• Published 26th Aug 2012
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Wings for a Pony: Dinky's Sky - Brawney Hooves

Sky Tearer tries to redeem himself and confess his love to Dinky

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Prologue: First meetings

It was a warm spring day in Ponyville. The air was filled with the laughter of fillies and Colts as they played at the local playground. Above all the noise was a dark blue pegasus colt with a white mane and tail with a single blue stripe, and striking yellow eyes.

His name was Sky Tearer, and today he was trying to master flight. He had only just learned how to leave his cloud home a week ago and now he was trying to travel and see the world that was around him with his mother. His tiny wings beat pitifully as he struggled to stay in the sky, but suddenly there a large gust of wind went by, and Sky was suddenly caught by the blast and hurled down to the ground below. Before he made impact he managed to get his wings beating just enough to hover above the ground, sparing him pain. However when he landed he found that no matter how hard he tried he could not rise again as he was too exhausted from the flight.

Sky began to grow scared as his home was in Cloudsdale and he had lost track of his father and mother. As the little colt tried to fly again only to land once more Sky realized that he was stuck in unfamiliar territory and alone. He had never been on the ground before and everything was strange and terrifying in his eyes. The soft white clouds that comforted him were far from his reach and instead he was surrounded by tall objects with green tops. And out of the corner of his eye he thought he saw a monster scurrying behind him.

Sky feeling alone and frightened he huddled into a small ball and covered his eyes as he started to cry.

“I want to go home.” He sobbed still covering his face.

“Hey are you alright?” Sky looked up and opened his eyes. Before him was something he had never seen before. It looked like a filly Pegasus, but instead of wings it had a horn on its head. The strange pony moved closer looking concerned for the colt.

“Huh?” Sky asked not taking his eyes off the filly.

“I said are you alright?” Sky looked at the horned pony and in the angle he was looking at her she shined like the sun. Sky had never seen something so… beautiful. Finally he found his voice.

“I’m…I’m scared and lost. I can’t fly and I can’t find my mommy.” Sky sobbed.

“Don’t be afraid. I’ll help you.” The filly said smiling.

“Are…are you an angel?” Sky asked.

“What?” Asked the pony.

“An angel. My mommy says that angels are pretty ponies that look out for lost fillies and colts.” The filly giggled making Sky’s heart flutter.

“I’m not an angel. I’m a unicorn.” Sky wiped his eyes.

“What’s a unicorn?”

“A pony that can use magic.”

“You can use magic?” The filly nodded and her horn gave a purple glow which caused a nearby twig to levitate off the ground. Sky’s eyes widened in amazement.

“Wow! That’s amazing!” The filly stopped using her magic and walked over to Sky helping him up.

“My names Dinky. What’s yours?” The filly asked.

“S-sky Tearer. But you can call me Sky.” He replied nervously.

“Well let me show you around Ponyville Sky.” Sky walked up next to Dinky feeling safer and eventually they made their way to a town filled with ponies. Some with horns like Dinky, some with wings like Sky, and others didn’t have wings or horns.

“What are the ponies without wings or horns called?” Sky asked Dinky.

“They are earth ponies. They can’t fly or use magic, but they are really strong.” Sky watched a large red earth ponywith a green apple cutie mark walk by pulling a cart.

“Are they…friendly?” Sky asked nervously.

“Yeah everypony here is nice and friends with each other.” Dinky replied leading Sky through Ponyville. “Why are you so nervous?” Dinky asked noticing Sky looking around nervously.

“I…I’ve never been on the ground before.” Dinky nodded understanding his fears.

“My mommy’s a Pegasus maybe she can get you home if you can’t fly.” Sky looked at her confused.

“How can your mommy be a pegasus if you’re a unicorn?” Sky questioned.

“My daddy was a unicorn. Or so my mommy says.” Sky continued looking around at the strange place he was now in. He had never seen so many different ponies at once. He began to wonder why his parents never told him about the ponies living on the ground before when Dinky waved to a small yellow earth pony colt around the age of four.

“Hi Clay good to see you.” Dinky said smiling.

“Hey Dinky good to see you too.” He looked at Sky. “Who’s that?” Clay asked pointing.

“He’s Sky Tearer. He’s new here.” Clay walked up to Sky with intense interest.

“Wow another pegasus just like my mommy!” Clay said with excitement.

“Your mommy’s a Pegasus too?” Sky asked.

“Yeah she’s the fastest flyer ever!” Dinky looked to the two colts.

“Hey why don’t we go play until one of our mommies comes back and then we’ll try to get you home Sky?” the two colts nodded in agreement as they ran off to a nearby sand box and began to build sand castles. It was a little different than building a cloud castle, but Sky soon got the hang of it.

“So where are you from Sky?” Clay asked as he patted a red bucket.

“I’m from Cloudsdale that big city in the sky.” Dinky and Clay looked at him amazed.

“Our mommies are from Cloudsdale too.” Dinky replied.

“Then why do you both live there?” Sky asked raising an eyebrow.

