• Published 9th May 2012
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Wings for a Pony - Brawney Hooves

The tale of Rainbow Dash's adopted earth pony son for his quest to obtain wings.

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Chapter 2

Over the past week, all of Rainbow’s friends have spent their day working hard. Applejack was getting the money ready. Twilight was filling out the paper work for adoption. Pinkie Pie was working on some ‘Special Project’. Fluttershy was filling in as temporary caretaker for the baby. And Dash was making sure that everything she needed was transported from her new place.

After several minutes explaining the situation to her family, Apple Jack managed to convince them to put all their reserve money for the month towards paying for a home for Rainbow Dash and the baby. Dash, meanwhile; was busy getting her things from her cloud home. She knew the kid needed a family to raise it and she knew that she had agreed to be its caretaker, yet she still couldn’t help but feel a little resentment towards the colt.

“This baby is going to completely uproot my life, not to mention cut into my training with the Wonderbolts,” Dash muttered angrily to herself as she began stuffing her various trophies and achievements into a box.

Her bed and other furniture that wasn’t made of cloud had been moved earlier that day, so all she needed were her personal things. As she flew to the doorway she gave one last sorrowful look at her home. She was going to miss it and she wasn’t keen on the idea of getting a downgraded house. Still, she knew that she needed to do this for that foal waiting for her back on the ground. Dash slowly shut the door and never looked back.


Her new home wasn’t quite as glamorous or as noticeable as her old home, but she figured she could do worse. As she approached the house, Dash was greeted by her friends; all of who had a smile across their faces. The house itself was a two story mauve building with a blue roof and door with four windows on each floor. It was fairly practical as houses went and nothing made it stick out aside from the banner that read “Welcome Home Rainbow Dash”, which made her blush from embarrassment.

She knew her friends meant well, but she wanted the whole moving thing kept under wraps. As she landed, careful not to drop the box she was carrying, the others rushed over to her shouting in unison “WELCOME HOME RAINBOW DASH!!!” the force caused her hair to fly back.

“Heh, thanks guys.” Dash said as she forced a weak smile. She looked around noticing something was amiss.

“Hey where’s the kid?” The others looked at each other and then parted to reveal, to Dash’s horror, a baby carriage. She knew that she would have to take care of the infant, but there was no way in Equestria that she was going to be seen in public pushing THAT around. Twilight trotted over to her friend and hugged her around the neck.

“Oh Dash I’m so happy for you!”

‘At least one of us is,’ Dash thought to herself as Twilight released her.

“C’mon Rainbow, take her for a spin,” Apple Jack said, pointing a hoof at the carriage.

Dash gulped and looked around nervously her mind racing to come up with an excuse, “Uh, I would; but, uh, I’ve got my hooves full.”

She raised the box she was holding. The other ponies gave each other worried looks, but they shrugged and opened the door to Dash’s new home. As Applejack pushed the baby in after them; Dash exhaled.

“Another few minutes of dignity left.”

She then hovered into her new home. The inside was large and spacious, but nowhere near as large as her previous home; she was liking this less and less by the minute. The first thing she spotted was the stairway leading up to the second floor, to the right of that was the living room; and behind that was a spare bedroom with a bathroom next to it.

To the left of her was a kitchen large enough for three adult ponies to fit comfortably and a small table beside it. As she began to wonder where she would put all her things, she noticed that all of her friends were gathered around the carriage making ohhs, awes, and random baby talk that made Dash gag slightly. She placed the box on the floor planning to get at it later, and trotted over to see what the fuss was about.

The baby was still asleep, only this time he was sucking his hoof, which for reasons beyond Dash’s understanding had all her friends going gaga over the little colt.

“Isn’t he just precious?” Rarity said joyfully.

Dash simply stared still not seeing what they clearly were.

“So, babies do that all the time.”

“But he’s so adowable.” The white unicorn continued as she made a cutie face at the sleeping foal. Dash rolled her eyes at the sappy vibes that were around her; she wasn’t particularly fond of cute. She didn’t mind babies though…when they were quiet. The baby yawned and gave a soft sigh, more cooing sounds were made.

“Yah know we really should name the fella.” Apple Jack said suddenly. The others looked at Rainbow who gave them a confused stare.

“What are you all looking at me for?”

“Well this is your kid you’re raising, so you should name him,” Twilight said flatly. Dash flinched at the word. Pinkie looked at the baby with a puzzled look.

“He looks like a Benjamin to me!”

“Nonsense!,” Said Rarity putting on airs, “he is a prince and should be named as such like…Regal Crescent.”

Everypony looked as the ‘Prince’ had a snot bubble form in his nose, making Dash and the others give a loud ‘YUCK.’

