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Golden Grains and Paint Brush · 5:38pm June 21st

I suppose some minor spoiler warning might be needed if you don't know who these two hybrid/quasi were before being podded by Polybia.

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sorry Honestly do not notice

Considering this article is almost 2 years old and the bill not only failed to pass, but was also based on the TPP. The very same trade agreement that President Trump has pulled us out of or is in the process of.

This is old news that is not worth worrying about. I would suggest looking at the date next time.

So I'm worried. Apparent and allegedly fan art and fanfition. Is going to be illegal in the United States. Is not just an attack on anime fans but this may affect the brony. If you write stories of something that exits and you do not have permission you can be Arrested for copyright
Here is the video of the news

allright, thx for the info, and anyway continue your great job. i love all of your already readed stories. Not just cuz im a big sci fi and mlp fan most importantly you have the ability to just simply pin down the reader with your awersome writeings, Keep it up! You have a tons of fans out there :D

not in the foreseeable future.

  • Viewing 166 - 170 of 170
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