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1755796 Have I mentioned that "Meep" is a really freaking fun name?

Thanks kindly for the fave.

1379806 Fret not! I'm not afraid of reprisal. If there's a reason I stay silent, that's not it. Heck, just a few days ago I started a thread in the Optimalverse loudly voicing a semi-flawed opinion just to see how people would react. I can take being torn up a little.

Wait, no, that came out wrong. Forgot where I was for a second. Aheh... yeah, uh, hmm. No, I'm pretty sure my friends would know I'm down there, unless it's too dark for them to see me. I guess you could keep the lights off if you're worried about that.

Very generous offer indeed, and as a college student I'm really sold on that free food. Deal. Okay, so, vital medications... well, aside from the ectoplasm injections I need once every seven hours, ever since a vampire ghost sneezed on me, we should be fine.

Anyway, as for why I don't have followers: well, the numbers say it all, don't they? 0 stories, 0 blog posts. If someone followed me, what exactly would they see? I have no ideas for blog posts and no serious plans to write any stories. My main deal here is to read and chat on other folks' turf (e.g. yours, yes I'm a squatter, deal with it.) And I'm okay with that for now.

  • Viewing 16 - 20 of 20
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