“Nah, he needs a good earth pony name like Brawny Hooves,” Said Apple Jack, as the ponies began to argue about what to name the still sleeping colt, Dash backed away from the group; staring in shock at how much fuss they were all making over a baby that she didn’t want. If they loved him so much why didn’t they take the baby?

Finally, after a quiet celebration thrown for Dash for getting a new house and becoming a Mom at the same time, Twilight and the others left Dash with her new foal; leaving some last minute advice on how to raise it and promising to be back later to see if she needed help. Twilight chimed in some more pieces of advice as she left.

“Remember Dash, everything you need to know about babies is in that book I gave you. And don’t worry about food; we left some for you and the baby in the fridge. Good luck.”

And with that she shut the door behind her leaving Dash standing in the foyer alone and unsure of what to do next. Dash hung her head in depression over what was happening to her life. After a moment, she heard a soft cooing coming from the carriage and went over to investigate.

The colt had finally woken up and was now staring at Dash with small brown eyes that seemed to stare right into Dash’s magenta ones. For a few seconds nothing happened, like the quiet before the storm. Then it hit in force as the baby began to cry causing Dash to panic. Dash began shushing the baby, waving one of her hooves while the other close to her mouth. The baby still cried; so then she tried rocking him to sleep again. When still nothing changed, and starting to panic out of desperation, she started making comical faces and noises that she had done once on some royal guards to get them to laugh. It hadn’t worked then and it didn’t work now. As the foal cried louder she zipped around the house looking for the book Twilight had given her.

“Come on, come on where is it!”

Dash frantically went through several of the boxes that were still unopened, but to her dismay she couldn’t find it anywhere. And as the baby’s cries filled her ears she began to cover them with her hooves desperately trying to drown out the noise. Then as she looked around she saw it the book she needed right on the table next to the baby this whole time. Dash face hoofed and picked up the book and began reading, it covered everything from feeding, burping, changing, and how to tell if a baby was sick.

She flew to the fridge to find him some food. She found jars that contained orange and green goop, Dash undid the lid of the orange jar that was labeled carrots, as she did the smell of liquidized carrots hit her nostrils causing her to wretch.

“I’m supposed to feed him this?”

Dash didn’t like the idea, but she had to make the baby stop crying. She floated over to the colt carrying the food in one hoof and a spoon in the other, landing next to the carriage. She plunged the spoon into the baby food and removed as much as the spoon could carry.

“C’mon kiddo it’s time for you to eat your…food.”

She then brought the spoon close to the baby’s mouth, who turned it away in disgust. Dash couldn’t blame him, but she couldn’t let him starve either. She brought it closer to his mouth, but the baby still refused.

“C’mon please eat it.” Dash said using her gentler tone of voice, the infant turned his head away once more; in fact going as so far as pushing the spoon away with his hoof. Dash was starting to get slightly annoyed at the babies’ stubbornness.

“C’mon you little noise maker, eat it.” She said, her voice sprinkled with annoyance as she put the spoon closer to him. But as expected the baby simply kept his mouth shut. Dash sighed for a moment, but then she got an idea.


Dash shouted, pointing a hoof in a direction beyond the baby’s vision. The colt looked at what the Pegasus was looking at, and before he knew what was happening Dash had shoved the spoon into his mouth and just as quickly pulled it back out. The colt gave a disgusted look as the carrot goop sat in his mouth while Dash simply gave a smug smile, that is until the baby spat it back at her face causing her to just stand there with it resting above her right temple, keeping her eye shut to keep it from getting in.

The baby, seeing Dashes displeasure began to give a childish giggle as she slowly wiped the food from her face.

“Oh, you think that’s funny do you?”

To answer her, the baby kept laughing. Dash took another spoon full of carrot and started bending it back like a catapult and then released it, sending the goop flying into the colts face.

“Ha, how’d ya like them apples?!”

She said in triumph, her joy was short lived however as the colt once again began to cry his eyes out.

“Oh, don’t be such a baby,” Dash said as she scrapped off some of the food from her face.

“It’s just food, look.”

She then place the tip of her hoof into her mouth licking the goop from it, but as she did her taste buds were receiving was one of the most revolting things she had ever tasted, causing Dash to grimace and then spit it onto the floor, then she began scraping her tongue with her hooves hoping to get rid of the taste. The baby who had been watching the whole thing began to giggle once again. Dash saw this and chuckled a bit herself.

“Ok I admit that was pretty bad and I’ve tried Sweetie Bell’s cooking.”

At that moment the door swung open to reveal Pinkie Pie bouncing into the house happy as could be. She stopped however when she saw that Rainbow Dash and the baby had their faces covered with some strange orange goop.

“Did you guys have a food fight without me?” the pink pony asked in her usual high voice

“He started it,” Dash said slightly annoyed.

Pinkie bounced her way to the baby carriage then looked at the baby who simply smiled back at her.

