• Published 26th Aug 2012
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Wings for a Pony: Dinky's Sky - Brawney Hooves

Sky Tearer tries to redeem himself and confess his love to Dinky

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Chapter 1: Alone Again

*Years Later*

Dinky trotted home as the sun began to descend behind the trees. She was tired from the scare she had half an hour ago; she had gone to the edge of the forest to find a special flower that could make any food it was made with taste ten times better. Hearts and hooves day was a few weeks away and she wanted to make her mother some special muffins since she knew like every year; both her and her mother would be alone on that holiday. She never found the plant however as she was attacked by a large timber wolf.

She would have died today if her friend Clay and his fillyfriend Firefly hadn’t flown to her rescue. She thought how lucky she was to have a friend that was willing to risk his life to protect her, and she even was beginning to like Firefly despite her being worried that she might break Clay’s heart.

Dinky finally reached her home and opened the door to see her mother setting her mailbag down. Her mother turned her head to the door and saw the state her daughter was in.

“Dinky!” She ran to her and looked at her disheveled mane and the dirt she had on her coat.
“What in Celestia’s name happened to you?!”

Dinky tried to think of an excuse not wanting her mother to know that she almost died. Then she remembered what Firefly had told her about Clay arguing with his mother.

“I… I was looking for Clay.” She lied.

“Why? What happened?” Ditzy asked concerned.

“He had a fight with Rainbow Dash and he flew away, so I went looking for him.”

“Oh dear.” Her mother said worriedly.

“But it’s okay, me and Firefly found him and he’s going home right now.”

“Thank goodness. I hope they work out whatever is bothering them.” Ditzy sighed as Dinky tried to change the subject.

“How was work today mom?”

“Well it wasn’t too bad. But I delivered the wrong packages again. Somehow I delivered quills and fans to the Cakes, and a new set of kitchen ware to the quill and fan store.” Dinky looked at her mother slightly worried.

“Mom, you need to be more careful. Your boss is already threatening to fire you if make too many wrong deliveries.” Ditzy gave a frustrated sigh.

“I know, but it’s not easy reading with… with these.” She pointed to her crossed eyes. “I know the excuse gets old but I really do try my best.” Ditzy hung her head. Dinky looked sadly at her mother and then gave her a comforting hug, which she returned with her own hug. After a few seconds they released their embrace on each other. “So are you hungry sweetie? I was just about to make some muffins.”

“I’m starving!” Dinky replied as she followed her mother into the kitchen. Dinky helped her mother with the batter and placed then into the oven with her magic. After enough time had passed they pulled the muffins from the oven and waited for them to cool. When they were done they both took a muffin and ate them with great pleasure.

“How do you always make great muffins mom?” Dinky asked as she swallowed the bite she had in her mouth.

“My muffins are the best because I always use the special ingredient.”

“What’s that mom?” Dinky asked biting into her muffin again.

“Love,” Ditzy replied.

“No really mom what’s the ingredient?”

“That is the ingredient. As long as I make muffins for somepony I love very much they always taste delicious.” Ditzy looked to her daughter smiling. “And when I make them for you that’s always true.”

Dinky gave her mother a slightly embarrassed smile.

“I love you too mom.” She said softly.

“Thank you muffin.” She said happily.

“Mom you haven’t called me muffin since I was a filly!” Dinky began to blush.

“Sorry… but you’ll always be my little muffin.” Ditzy giggled.


Luna’s moon hung in the night sky while Dinky sat on her bed writing in her journal about another story she had running through her head.

Dinky had always loved listening to stories, and had recently started writing her own stories in her journal so she wouldn’t forget them. However none of the stories spoke to her, none of them seemed to be terribly entertaining.

Dinky sighed and lowered her quill; she looked out her bedroom window and found herself wandering back to Hearts and Hooves day. Every year she would try to find some stallion that would treat her romantically and say that he loved her. But every year either every stallion either already had their own special somepony or they didn’t want to be associated with her mother.

They never said that to her face, but she knew that was the reason. She had even once
considered asking Clay her childhood friend, but she laughed at the thought as she really saw Clay as more of a younger brother than lover. Besides he had his own special somepony now.

