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Who am I? Thats what a pegasus pony asks himself when he wakes from the dead and crashes at Sweet Apple Acres. Anonymous searches Ponyville for answers to his identity. Who is he? Why did he wake up in a morgue? Why is he an adult pony and have a blank flank? So many questions and very little answers. Can Anonymous find out who he is and find his place in Equestria, or is he doomed to be anonymous forever?

Chapters (6)
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:rainbowhuh: Wait a tic. Is it Wit " Waking Dead " or a typ of " Walking Dead " :trollestia::facehoof:

ME GUSTA. :pinkiesmile:

i hope this story lives up to wings of a pony in quality of story telling.

933288 He was dead. He is now alive. So, it is "The Waking Dead"

An undead pony?
Is Clay in this story too?

Apple Tart? Is that like AJ kid or something?

Awesome job as always.:pinkiehappy: Keep up the good work.

Wow! Another awesome story by Brawney Hooves. Perfect! And keep up the good work. :rainbowlaugh:

934686 No Clay is not in this story. This an entirly different universe with new characters.

Ah ok

So its AJ's turn on the Romance :ajsmug:

Something tells me he's Applejack's 'dead' husband... probably not though

I have another question here: How far in the future is this?

I have a funny feeling Anonymous is related to Applejack in someway (not by blood... but something else):ajsmug:

Does Apple Bloom have her Cutie Mark yet?

938777 Yes I will add it later if it matters.

awesome chapter:twilightsmile:
ps. do i see a applejack and Anonymous ship forming

This made me laugh. Apple Tart knows what is going on in Anon's head. :ajsmug:

Need MOAR! :flutterrage:

Apple Tart is one smart kid, really sharp that one :ajsmug:

The morgue needs to get better guards.

1. That guy's mind goes to another place rather quickly don't you think?

2. He's suicidal awswell? That's great (This is a joke)

3. I think that secretly AJ likes him a bit as well, we just don't know it yet. :ajsmug::ajsmug::ajsmug:

I am loving this story, please have the next chapters put soon!! :pinkiehappy::yay:

Applejack and Anon... Interesting, Please. Continue :trixieshiftright:

Oh, and please accept my gift of Derp! for such a good fanfic :3 :derpyderp1: :derpyderp2: :derpytongue2:

I want more! :flutterrage: I mean, if it isn't too much to ask

very cool chapter. :eeyup:

A.J needs someone. :ajsmug:

So he's a pervert,.... nice :trixieshiftright:

How old would you say Applejack is right now? :applejackunsure:

942903 late twenties, early thirties?

>>Brawney Hooves

I know exactly why your stories are so great. It's because of the sheer work and determination you put into them. I know it dosn't mean much but I love your stories and all I can say is... thanks for the great stories.:pinkiehappy:

949574 Thanks. I honestly dont feel like I am putting a lot of work into this story. But I do try and I know that I put a lot of my heart into Wings for a Pony. So I'm glad that one did better than I hoped.

>>Brawney Hooves

In my book as long as you actually try, you outrank most people of the world for they have been consumed by modern society. (Trust me when I say I'm not a hippie.) Anyway... good luck in life and I hope you continue to write.

D'AWWWW :rainbowkiss:

Yes!!! I'm having a HUGE sense he was AJ's husband before he died. :rainbowwild:

Well at least he kissed her. :applejackunsure:

Great chapter! :pinkiesmile:

Nice chapter cant wait for the next one. :eeyup::twilightsmile::yay::pinkiesmile:

the plot thickens

937302 But wouldn't she recognized him if he was?

So good! And...first!
Anyway, I can't wait for more!:pinkiehappy:

Amazing this story is going in my favorites

Something here smells
and not in the good way.:rainbowderp:

suspicions mount, what truth does this Anonymous

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