“You know food goes in his mouth, not on it; right Dashie?”

Dash rolled her eyes as Pinkie pulled out a napkin seemingly out of nowhere and began to clean his face.

“I’ve been trying to feed him, but he won’t open up.” Dash said to Pinkie, as she wiped her own face clean. Pinkie gave Dash a blank stare, and then got the jar of food to scoop out what was left.

“Ya got to know how to get them to open up,” She whispered back, and then she faced the baby and held the spoon at an odd angle. Then, in high cute voice said “Here comes the food train, choo choo!”

Dash shook her head at what she was seeing as the baby eagerly opened his mouth and allowed Pinkie to feed him. “How in Equestria did you do that?” Asked Dash still shocked.

Pinkie finished feeding the colt, and then turned around giving Dash a smile.

“I take care of Mr. and Mrs. Cake’s kids all the time remember?”

Dash recalled the first day Pinkie started taking care of the Cake’s kids; she had started out much like Dash had. Lots of crying from the babies and her, but eventually Pinkie got the hang of it. The Cakes had asked Dash to babysit their twins that day too; however she had already purchased tickets to a Wonderbolts concert and declined.

What she wouldn’t give to be with them right now instead of taking care of this foal.

“So have given him his bottle yet?” Asked Pinkie curiously.

Dash shook her head in response. Pinkie went into the kitchen and found the bottle of milk that had been left in a pot left to simmer on the stove; Dash had been in such a rush to find the food that she completely missed it. Pinkie took the bottle and did something Dash didn’t see then she said,

“Too hot.”

“How do you know when it’s the right temperature?” Dash asked.

Pinkie took Dash’s hoof and squirted the bottle slightly on her leg. It wasn’t scalding, but it was just hot enough to make Dash jump back as it made contact.

“That’s how. if it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for him.” Pinkie stated as Dash gave her a glare.

Pinkie waited until the bottle cooled down then brought it over to the foal, who drank it vigorously.

“So, Dashie have you thought of any names for him yet?” Dash looked down at the baby as he continued drinking.

“Oh, I’ve got a few things to call him, like Dream Smasher,” Dash mumbled bitterly to herself, as Pinkie looked at her with those large blue eyes of hers.

“No I haven’t,” Said Dash.

“Well don’t worry I’m sure it’ll come to you eventually.”

As Pinkie finished the little foal began to make odd faces and squirmed a little, Dash ran over to the carriage a look of worry on her face.

“What’s going on, why is he doing that?”

“Dash he needs to be burped, didn’t you read anything in that book Twilight gave you?”

Pinkie picked up the baby placed him over her shoulder then she patted him on the back, which caused him to emit a small belch.

“I was going to until you came barging in.”

Suddenly a thought struck her.

“Hey what are you doing here anyway Pinkie?”

Dash was so glad to have some help she didn’t stop to think about Pinkie’s arrival in the first place.

“My Pinkie sense was tingling so I figured you needed help with the little guy.”

Pinkie placed the baby back into the carriage.

“You have a pinkie sense for that too?” Dash asked bewildered.

“I have a Pinkie Sense for just about everything,” She said nonchalantly, after giving Dash some tips on how to take care of a foal Pinkie left to return to Sugarcube Corner, leaving Dash once again alone…with him.

Dash was starting to feel claustrophobic. She needed to be out in the open and feel the wind beneath her wings right that instant, she turned her head to the baby who was looking at her from his carriage.

“Uh, you can just sleep until I get back right?”

The young foal continued to stare at her.

“Yeah so I’ll be back later okay.”

She zipped to the front door her hoof on the knob when she heard a slight sniffle, and when she looked back she was greeted with a colt with a sad pleading look seemed to say ‘Don’t leave me.’ Dash sighed.

“Ok, you can come.”

The baby’s face lit up instantly. She trotted back to the foal.

‘I guess I should name you if you’re staying,’ Dash thought for a moment.

“What about Sky Blitz?” The baby shook his head.

“Silver Boulder?”

Again he shook his head.

“Pip Squeak?” This time he grimaced.

Dash began to rub her temples after trying several other names until she was down to only a few names running in her head

“Well I don’t know. Applejack could probably come up with a better name for you something earth related like Dust, Dirt, or Clay…”

The baby giggled at the last one. Dash rose an eyebrow.

“Clay. You like that one?”

The baby smiled at her and Dash did the same.

“Okay, Clay it is!”

Dash then picked baby Clay up and placed him in her saddle bag. She then placed it on her back. There was still no way she was going to push him around in that thing. Dash walked back to the door opened it and checked back to see if Clay was secure, his head was visible out of one of the sides in her bag.

“Hold on tight, I don’t slow down for Nopony!”

And with that she took off into the air, Clay giggling excitedly the whole way.