Dinky shut her journal and placed it under her pillow and then she turned off her desk lamp so she could get some rest. As she got under her covers she gave a sad sigh thinking about what the holiday would bring her when it finally arrived.
She started considering going back to the forest to find the enhancement flower again, but then she remembered the hungry glowing yellow eyes of the timber wolf and she shuddered. Still the wolf had fallen into the ocean, so there was very little chance that she would see that wolf again, but the thought of running into another one, or something worse filled her with dread. Still (In spite of that) she wanted to make those muffins for her mother; she decided that there was still some time left before Hearts and Hooves day, so she could try again some other time.

Dinky rested her head on her pillow and slowly closed her eyes ready to drift off to sleep when she heard her bedroom door open followed by the sound of hoofsteps.

“Dinky… are you still awake?” She heard her mother say as she pretended to be asleep. She heard her mother approached her and then after a slight pause she felt her mother’s soft lips on her cheek as she kissed her. “Goodnight sweetie.” Ditzy whispered as she turned and walked out of the bedroom.

A small smile grew on Dinky’s face as she heard the door close, even if Hearts and Hooves day doesn’t work out like she hopes; at least she would always have her mother to be there for her. Dinky shifted under her bed sheets.

“Besides, there has to be somepony out there for me.” She said aloud as she once again tried to go to sleep.

Meanwhile miles away at Canterlot general hospital, Sky Tearer was sitting in his hospital bed. Sky had been in a fight with Clay and in the process had broken his wing and leg, though considering that he could have lost his life in the fight, he considered himself lucky. Clay’s mother Rainbow Dash had flown him to Canterlot after the fight making sure that he was cared for, but she also threatened to break his other wing if she saw him anywhere near Clay again.

Sky sighed and looked out the window to stare at the moon as it hung in the night sky. Right now he would give anything to feel the wind against his face and soar in the air; but the fact was he wasn’t going anywhere until his wing and leg were healed. Sky turned over in his bed and gave a frustrated sigh; and as he lay there in the darkness he heard his father’s voice in his head.

“You are no longer my son Sky!” Sky Blazer said with distain.

The memory caused Sky to scowl as rage filled his heart. Sky needed to release his pent up anger and anxiety somehow, his eyes fell on a nearby glass on his night stand. He picked it up with his hoof and with all his strength he threw it against the wall and was rewarded with a loud crash and the sound of broken glass. He knew he would be in trouble for that, but he didn’t care; it had felt good and actually calmed him slightly. Seconds after he had destroyed the glass, his bedroom door opened to reveal a startled looking white earth pony with pink hair.

“Is everything alright?! I heard something break!” Nurse Redheart asked alarmed.

“Everything’s fine I… just broke my water glass.” Nurse Redheart turned on the light and looked to the broken glass scattered on the floor. “Sorry.” Sky said meekly.

“That’s okay, I’ll clean it up.” Redheart picked up a small dustbin and began to sweep up the broken glass, as she dumped it carefully in a nearby trash bin she looked up and noticed Sky’s saddened expression. “Is something troubling you?” She asked kindly.

“I’m fine, thank you.” He wanted her to leave, but Redheart persisted.

“I’ve been around ponies long enough to know when something is bothering them. And I’m sure that glass didn’t end across the room by itself.” Sky sighed and gave Nurse Redheart a glare, but it quickly vanished as he hung his head.

“I just realized that I’m all alone now.” He muttered depressed.

“Don’t you have any relatives or friends that could take care of you when you are released?”

“No. My… my father disowned me… and I don’t have any friends around here.”

“What about siblings or your mother?”

“Only child… and… my mother and I haven’t talked in years.” Nurse Redheart gave Sky a sympathetic look as she moved closer to him and placed a hoof on his shoulder.

“It will be alright.” Sky scoffed at the pony’s comment. “I promise you… everything will work out.”

“Sure it will.” Sky muttered as Redheart left the room slowly shutting the door.
Sky propped his head on the pillow and exhaled as he stared at the sterile white ceiling. He started to calm down slightly as the anger in his chest was replaced by sadness; he turned over on his side and looked at the stars that shined in the night sky.
He allowed a sad sigh to escape as he began to realize the truth, he was alone now.