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"The clever are not so much looking for loneliness as they avoid the fuss created by fools." - Arthur Schopenhauer


Try outs for enemy voices for my game project! · 8:48am February 24th

The voice for the Brute is already taken, but plenty of spots are available. Dm me on my discord if you're interested.


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The quandary of humanity. · 11:08pm January 10th

You know what? After existing for nearly thirty years, I've had a lot of time to think about everything. I've had and still have plenty of time to do that. The longer I live on this planet, the more I question everything. Laws, religion, politics, health and safety, and above all, humanity.

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More new images of my game project (Yes, it's still alive) · 6:26am Oct 16th, 2022

Shaders are not required to play this adventure; they will, however, enhance your graphical experience.

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Season 10 scene: maybe · 2:10pm Aug 18th, 2022

**__Number II: Nightmare Moon Death Script:__**

`Hero deftly dodged along with Luna and Twilight. Celestia was supporting from behind with her healing magic. After a few well-placed strikes from being launched up high then spiked, Nightmare fell. She was struck down and slammed onto the rocky terrain below. She felt weakened, as a dark pillar had risen from her body. Then her body began to crumble into dust as she sighed in defeat as Luna stepped forth to speak to her,` "Nightmare..."

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Woah?! · 9:13pm Aug 15th, 2022

200 follower milestone. Thanks, everybody.

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Commissions are back up and running. · 3:33pm Jun 21st, 2022

Good news, my fine, fine comrades. I have the power of Greyskull- er, I mean Grammarly. So with this holy grail, I shall help with our finances at home and bring joy to the hearts of many; because I love all of you equally, I aim to bring happiness, but I also must make an honest living. I thank you for your understanding on this matter. Please keep in mind that I might not be guaranteed to be fast, not by any means of that term. But I can promise that I'll always deliver my best quality

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All vessels for my seasson 10 series · 1:50am Jun 9th, 2022

__All Thirteen Vessels of Darkness by order of which they had joined:__

~ Number I: Young Luna (The Dimensional Traveller)
~ Number II: Nightmare Moon (The Everlasting Night)
~ Number III: Daybreaker (The Insatiable Fury)
~ Number IV: Stygian (The Misguided Puppeteer)
~ Number V: Starlight Glimmer (The Forgotten Prodigy)
~ Number VI: Storm King (The Wily Usurper)
~ Number VII: Tempest Shadow (The Relentless Blitz)
~ Number VIII: Sunset Shimmer (The Scorned Academic)

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A funny scene that was in my mind and I thought I'd share: · 10:26pm May 25th, 2022

Discord and Celestia were both taking a leisurely stroll through the castle corridors of Canterlot. There was sadly one problem for Discord, he was bored. This simply would not do for the Lord of all Chaos. So he decided to have a bit of fun with the sun princess, "Yes, Discord, I'm afraid that I am too busy for your nonsense. So please, I ask that you refrain from pulling any of your pranks today as I can feel a big headache coming along."

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A sample scene that might be added into my Season 10 series. · 4:28pm May 11th, 2022

Number IX: Nightmare Rarity (The Reborn Nightmare) Death Script

After Hero and his friends struck the last blow to Nightmare Rarity, a dark pillar had risen from her body as she felt herself collapse and her forelegs buckle under her chest. She then began to feel her life slipping away as her body was slowly crumbling into dust, "This wasn't what I had expected to happen at all. Dying... what's dying like? Is it fleeting, or is it painful?"

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Have I made my point clear now? · 4:11pm May 2nd, 2022

That does it. I am done with these games. You give me no choice but to disable my comments. It's difficult for me to ignore them when they make it their ultimate goal to be as personal with me as possible. Now, if someone wants to talk to me, they can do so in my private chat. You give humans an inch and they'll take a mile, this they have demonstrated to me.

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