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Okay, I feel good. I feel ready to "attack the day," as Iron Will says. ~ Fluttershy


Art Request Status


My OC: Emerald Rain

Various artworks of my OC, Emerald Rain.

Emerald Rain
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Pegasus
Birthplace: Canterlot
Eyes: Emerald Green
Mane/Tail: Grey/Medium Green
Coat: Off-white
Cutie Mark: Three emeralds arranged in a triangular formation
Personality: Witty, crude at times, faithful and fun to be around. Has a sense of humor but hardly uses it. Aspires to be a hard working member of society. Easily put down or discouraged, but hard to bring back around. Has a few talents, but nothing extraordinary. Goal in life is to settle down and be successful.

Art by Everfree Bliss

Art by me, vectored by Jdbener

Art by myself.

Vectored art by Little Tigress

Ponytown art by me.

MLP Stuff

DISCLAIMER: These are solely my opinions. We're all entitled to them. Also, just because I say "Least Favorite..." Etc, doesn't mean I hate that thing, it means it's my least favorite. Cheers!

Favorite Mane 6 (in order from most favorite to least favorite):
Twilight Sparkle
Rainbow Dash
Pinkie Pie

Favorite Episode: Putting Your Hoof Down

Least Favorite Episode: Magical Mystery Cure

Favorite Background Pony: Octavia

Least Favorite Background Character: Bon Bon (How many voices does this pony have...?)

Favorite Ship: FlutterMac

Favorite Villain: psɔoɹp

Want to See: Mane 6 Marriages

Don't Want to See: Anymore Alicorns

Stuff I Like to write: Fluttershy fics; shipping between Fluttershy and an OC; the occasional clopfic featuring Fluttershy; one-shot comedies or SoL

Stuff I Will Never Write: Crackfics, nasty clop, excessive fetish clop, cancerous OC fics, crossovers


Other places you can find me:



MLP Forums/Poniverse (New account since I can't remember the password to my old account)


Groups I administrate:

We Interrupt This Program For...!

The Cupcakes and Cuddles Club

LyraAlluse Fan Group

Night Fall Kingdom

The Eye of Cygnus

Science Fiction


Helpful threads I've made:

Paranormal stuff

Writing erotica

14 tips for good character design

Horse terminology

200 words instead of "said"

How to make a good OC

Mane 6 personalities and dating


My best of friends in the fandom:



My Pride and Joy

Places I Roam

About Me

Hello! Welcome to my user page. If you're here, it's because you were obviously curious about me or something I do, so let me share with you some info about myself.

I'm 22, I live in Central Oklahoma, and some of my family lives here as well, but most of them live in Florida or Connecticut. I was born in Norwich, Connecticut. I lived there until I was four and moved to St. Petersburg, Florida in 1998, with my mom and older sister. I spent most of my life there, and then moved with my parents and brother to Oklahoma in July of 2009. It was so different than Florida, I tell you. It was arid compared to the humid, soggy air in Central Florida.

I started writing at a very young age, mostly because I was ahead of my classmates in reading and writing. In 3rd grade, I was reading at an 11th grade level. I wrote my first story in 4th grade, winning the prize for the contest. As I got older, I also found out I can draw pretty well. I enjoy writing far more, though.

When I was 16, I started writing a book about aliens called Among Us. It took me a year and a half to fully flesh it out and self-edit it. However, once I finished the third full manuscript, at 17, I submitted it to a publishing company, Tate Publishing. Now, normally, a submission takes up to three weeks to receive a reply, but I got an email the next morning.

Excited, I read the email and found out that they'd like to have another sample chapter. So I sent one, and received yet another email the next day, asking for a third chapter. My excitement grew exponentially at this point, and I complied. But, this time, I did not receive a reply. It took a week of dying hope before I got another message. It told me they'd like to publish me!

Here I was, first time writing a novel, sending my first manuscript ever to my first publisher, and getting accepted! Did you know, that Stephen KIng's first novel, Carrie, was submitted to 8 different publishers before he finally got a yes? Stephen King people. I got accepted faster than the King!

Now, I ended up learning how expensive publishing was, so I never went through with it, but I did continue writing. And that has led me to here and now. My introduction to the fandom occurred in 2013, on a nice, cool October day. I was watching YouTube Poops when a MLP YTP popped up in my recommended videos. Curious, I clicked it and watched. Man oh man. I got hooked!

So, ever since, I've been a brony. Funny how stuff happens, huh?

My (MLP-Related) Goals

These are my goals for everything and anything I do involving ponies. Help me reach them!

For this year:

[X]150 followers
[X]200 followers
[ ]300+ followers (Ayyyyyy)
[X]Finish my story "The Incantation"
[ ]Admin a group with more than 500 members
[X]Have 10 stories
[X]Open for commissioned art
[ ]Artwork featured on EQD
[ ]Be loved by YOU
[X]Have a story with 100 likes
[X]Featured on the main page

For the next few years:

[ ]Go to a Bronycon
[ ]Have a story with 250+likes
[ ]Admin a group with 1000+ members
[ ]Story featured on EQD
[ ]Animation/Comic series of my story "The Incantation"


Grammar and Punctuation · 5:38am January 24th


This blog will serve as a directory for the blogs I have and will post for the grammar and punctuation lessons. I know it must be difficult and annoying to dig through all my blogs to find them, especially if you need to read up on something, so I will post links to each blog (lesson) here for your convenience. As I post more lessons, I will add the links here. Enjoy!

Introduction to Grammar and Punctuation

Grammar's Working Parts
Lesson 1, Part 1
Lesson 1, Part 2

Persons, Places, Things, and Stuff: Nouns

Read More

My Top Rated Stories

Stories That Made Me Either Laugh, Cry, Or Clop

Fluttershy for your Diabeetus

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