“Because we can’t walk on clouds or fly.” Clay said sounding slightly sad.

“I wish I had wings so I can fly like my mommy.”

“What about your daddy? Is he a Pegasus too?” Sky said to Clay.

“I don’t have a daddy. My mommy says that someday I’ll have one, but…that might be a long time.” Clay lowered his head slightly.

“I’m sorry.” Sky replied.

“Thanks.” Clay said pulling the bucket to reveal a sand structure. The three ponies finished and then began to play with a ball laughing as they bounced it off their heads.

Thirty minutes had passed and it was getting late. Dinky’s mother had appeared to take her home, but Dinky refused until Sky was home too while Sky was trying not to laugh at her mother’s eyes. Dinky approached the young colt having the strangest feeling that she had seen him before.

“Who are your parent’s sweetie?” Dinky asked.

“My daddy’s name is Sky Blazer, and my mommies name is Winter breeze.” Ditzy’s eyes widened at the mention of Sky’s father.

“You’re the son of…Dinky and Clay I’m sorry I don’t think that you should play with Sky anymore.” All three ponies looked confused.

“But…but why?” Dinky asked looking sad.

“Sky’s father…doesn’t like ponies that don’t fly.”

“But he can’t fly and he needs to get home.” Clay said stepping forward.

“I know. And I promise me and your mother will get him home, but from now on… just don’t play with him… I’m sorry Sky.” Sky was completely confused and hurt that he couldn’t play with his new friends, but he decided not to argue.

Ditzy hoisted Sky onto her back and spread her wings as Sky looked back at Clay and Dinky.

“Clay, go find your mother so she can take you home, Dinky I’ll see you at home soon.” She said to the foals.

“Okay mommy.” Dinky replied glancing at Sky.

“Goodbye.” Sky said sadly looking back at Clay and Dinky.

“Goodbye.” They replied.

Ditzy flew into the sky heading back to Cloudsdale, while Sky held onto her mane tightly.

Within minutes Ditzy had flown Sky to his home, where they found a Pegasus mare crying outside her doorstep.

“Mommy!” Sky shouted as he jumped from Ditzy’s back and ran up to his mother as she looked up with tear filled eyes.

“Sky!” His mother shouted sounding relieved as she ran up to him and scooped him in her forelegs flapping her wings, causing her to hover off the cloud.

“Oh, Sky I was so worried when I couldn’t find you. Are you okay sweetie?” His mother asked.

“I’m fine mommy.” Sky giggled as he felt his mother’s kisses.

“Where did you find him?” Winter Breeze asked.

“He was with my daughter in Ponyville perfectly safe.” Ditzy reassured her.

“Oh, thank you Ditzy, I thought I had lost my little angel forever.” She kissed him again. “I’m so sorry Sky; I promise I’ll keep a closer eye on you next time when we’re flying.” Sky gave his mother a small hug.

“I’m sorry I got lost mommy.” Sky whispered.

“It’s alright Sky, I’m just glad you’re safe.” His mother ruffled his mane, and then released him. “Thank you so much Ditzy, I can’t thank you enough for finding my son.”

“Actually you should thank my daughter; she was the one who found him.” Winter Breeze smiled at the mailmare.

“Well be sure to tell her that she has my thanks.” Ditzy nodded and waved goodbye before heading for home. Sky followed his mother back to their home, her coat was a spotless white, and her mane was long reaching her chest and was a light winter blue. Her eyes were also blue, and on her flank were three snowflakes, a large one with two smaller ones on each side. Sky thought his mother was the most beautiful mare in the world, and he always tried to show how much she meant to him when he could. He nuzzled her leg as they walked through the house, and his mother looked down at him smiling warmly.

Night had descended and Sky was being tucked into his cloud bed by his mother as she tickled him making Sky giggle.

“Is daddy coming home soon?” Sky asked.

“No sweetheart, he’s still performing tonight.” His mother said sadly.

“But he’s been gone all day!” Sky whined.

“I know. I’m sorry you didn’t get to see him today.” She ran her hoof through his mane and he gave a dreamy smile. “Do you want to try flying again tomorrow?” His mother asked.

“Uh huh.” Sky excitedly, soon though his expression turned to uncertainty.

“You’ll… stay with me, right mommy?”

“Of course I will Sky. What happened today was an accident; I’ll be with you the whole time okay?”

“Okay.” Sky whispered as his mother kissed his forehead and turned on his night light. “Goodnight mommy.” Sky said to his mother as she left the room.

“Goodnight sweetie.” She whispered as she shut the door behind her.

Sky turned over in his bed as he thought back to the ponies in the town he had entered. He couldn’t believe that ponies actually lived below the clouds, and he certainly didn’t expect some of them to be able to use magic. His mind flashed back to Dinky and his heart began to flutter slightly.”

“I hope I get to see more of Ponyville tomorrow. Maybe it won’t be so scary with mommy.” Sky thought to himself as he started to drift off to sleep.