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Best Underappreciated Story (IMO)

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Well, I'll at least slip it into my read later when it's out, but that's probably the last thing I'll be able to put in that bookshelf for a while if I ever want to read 'em all.:twilightsheepish:

And (sorry for the FNAF reference) but you always come back.

Yea, I also didn't really leave comments back then either. Around season 8 I had stopped watching the show and by season 9 I wasn't using FimFic or interacting with the fandom much as a whole either. Then COVID hit and my life went sideways for a bit. After getting back on my feet I started to get into the fandom again and last year I started reading some of my old favorite stories. Then I started leaving comments and giving little reviews for some of them.

And actually pretty soon I'll be posting my first Story on here too! :pinkiehappy:

It's not really a story per say but an anthology of poems based on some characters from the show which was inspired by Ice Star's "Equinity".

I don't think I can match the elegant prose he creates but hopefully someone gets something out of reading it.

Didya come back to Fimfic after a long time or something? There's not many messages on your userpage.

Cool! I’ll check that out soon, Thank you!

See you ‘round

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