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Writing brings me genuine joy, though I'm not great at it!

Idk even

Someone tried to get me to create a patreon or something, but because I'm a terrible amateur writer, plus I can't really offer any rewards, I only got lightly peer-pressured into making a Ko-fi

I literally see no reason why anybody would ever click that, much less donate anything, but someone will yell at me if I don't put it here.

Blog Posts

  • 13 weeks
    The Big 400

    Well, I just logged in and saw I hit the 400 mark- knowing my luck, I'll drop under immediately, but it's a nice thought nonetheless.

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  • 17 weeks

    So, the past few months have definitely been productive. Feels like every few weeks I get a few k' done on the story.
    I swear, it's always like, the three-month social-media detox that does it. Let the creativity flow.

    On that subject, actually...

    It's maybe not 'more horsewords soon', but it's 'horsewords conceivably within the next millennia or so.'

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  • 18 weeks
    Good Vibes

    Well, today I've gone on like 3-4 walks, it's sunny out and almost feels like 20°c, and I've had a great recommendation feed going for philosophy and good vibes that's kept a smile on my face.

    And then, bill wurtz posted.

    So I'm kinda just chilling on some rocks, right by the water of the basin near my house, and I think I've hit chilling-in-good-vibes nirvana as I sing along with random songs.

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  • 20 weeks
    Catharsis - Trailing Thoughts

    The last few days have been good ones.

    Classes, which used to be literal hell on earth, have been made a much nicer affair due to a new facility opening up nearby to me.

    And let me put it this way: Two classes a semester, 4 semesters, free snacks, great teachers, and large, friendly class-discussions.

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