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Golden Grains and Paint Brush · 5:38pm June 21st

I suppose some minor spoiler warning might be needed if you don't know who these two hybrid/quasi were before being podded by Polybia.

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allright, thx for the info, and anyway continue your great job. i love all of your already readed stories. Not just cuz im a big sci fi and mlp fan most importantly you have the ability to just simply pin down the reader with your awersome writeings, Keep it up! You have a tons of fans out there :D

not in the foreseeable future.

Law I know cus you said low priority, but dhere any time in the future when u will continue the CTOH 3. book?

I just realized you were the same person who wrote The Chaotic Touch of Harmony, the Hive Series, and recently Beyond Equestria. Kudos and mustaches to you, good sir or madam.

1) it's her wing, or lead feather to be specific. As for why, this particular RD didn't notice Twi's wings for about 3 seasons.

2) essentially yes

  • Viewing 163 - 167 of 167
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