• Published 26th Aug 2012
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Wings for a Pony: Dinky's Sky - Brawney Hooves

Sky Tearer tries to redeem himself and confess his love to Dinky

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Chapter 2: A Little Kindness

It had been a full week since Sky had been admitted to the hospital. He was feeling better as he slowly roused from his sleep both physically and mentally; yesterday Sky had sent a letter to Clay seeing if he could visit him in the hospital so they could talk. Sky was expecting Clay to crumble up the letter and forget that he even existed, yet to his surprise Clay actually came over to talk with him. Sky had confessed that he had been feeling guilty about harassing him and the other flightless ponies, and explained to Clay that he wanted to start over and actually try to be friends with him.

To Sky’s surprise again Clay accepted the offer, on the condition he left his mother and Dinky out of his insults. Clay accepting his friendship had actually made Sky feel better than he had in days, and he was actually looking forward to heading back to Ponyville once he could fly again. But what he wasn’t looking forward to was his father.

After the fight with Clay, Sky had been rescued by the very pony he had mocked for so long. When they were safe Sky’s father had arrived saying that he had witnessed the whole fight and was disgusted with what he saw, not because he was fighting, but because he had lost to a false pegasus.

Sky’s father had struck him when he was hurt and unable to defend himself with his broken leg and wing; Sky had never been so terrified of his father before that moment. Clay had gotten between them standing up for Sky knowing full well that he was also hurt from the fight, and was facing a grown stallion. Sky’s father was one of the most intimidating ponies in the Wonderbolts, but Clay didn’t flinch even when he was threatened. Before any damage could be done Rainbow Dash had blind-sided Sky Blazer and saved the two colts, however before Sky Blazer left he disowned his son and disappeared soon after.

Sky had come to realize that his father was a grade - A bastard and concluded that he was better off without him… yet the fact that his own father never wanted to see him again wounded Sky deeply, deeper than he thought possible. He realized the irony that after all the taunts about Clay’s mother abandoning him because he couldn’t fly, it was he who had his father abandon him. Still the fact that Clay accepted his apology did cheer him up, and the fact that his leg was fully healed was even better. His wing was still broken and would still take some time to heal, but at least he could leave the hospital now.
Rainbow Dash had been the one paying for the hospital bill so he could leave anytime he wanted.

“I’ll have to thank her for that when I get to town… if she’ll let me.” Sky muttered as he slowly got out of his bed to test his leg for the first time.

Sky slowly lowered his front right hoof on the floor, and was relieved to feel no pain from doing so. He began stretching his legs when suddenly the door opened; nurse Redheart entered with a cheerful smile on her face as she spotted Sky finally out of his bed.

“You’re looking much better.” Redheart said cheerfully as Sky began stretching his neck.

“I feel better too.” Sky replied as he flexed his good wing.

“Now remember your wing is still broken, so stay off it for at least another week so it can heal properly.”

“I will, thank you for… you know… checking up on me.”

“It’s my job sweetheart.” She replied kindly. Sky followed nurse Redheart out of his room and signed the release form allowing him to finally leave the hospital.

Sky was eager to get some fresh air into his lungs as he trotted out the font hospital entrance, though he was saddened by the fact that he still couldn’t fly just yet. It was a shame, as the sky was clear of clouds and Celestia’s sun shined brighter than normal.

Sky began making his way to the train station that would take him to Ponyville since it was the closest to his home, when a thought struck him. He had no money with him at the moment, and he was in Canterlot the most expensive city in all of Equestria.

“How am I going to get home? How am I going find a place to stay? How am I going to get some food?” No sooner had Sky finished speaking that his stomach gave a loud groan. “Damn it.”

Sky cursed as he began to smell various foods from the many café’s around Canterlot. He shook his head and began making his way through Canterlot and figure out what his next move would be.

“I can’t fly home, or anywhere for that matter. And even if I could my father would never allow me in.” Sky tapped his chin in thought. “I can’t pay for the train or to stay at an inn… I could walk to the closest town, but that would still take hours.”

