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Last hive book · 1:04am Dec 27th, 2017

I suppose I should have done this weeks ago, but for those of you who missed it the final hive book is started here. Mother of the hives

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Hello, I’ve actually read your Story Of the Hive many, many times. I absolutely love it! I just joined Fimfiction after about four years of just reading off it. I wanted to tell you how awesome of a writer you are and the other authors that wrote amazing stories just like you. I hope you’ve been having amazing day.

i would love to see an animation of the fight against the thestrals in the moonlit city when they sang yo way yo. something like 'once upon a time in canterlot' or 'Guardian'


All I will say is that you should keep your eyes open.

I'm hoping it addresses the whole thing about Velvet. That's been one of my biggest concerns and the cliffhanger from the last time we see her has still left me reeling.

sorry Honestly do not notice

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