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Brawney Hooves


Sky Tearer has been called many things and none of them good. He has been Clay and Dinky's bully for years, and has rightful earned the nickname Sky Terror. But when a near death experience causes Sky to rethink his life. He begins to regret his past sins. He also discovers the truth about something that he has been in denial about for years. The truth that he loves Dinky. He wants to redeem himself and tell Dinky how he feels. But does he even have a chance when he has mocked Dinky and Clay for years? Can Sky be with the unicorn he loves, or has he done too much damage for her to even conciser him a friend let alone her coltfriend. And more importantly does he even deserve a second chance?

This story takes place during the events of Wings for a Pony. I highly recommend you read Wings first before reading on.

Cover art provided by Twilight Clopple.

Proofread by NotATree.

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I understand why Ditzy (Or Derpy if you prefer) said to not play with Sky...but i got to admit. That was a bit mean.:ajbemused:

Oh Brawney Hooves, you still wish to make me D'AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW myself to death don't you!? Very well then bring on the side-story :rainbowdetermined2:

Manly tears will surely be shed from this, as always

Have to only see the author to know that I want to read this

d'awsome. Brawney, you never cease to amaze me. :moustache:


1163631 too much to read.....need to quit everything......

sky is still a jerk in my mind:trixieshiftleft:

Amazing start! Can't wait to see how this unfolds!

When I saw this, I fav this right away:eeyup:

Finally. I have been wondering how Sky and Dinky ever got together. :)
Going to read this soon.:pinkiesmile:

anyone else got the feeling that's his mums going to die

1167534 if you read the parallel story "wings for a pony" you would already know that answer...if you have not read it, do it now. like right now

ya I've read it, I just forgot

1174804 THEN YOU SHOULD READ IT AGAIN. no seriously, its a great story:moustache:

1179769 maybe nothing......ok im done, it is so hard to bullshit with someone through text

What. Did they grow up? What's going on?

Awwwww, this is getting so good! Your writing is improving. Can't wait to read more!

1183865 Read wings for a pony (his other book). This story branches off of that one.

:fluttercry: My feels... No matter who it is, no matter what the situation, you always find a way to...

Indents all over the place. This could stand a little tidying up.


not as much daw as the first though

Brawney Hooves (tm) signature time jumps. They come suddenly and hit you upside the head with a water bucket.
Nice chapter nonetheless. I always wondered how did Sky's life work out, once his father disowned him... maybe, we'll see it in the chapters to come.

[img]chuck norris approves[/img]

Awesome, I can't wait to see what dinky's reaction is! Keep up the good work :yay: (Hail Thrackerzod)

1243666 I will definantly continue working on them.

I HATE YOU.......for making this so short :moustache:

I'm loving this fic so far! I can't wait to see how it unravels. I guess in the mean time I'll have to check out your other stuff.

My feels… they have been decimated…

You know, I'm beginning to see a common theme in this series. Pony is living life; pony finds abandon pony with no home; manly brony tears are shed; first pony takes them in; mixed reactions from family/friends; manly brony tears are shed… etc.
Not that I'm complaining! You just know how to get people right where it stings in their heart. I look forward to more!

1381335 I'm sure I mentioned it in the description, but the story will make more sense if you read the main story Wings for a Pony.

This is my my favorite fic. I even have it bookmarked on my browser and check it everyday for new chapters :derpytongue2:

You know how to push the feels good sir. Mustache rating: :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

yay another installment of my fave story

1381984 it says hay bacon stripe. I know ponies dont eat meat. :ajbemused:

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