Sky decided that maybe if he explained his situation to an inn keeper he could work out a deal and made his way to the closest one he could find. Sky looked around and spotted a posh looking unicorn behind a counter; he walked up to the unicorn and began to explain his current situation hoping that he could be swayed. However the unicorn simply scoffed at him.

“We do not allow free stays at the gilded crescent sir, whether you offer to work or not.”

“But I have nowhere else to go, please just let me clean the kitchen or something and let me stay and then I’ll leave the next day!”

“I’m sorry sir, but it cannot be done. Now remove yourself from the premise!”

“But…” Before Sky could finish he became engulfed by a yellow aura and was then flung out the door landing hard on the cobblestone road. “Yeah… well I didn’t really want to work there anyway!” Sky shouted as he got on all fours “Now what?”

Sky continued walking when he saw Ponyville far away in the distance.

“I could make it to Ponyville if I leave right now.” Sky looked at Ponyville and then at a large clock tower checking the time. “It’ll be late by the time I get there though.” Sky shook his head “I have no choice; I’ve been in Ponyville enough times to know that they are generous over there. Maybe I can get a hot meal and a bed once I get there. Besides it is the closest town from here.” His mind made up, Sky began to gallop towards Ponyville.

Sky had been walking for hours, his hooves were getting sore and the sun would set in three hours; and he was still only halfway to Ponyville. Sky let out an annoyed huff as he sat down under a tree to rest, as he rested his back against the stem of the tree he looked up at the sky watching several birds fly by, chirping a happy melody.
Sky sighed and slowly began to shut his eyes trying to take his mind off his current situation. As he kept his eyes shut his mind began to drift back to his days living in Cloudsdale with his mother, when she first taught him to fly.

“Come on Sky you can do it.”

“I’m… I’m scared mommy!” A young colt cried out.

“I’m right here. Just fly over to mommy.”

“But… but what if I fall?”

“If you fall, mommy will catch you I promise.” Sky began to beat his wings as hard as he could. Eventually he began to lift of the cloud he was standing on. “That’s it, you can do it sweetie.”
Sky mustered up his courage and willed himself to move forward away from the safety of the cloud. He could feel his heart racing in his chest as he slowly drew closer and closer to his mother; he kept his eyes shut tight afraid to look down.

“Am I off the cloud yet mommy?” He whimpered.

“Why don’t you see for yourself?” Winter Breeze said calmly.

Sky slowly opened one eye and saw that the cloud was no longer beneath his hooves; he also saw that he was halfway to his mother high in the sky as his tiny wings fluttered.

“I did it! I finally flew on my own!” Sky cheered as his mother floated closer to him and then pulled him into a loving hug.

“I knew you could Sky.” Winter smiled as Sky buried his face into her chest.

“Thanks for catching me mommy.”

“Of course sweetheart. I’ll always be there for you.” His mother whispered as she nuzzled his face.


Sky bolted upright as a loud crack of thunder was heard over head. As Sky cleared his vision he saw the sun had been blocked by a large storm cloud and was accompanied by rolling thunder.
“Ohhh… perfect!” Sky grumbled as he stood up and began making his way to Ponyville hoping to get there before the rain hit.

Unfortunately before he could even get past the stone bridge leading into town, the storm clouds released a heavy downpour. Sky shivered from the cold, but continued into town hoping to find some kindness in the small town. He trotted through Ponyville, looking for an inn that he could spend the night in. Unfortunately as he trotted through the streets his mane and fur becoming matted from the continuous downpour, Sky began to notice that every shop, and in was closed leaving him stranded in the rain.

“No… no, no, no! This can’t be happening!” Becoming enraged from his bad luck Sky marched to the door of the horseshoe inn and began pounding at the door. “Let me in! I demand you let me in!” The door didn’t open and he continued pounding on the door, still no one came, in fact it looked as though the small building was empty for the night.

“Please… let me in.” Sky was tired and was beginning to feel hot as his strength began to leave him. He slumped to the ground sitting out in the cold rain that refused to let up even the slightest. Sky buried his face in his hooves in defeat, when he suddenly heard a voice over the rain.

