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Benman belongs to a class of bipedal ape notable for its use of tools and clothing, highly adept at symbolic communication such as language and art.

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A word of warning to my nemesis: your efforts to find fault with this story have only made it stronger, in the end. Tread carefully. My patience wears thin.

Written for the Prereader Ficstorm of 2013. My prompt was "Three ponies enter, but only one leaves."

Yes. Yessssss. Improve your stories, my nemesis. Just as planned.

Next … the clop. Then the guest chapter for My Harshwhinnial.

A lovely, symbolic piece of world building. Short, but deep. Very well done.

A very nice story! One minor nit I kinda feel bad about bringing up, with two princesses back couldn't they take care of the Earth, too?

Not to detract from all the great feels!

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BEHOLD. My sequel policy.


tell no one

I rather enjoyed reading this, especially since there's absolutely no way I could have guessed this is what would be written from my prompt. Good stuff!

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This was a fun one to work with. Plus the mission to incorporate the prompt was twice as successful as planned.

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