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Holy shit, stop making me feel bad. :'( · 2:52pm May 14th, 2014

Well then. 50 likes and 12 dislikes? Does that mean I'm going to write again? Maybe. Problem is, I'm not too friendly with any of the people who I based the characters off of, and most importantly (priorities), I'm just not that into MLP anymore. Now I feel bad.

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Log of my Adventures

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Thanks. I'll be releasing a new chapter soon. Hope you enjoy. :twilightsmile:


You really did impress. I'm not usually a fan of humanized fics, but this one really stuck out. Also, thanks for following me!

Thanks for the fave and the watch! Glad I impressed. :twilightsmile:


Thank you for making Sweetie's Mansion! Thanks to that fanfiction, I don't think I can read another one! It was seriously that good.

Tanks for teh watchin saxy babeh.

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