“Sky? Is that you?” He looked up to see Ditzy Doo with an umbrella saddled to her back.

“Der… I mean Miss Doo… what uh… what are you doing here?”

“I was going home now that I’ve finished my mail route… what are you doing here?”

“I was trying to get a room at the inn, but everything is closed.”

“Yes, I’m afraid that all buildings are closed due to the storm. Even Twilight has closed her library.” Ditzy looked to Sky’s bandaged wing. “Are you alright? What happened?”

“I broke my wing, and I couldn’t afford to stay at an inn at Canterlot so I thought I’d come here.” Ditzy looked very startled.

“You walked all the way over here from Canterlot?!” Sky simply nodded. “What about your father? Couldn’t you ask him to get you back to Cloudsdale?”

“My father doesn’t want anything to do with me.” Sky looked away from Ditzy trying to hide the pain in his eyes as she looked at him sadly.

“Sky… would it be alright if I offered to let you stay with me and Dinky for a while?” Sky looked up at Ditzy confused and startled by the offer.

“You… would let me stay in your home even… even after all the things I’ve done?”

“Well I can’t say I approve of how you have treated other ponies or my daughter and Clay… but I can’t leave you out in the rain either, especially when you need help.”

“What makes you think I need help?” Ditzy raised an eyebrow. “Fine, I do need help, but I don’t want a hoofout.”

“It’s not a hoofout, its helping a fellow pony in need.”

“Same thing.” Sky muttered. Ditzy approached Sky and offered him a helping hoof, he looked at her foreleg and then at her as she smiled. Finally Sky sighed and took her outstretched hoof as she lifted him up and then led her to her home.

After several minutes of walking through the rain they finally saw Ditzy’s home come into view. As Ditzy removed her umbrella Sky shook himself dry, only to remember that Ditzy was standing right next to him.

“Sorry.” Sky apologized.

“That’s okay, just be careful next time.” She handed him a nearby towel and Sky began dry himself off.

“Where is Dinky?” Sky asked as he dried his mane.

“She’s at a friend’s house for a slumber party. So it will just be you and me tonight.” Ditzy removed her mailbag and placed it on a nearby hanger, as she did Sky let out a loud sneeze startling Ditzy.

“Sorry.” Sky sniffed. Ditzy walked up to him and placed a hoof on his forehead.

“Oh dear… I think you have a cold.” Sky coughed slightly as his eyes began to droop. “Why don’t you get settled in the guest room and I’ll make you some soup?”

“That would… *cough* be nice.” Sky trotted to the first floor guestroom, while Ditzy made her way to the kitchen.

The guest room was larger than he had expected, and as far as rooms went it was actually pleasant for housing a guest. Sky didn’t have anything with him, so he decided to get some rest; he pulled back the sheets and then slowly got into the soft, warm, inviting bed. A few minutes later Ditzy came floating in carrying a bowl of hot vegetable soup on a small tray; Sky took the tray, setting it down over him and began to eat. The warm liquids and hearty vegetable chunks began to quickly fill his empty stomach, when he was finished he licked his lips feeling satisfied.

“My, you were hungry.” Ditzy exclaimed as she took the tray from him.

“Thanks, it was delicious.” Sky replied happily.

“I’m glad you liked it. Now you should get some rest so you can get better.” Sky looked uncertainly at Ditzy.

“Um… what about Dinky? She doesn’t know that I’m staying here.”

“I’ll talk to her when she gets back, don’t you worry.” Sky nodded his worried fading as he pulled the covers over his body, as Ditzy left the room.

“Um… Miss Doo.”

“Call me Ditzy.”

“Right… Ditzy… thank you.” Ditzy smiled as she left the room shutting the door behind her.

Sky rested his head on the pillow and turned off the bedside lamp. All he could see and hear outside was the sound of the rain hitting the roof and window; and as he listened to the patter of the raindrops, Sky slowly began to close his eyes as he drifted off into a peaceful sleep.