedy
Dark: I like dark humor, what's the problem?
Drama: It has Sunset before she was reformed, what do you expect?
Crossover: It'll have a few characters from Hazbin Hotel, that's all I'm saying.
Alt. Universe: because yes

Cover image is a screencap from Hazbin Hotel's pilot.

As you can see, I am trying something different.
I know, I know, "It's only your third story," I don't care, I've been wanting to try a crossover-fic since I joined, and I saw this as an opportunity.
Since Hazbin Hotel only has a pilot, and I absolutely refuse to use Twitter, I am going to go off of a lot of personal and fandom-made headcannons I thought were cool.

Anyway, read the damn story, and let me know what you think!

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Anon, wakes up in Equestria, and apparently, he has a time limit of a month.
So, naturally, he wastes most of it doing absolutely nothing.
But, on his last day, he comes up with the most amazing idea....
But can he pull it off?
Yes. Yes he can...

Warning!: Contains my shitty sense of humor, the name Anon, and sexual humor.
(Yes, I drew the cover picture.)

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Niro wasn't always the happiest pony, though far from sad.

So, when scientists found that color could be used a source of fuel, it was very popular....

until it started to go away.

The entirety of Equestria ignored it, until it was too late..

Nearly a year later, Niro begins to think about all the opportunities he missed... especially when it came to the mare he wanted to love....

If only he could remember her name.

This story was inspired by Colorless by The DJ Rainbow Dash.
I suggest you go check that story out, it's amazing!

So I'm rebooting this.

Also, cover art by me.

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