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I like to see something for what it actually is, not for what other people want it to be. Delusions of grandeur be damned!

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Twilight meets her friends for the first time by order of her mentor, Celestia. The solar princess then managed to save her sister with the help of Twilight and her new friends. Together, they managed to restore peace to Equestria for a time.

But as anybody would know, that kind of time usually never lasts for very long. Now they do their best to both be the protectors of their land and to learn to live their day-to-day lives. Unfortunately for them, they meet a new threat that desires to transform Equestria into a totalitarian industrial utopia in his own image.

Now with Equestria on the line, the doctor must be stopped whenever he enacts one of his many schemes.

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You're the next generation of harmony, the last beacon of hope for Equestria. You're quite simply called the Hero. The hero that will save this land from evil, a new evil that's greater than anything anypony could ever possibly comprehend. A new darkness is nigh, but the balance of both good and evil must be maintained. This is your story, you're the next to be as the savior that Equestria needs.

May the blessings of Faustia be ever in your favor...

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First Discord spikes Luna's shampoo to turn her mane into Celestia's. then filling a bunch of boiled collard greens and spinach into Celestia's favorite cake. Now he's mocked Celestia's weight, knowing full well how sensitive she is to that! Now they're going to get him back in their own special way!

(Warning!!! This story contains facesitting, inflation, scenes of crushing, femdom, crude humor. and two very angry alicorns! you have been warned!)

No trolling and shaming comments allowed! If that's what you want to do, then you can do it somewhere else. Constructive comments are however, very much appreciated.

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Sometimes you need to learn the hard way why pranking can be a bad thing. Artcraft has a hooves-on experience as to why this is so!

(Warning!!! This story may contain content not appropriate for some readers, viewers discretion is advised! Lot's of adult humor lies ahead, salty ponies and tons and tons of pranking, you have been warned!)

Chapters (1)
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