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Sky Tearer has been called many things and none of them good. He has been Clay and Dinky's bully for years, and has rightful earned the nickname Sky Terror. But when a near death experience causes Sky to rethink his life. He begins to regret his past sins. He also discovers the truth about something that he has been in denial about for years. The truth that he loves Dinky. He wants to redeem himself and tell Dinky how he feels. But does he even have a chance when he has mocked Dinky and Clay for years? Can Sky be with the unicorn he loves, or has he done too much damage for her to even conciser him a friend let alone her coltfriend. And more importantly does he even deserve a second chance?

This story takes place during the events of Wings for a Pony. I highly recommend you read Wings first before reading on.

Cover art provided by Twilight Clopple.

Proofread by NotATree.

Chapters (4)

How far would you go to save someone you love? That's the question that Clay must answer as he faces a gauntlet of physical and mental toutures. Clay is now a proud father of two ponies, and is trying to connect with his adopted daughter Evening Star. A gifted unicorn filly who has unstable magic. As he tries to prove to her that he loves her with all his heart however Evening Star is abducted by a unicorn cult, Clay along with his wife Firefly and his friends Dinky and Sky Tearer must face an army that threatens not only Equestria, but the very way unicorn's, pegasi, and earth ponies co exist. Clay makes a vow to bring his daughter back to her familly and stop the uprising...no matter what the costs.

The official sequel to Wings for a Pony.

Warning: It is highly recomended that you read Wings for a Pony first for full comprehension. There will be spoilers for the first story if you have not read it.

Proofread by Starfall

Special thanks to Concier for providing the cover art and to cmdrhellyea for the original cover

Chapters (7)

Who am I? Thats what a pegasus pony asks himself when he wakes from the dead and crashes at Sweet Apple Acres. Anonymous searches Ponyville for answers to his identity. Who is he? Why did he wake up in a morgue? Why is he an adult pony and have a blank flank? So many questions and very little answers. Can Anonymous find out who he is and find his place in Equestria, or is he doomed to be anonymous forever?

Chapters (6)

Dash loves her son Clay and a has become a respectable mother. But what were things like before she accepted her responsibilities as a parent? How did she react to raising a foal on her own? How did she come to be called mommy?

This is a in between story of Dash raising Clay in Wings for a pony, taking place after chapter 2 and before chapter 3. Read Wings for a pony first before reading this story for full comprehension.

This story was proofread by: Bookplayer

I do not own the image, nor did I draw it. Credit for image goes to UP1TER, Teh Resistance for clean up and coloring.
Credit for altered image goes to Vidaldas.

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Clay has always looked up to his mother Rainbow Dash, even though they aren't related by blood. Yet he can't help but feel that he could only truly belong with her if he was a pegasus instead of an earth pony. Clays obsession with wanting to fly will send him on a journy he never thought possible and teach him that family doesn't have to be blood deep.

This is my first fanfic, give advice and critacism, but please go easy.

Special Thanks to Carnelian for the cover art. And my brother for getting me into fanfiction.

This story was proofread by Tsubaki Rehooved and BookPlayer

MLP: FIM is owned by Hasbro and the HUB

Listen to the audio reading by Mr.Fail55 aka zmuscle

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