• Published 26th Jul 2012
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Wings for a Pony 2 - Brawney Hooves

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Deep in the Everfree forest a unicorn mare with a bundle held firmly in place with a protective bubble of magic, was running for her life. Behind her were several cloaked ponies intent on fulfilling their mission.

The mare would occasionally look back to see how far she was from her pursuers, gradually leaving them behind as she charged heedlessly through the undergrowth. Finally, when she felt she had lost them, she released the bundle from her spell and gently rested it on the grass. She removed the top portion from the bundle to reveal a small unicorn filly. Her coat was solid white, her mane was a beautiful silver that shone in the moonlight and her eyes were a striking blood red. The filly began to squirm and cry as she woke up.

“Hush little one. Mother is here.” the mare said gently as she began nuzzling the filly’s face, the foal began to giggle slightly and wrapped her forearms around her mother’s face. The mare gave a small smile as she looked to her daughter, it soon faded however as she realized what she had to do. “I’m sorry sweetie… but this is the best I can do to keep you safe… and give you a chance at a normal life.” She gave her daughter a small kiss and pulled her face away.
Immediately the filly began to cry as her mother’s eyes filled with tears.

“I’m so sorry my daughter… may you one day forgive me.” She looked back as she heard the sound of the cloaked ponies approach. Her horn began to emit a blue glow that surrounded the filly, which started crying louder as the glow frightened her. “Be safe…” the mare whispered as the filly vanished in a flash of magic. Within seconds the cloaked ponies had caught up to the unicorn, having been alerted by the flash of light. The mare tried to run, but she was struck by a red bolt of energy and fell to her knees.

“You have betrayed me.” One of the cloaked ponied said coldly as he approached the wounded mare.

“You lied to me! You said she would be safe when the time came!”

“She would have been safe, although now I am not so sure.” He drew back his hood, revealing a grey unicorn stallion with red eyes, and a black mane with a single red stripe “Where is she? Where did you send her?” he hissed.

“I won’t tell you... because I don’t know.” The stallion grabbed her throat with a green magical aura.

“Don’t lie to me! Tell me where you sent the child!” The mare said nothing. The stallion then tossed the mare against a tree and grunted in frustration before regaining his composure. “It does not matter; I will find her no matter where you have sent her.” He then turned away from the mare. “You know what the penalty is for betrayal.” He turned to the other cloaked ponies and nodded. Immediately red lights formed at the tips of their horns and they aimed at the mare as she simply lay there.

“You just couldn’t let it go could you?” she whispered as she shut her eyes and awaited the inevitable.


It was night- time at Sweet Apple Acres and the barn was filled with the sounds of partying. Pinkie Pie had dropped by to throw an “almost a father” party for her nephew Clay. Pinkie was busy dancing to her 'jam', Applejack was making sure that there was enough food for the guests, Fluttershy was flirting with Big Mac as a consequence of having some hard cider in her, Rarity was in a corner cuddling with her lost love Germane, Twilight was dancing awkwardly to the music, and Rainbow Dash Clay’s mother was in a drinking contest with Clay’s godfather Comet. Clay liked a good party, but he didn’t feel like celebrating as he was exhausted from bucking apples all day at the farm, not to mention that this party was because he would be a father very soon. He was thrilled at the thought, but his wife Firefly was getting a raw deal from the pregnancy and he really wanted to be there for her. Still, he couldn’t help but smile as he looked around the barn and saw his whole family enjoying themselves. Looking outside and seeing the position of the moon Clay walked over to his mother.

“Hey mom, I think I’m going to call it a night.”

“Okay Sweetie, I’ll see you tomorrow. Be careful going home and tell Firefly that I wish her luck.”

“I will mom. Love you.” He gave her a kiss goodbye and then turned his head to grin at his godfather “See you later Uncle Comet.”

“Later Clay!” his uncle replied as he took another swig of apple cider.

Clay walked home under the light of Luna’s moon; the wind rushed through his mane and the smell in the air reminded him of when his mother would fly him over Ponyville to help him sleep when he was a foal. He wanted to get back to Firefly, but he couldn’t help walking slowly to enjoy the calm and quiet of the night. The sound of crickets chirping made Clay feel strangely relaxed, he snapped into a wary stance when he heard another noise.
“What was that?” Clay stopped as he listened, trying to filter the crickets and the wind. At first he heard nothing, but then he heard the strange noise again, strange but also familiar… “That sounds like…” He listened again and this time recognized the sound as an infant crying. “A baby!” Clay bolted in the direction of the crying and soon found himself just outside the Everfree Forest.

Clay hesitated. He knew the forest was dangerous, especially at night, and he had some painful memories from losing his parents and then almost losing his current mother to that accursed forest. Yet, as scared as he was, the foal needed help and he was the only pony around to provide it. Putting his demons aside he raced into the forest, dodging the trees as he tried to pinpoint the baby’s location. The foal’s crying grew louder and he knew that he was getting close; he just hoped he was the only thing getting close. Clay didn’t stop running, jumping over fallen trees and the occasional stream, determined to find the infant as its crying grew louder still. Eventually he came to a small clearing and the treeless area illuminated by moonlight, caught sight of a small, squirming bundle. Clay surveyed his surroundings looking for any hints of either creatures waiting to pounce or the foal’s parents. Seeing neither, he cautiously trotted over to the bundle and saw a small unicorn filly with silver hair; her face was wet with tears.

“It can’t be…” Clay muttered as he had seen this unicorn before, in a dream he had years ago when still a colt.
Clay drew closer to the filly who she looked up at him with blood red eyes.

“How did you end up out here?” The filly naturally did not respond beyond whimpering and crying “You poor thing!” He approached the filly “Shhh, it’s okay…I won’t hurt you.” He lowered his face to the foal and nuzzled her affectionately to show he meant her no harm. The filly began to coo quietly.

Clay looked around once more to try and find the filly’s parents. Seeing no sign of anypony else nearby he looked again to the filly.

“Well, I guess you’re coming with me then.” The filly giggled, reaching her hooves towards Clay as if to hug him and he smiled in response. Clay picked up the filly with his mouth, carefully making his way out of the forest and heading for home…with his new daughter.

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